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Review: All My Knotted-Up Life

All My Knotted-Up LifeAll My Knotted-Up Life
By Beth Moore
Published by Tyndale, 9781496472670, Feb 2023, 300pp.

The Short of It:

Heartfelt and honest.

The Rest of It:

Beth Moore might be a household name or she might be completely unknown to you. Either way, you will be completely charmed by All My Knotted-Up Life.

Beth shares her childhood with us, and includes the painful mention of abuse suffered at the hands of her father. But she does it in THE MOST gentle way. No surprises. As she shares her faith walk with us, this part of her story had to be shared because it shaped who she came to be as a Southern Baptist who eventually walked away from the church. Anyone who has ever struggled with their faith, and fell out of love with their church will be able to relate to Beth’s struggle.

As Beth found her footing, by creating Living Proof Ministries, other areas of her life began to fall apart. Mainly, the precarious health of her dear husband and how that affected the entire family. What felt like trial after trial is what brought both of them closer to God.

I want you to know, that you will find comfort in this memoir if you call yourself a Christian, but you will also find parts of it absolutely charming even if you’re not. The stories that Beth shares about her grandparents and siblings bring to mind simpler, happier times and I wanted to sit in that moment for a long while which it why it took me so long to read the book!

This book manages to be pure charm, mixed with weightier topics. Thoroughly enjoyed it and shed a tear or two. Beth knows how to share a story.

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Sunday Matters: Easter Sunday

Sunday Matters

I think it’s cool how Easter means so much more to me now. Sure, the Easter Basket stage is over and done but the significance of the day itself brings me happiness. No big Easter dinner this year but some kind friends invited us over for a meal so we are looking forward to it.

Right Now:

I do not have student ministry today and we attended Easter service yesterday so both of us are volunteering at three services today. After we serve, we will head over to our friends to celebrate.

This Week:

I have a couple of meetings this week but nothing major and no appointments. I hope to catch up on my reading. Especially since book club will come up before I know it and I haven’t put a dent in our April selection, Demon Copperhead. Many of you reminded me how long it is so I best get on it.


My reading will be focused on Demon Copperhead but I received six review copies this past week and they are too good to ignore so they will motivate me to get through Demon quickly. In case you’re curious, the review copies include the new Alice Hoffman, the new Joyce Maynard and Taylor Adams.


Not a thing. Still. Although with the new John Wick movie out I’ve been curious about the franchise and may watch the first one for kicks. I mean, he goes after people who killed his dog??? Sounds like a good premise to me.

Grateful for:

  • The skies here have been amazing and full of color. Easter should be really nice and warm.
  • After sleeping in separate rooms for a bit, I am pretty caught-up on my sleep. We’ve been keeping each other up for months so it feels good to be fully rested.
  • Daily walks. No matter how crappy I feel I am pushing myself out the door. The Otter Pup helps.

Have a great week!