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Review: Force of Nature

Force of Nature

Force of Nature
By Jane Harper
Flatiron Books, 9781250105639, February 2018, 336pp.

The Short of It:

A corporate retreat goes wrong, leaving a missing woman behind.

The Rest of It:

In theory this should have been a real page-turner but in reality it was a story that I really just wanted to give up on. However, because it’s gotten plenty of good reviews from bloggers I respect, I pushed myself to finish it. Me, pushing to get through it didn’t pay off.

A group of catty women head into the wilderness on a corporate retreat. None of them are properly equipped for the elements and when they get lost, they cannot for the life of them pull together as a team and figure a way out. Plus, they aren’t being honest with one another so when one of them goes missing, a woman no one likes, no one really cares about her disappearance. In my opinion, having this unlikable character be the missing woman was a big mistake because I didn’t care if she was found or not.

The added background story of what was going on with the woman at the time of her disappearance really didn’t add anything to the story so I’m not even sure why it was included.

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this one.

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