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Bye Bye Christmas!

Christmas morning brought lots of stuff for the kids. We had a great time opening presents.

As for me, I got the camera kit I have been drooling over. The Nikon D60 with two lenses. I’m taking a photography class in January just to learn how to use this puppy. The battery is charging as I type this. Be prepared to view some experimental pics within the next few weeks.

The gift that surprised the heck out of me though is the one that came from my son. He got me a gift card to Barnes & Noble! My kid! He’s 10. At least I’m raising him properly.

All in all it was a very nice day but I still don’t feel very holiday-ish. Something was missing this year and I’m not sure what. Someone told me it was because Thanksgiving was so late this year but I don’t know and it’s been bugging me. Others have said the same thing to me so maybe it’s not just me??

Anyway, Christmas has come and gone and now we are looking at 2009 right around the corner. Unbelievable.

The Sunday Salon – November 2, 2008

It’s been a busy week but a good one. I posted a review of Infidel and then later in the week posted a review of Creepers. I posted the winner of my ARC of Tethered. It was a lot of fun reading about what you enjoy about Halloween.

Speaking of Halloween, everything went smoothly and it was a fun night for everyone. I get a little anxious when I have to work on Halloween. I panic about getting home in time, getting the kids dressed, etc. However, this time I had all the stuff ready to go the night before so it was stress free. My note for next year is to buy extra candy and not put it in the tub. My son and his friend handed out gobs of it within the first half hour of them doing it and I had to resort to whatever was in my house. Boys!

Saturday was rainy so I ran some errands and then curled up on the couch with In The Woods. I managed to polish off about 100 pages so now I feel as if I am making some progress. I know some of you have mentioned that you find it surprising that I am having a hard time getting into it, but I’ve noticed that if it deals with a child and abuse of any kind, I tend to tiptoe around it for awhile before jumping into it.

Today I am taking it easy. I feel a “bug” coming on so I doused myself with vitamin c and lots of fluids and I am sitting here on the couch watching Super Why with Kidlet #2. Later, we plan to visit my nephew who is back from basic training (Army). After that, my husband and I plan to do a little Christmas window shopping while Kidlet #1 and Kidlet #2 rehearse for a variety show this evening. We have to tell Santa what to get! Oh, and it is still raining here but I love it.

What do you have going on today?