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Sunday Matters: The Week Got Away From Me

Sunday Matters

It is truly amazing how quickly a week goes by. Even with all my grumbling, the minutes fly by and before I know it, it’s time to begin the week again. In the lunch room the other day we laughed and laughed because Christmas is just around the corner.


Right Now:

Not much going on this morning. There are little things here and there that I need to take care of but they’ll get done. I just want to sit for awhile.

This Week:

I have all the normal stuff this week plus a couple of choir concerts to attend. Usually if your kid has a solo you go to the one in which she has a solo but guess what? The teacher gave her more than one and each on different nights so we get to see the show TWICE.  Crafty of her, huh?


I am ready to select my next book but I am having a little trouble deciding what it should be.

There are my “need to reads” and my “want to reads” and although some are on both lists, I still can’t decide. I am in a mood.

Maybe this one, White Elephant by Julie Langsdorf. Suburbia is an obsession of mine.

White Elephant


Dr. Pimple Popper continues to fascinate. It’s the backstory of each patient that pulls me in, not necessarily what she does to them.

I received Crazy Rich Asians from Netflix the other day and hope to watch it very soon.

New Things I’ve Tried:

I spend a lot of time at Trader Joe’s so many of my “new” things come from there but this is not a sponsored post by any means.

I always need quick and easy dinner ideas so lately I’ve been hanging out in the cold case where all the pre-cooked meal stuff is. We tried this the other night and just had it with brown rice tortillas. I heated it in a cast iron skillet to caramelize the veggies but you could even heat it in the microwave if you had to. It made for a tasty, healthy meal.

TJ's Chicken Fajitas

Grateful for:

That I was able to rest a little this weekend.

Random thought: I think I mentioned before how much I love scents (perfumes, candles, etc.) but only high quality ones. A bomb of Bath and Body Works anything doesn’t do it for me. What is your absolute fave scent for spring? Perfume, cologne, flower. What? I am on the lookout for a new perfume.

Sunday Matters: All The Things

Sunday Matters

I finished two of my painting projects. I have a couple more but now I am not sure what I want to do. If you followed my Instagram stories it was quite entertaining. Painting does this to you:

  • Leaves your hair covered in paint. Somehow, I did this.
  • Reminded me of every muscle that hasn’t been used recently.
  • Gives you a new lease on a tired, old, looking house.

Below,  a small kitchen table and chairs set that I re-stained and painted Country White:

Table and Chairs

Below, my bookshelf that I white-washed and distressed:


These things were perfectly functional but dated so I just spruced them up.

Right Now:

On Sunday mornings I really crave a good breakfast but that means planning and you know that the grocery store and I do not mix. I need a bacon fairy but one does not exist so breakfast will probably be Greek yogurt and granola instead.

This Week:

No big plans. We volunteer at outreach on Monday, Tuesday is life group and then I think we are getting close to a choir concert so rehearsals will begin soon as will volunteering for that.


I am reading The New Me by Halle Butler. It’s a review book I received and it comes out in March. It’s described as a novel of “female rage” but with humor. I agree with this statement. It’s pretty short so maybe I will finish it today.

The New Me

I am also reading Where The Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. There is a book club for it on Instagram so I decided to join in. I am pretty excited to read it.

Where the Crawdads Sing


I found I Love Lucy on Hulu and it made me so happy.

Also, The Walking Dead is starting to ramp up. I hope it continues and I hope Daryl continues to have lines. He’s been flying low for two seasons now.

The Oscars are tonight but I am volunteering when it starts so I will miss some of it. How will it do without a host? Pretty well, I think.

New Things I’ve Tried:

The “Two Buck Chuck” from Trader Joe’s has always been decent for an inexpensive wine option but I recently tried the Charles Shaw Organic Rosē for under $4 and it was surprisingly good. Kind of bubbly even though there was no carbonation. I would definitely buy it again.

Image Credit: PureWow

Grateful for:

It is so nice to have a refreshed room to come home to. It’s so light and bright now. I want to adorn it with new candles and plants. Here’s to making old things look new.

Now that we are wrapping up February, what do you have in March that you are looking forward to? I have a work conference that I am going to. I am looking forward to it being out of the way. I don’t like to travel for work at all.