Sunday Matters: All The Things

Sunday Matters

I finished two of my painting projects. I have a couple more but now I am not sure what I want to do. If you followed my Instagram stories it was quite entertaining. Painting does this to you:

  • Leaves your hair covered in paint. Somehow, I did this.
  • Reminded me of every muscle that hasn’t been used recently.
  • Gives you a new lease on a tired, old, looking house.

Below,  a small kitchen table and chairs set that I re-stained and painted Country White:

Table and Chairs

Below, my bookshelf that I white-washed and distressed:


These things were perfectly functional but dated so I just spruced them up.

Right Now:

On Sunday mornings I really crave a good breakfast but that means planning and you know that the grocery store and I do not mix. I need a bacon fairy but one does not exist so breakfast will probably be Greek yogurt and granola instead.

This Week:

No big plans. We volunteer at outreach on Monday, Tuesday is life group and then I think we are getting close to a choir concert so rehearsals will begin soon as will volunteering for that.


I am reading The New Me by Halle Butler. It’s a review book I received and it comes out in March. It’s described as a novel of “female rage” but with humor. I agree with this statement. It’s pretty short so maybe I will finish it today.

The New Me

I am also reading Where The Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. There is a book club for it on Instagram so I decided to join in. I am pretty excited to read it.

Where the Crawdads Sing


I found I Love Lucy on Hulu and it made me so happy.

Also, The Walking Dead is starting to ramp up. I hope it continues and I hope Daryl continues to have lines. He’s been flying low for two seasons now.

The Oscars are tonight but I am volunteering when it starts so I will miss some of it. How will it do without a host? Pretty well, I think.

New Things I’ve Tried:

The “Two Buck Chuck” from Trader Joe’s has always been decent for an inexpensive wine option but I recently tried the Charles Shaw Organic Rosē for under $4 and it was surprisingly good. Kind of bubbly even though there was no carbonation. I would definitely buy it again.

Image Credit: PureWow

Grateful for:

It is so nice to have a refreshed room to come home to. It’s so light and bright now. I want to adorn it with new candles and plants. Here’s to making old things look new.

Now that we are wrapping up February, what do you have in March that you are looking forward to? I have a work conference that I am going to. I am looking forward to it being out of the way. I don’t like to travel for work at all.

24 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: All The Things”

  1. You did a great job on the kitchen set and bookcase. I enjoyed Where the Crawdads Sing. Hope the discussion is lively.

    1. Thank you. The online club doesn’t seem to have a schedule so people just talk about it which is difficult when people are at different places in the book. A bit of a challenge.

  2. Well I love all of your newly painted oldies but goodies! Good job! No…great job! I loved Crawdads…it made me cry!

    1. I thought I saw something yesterday about furniture. It’s amazing how a simple piece of furniture can really spruce up the place and change your outlook a little bit.

  3. You may have inspired me to do some furniture painting. I’ve been promising myself to do it for a year. Now’s the time. Loved Crawdads.

    1. In this day and age, you can’t even get rid of furniture you don’t want. No one takes it anymore and if it’s functioning but just not pretty, well, that can be changed. Do it!

      My advice is to pick a high quality paint. I went with Glidden which was tacky to use. Didn’t go on smoothly. Maybe it was an old can. I should have driven a ways to get Benjamin Moore.

  4. Your table & chairs and bookcase look wonderful!! I went on a redecorating kick a few years ago and repainted a bookcase. It’s chipped now, so am thinking about redoing it.

    I’m curious to learn more about The New Me… sounds interesting. And I keep meaning to reading Crawdads, but am not sure just when I’ll get to it.

    We’ve had a lot of company this month, so my blog has been neglected. I have read a few good books though. I’m looking forward to my daughter’s visit in March! Have a good week, Ti.

  5. That’s funny that you don’t like to travel for work and I have a conference in March for work that I LOVE: the CUE conference in Palm Springs. It’s all education tech nerds and so much fun.

    1. If mine was in Palm Springs that would be fine by me. I spend a lot of time there and know the place well. It would be fun. But not Anaheim and only for two days. Too much traffic and it cuts into my chauffeuring services for the girl who cannot drive yet.

  6. Your table and bookshelf both turned out very nicely, Ti. An old desk my in-laws gave us could use a major face lift. I am not sure when–if at all–that will happen, but it’s one of the many things on our to do list. I have been hearing reading things about Owens’ book. I hope you and your bookclub love it.

    Today was kind of a low energy day here. So nice to not have anything really planned for once. We played several rounds of a board game called Bugs in the Kitchen, and Mouse worked on her Frida Kahlo report and presentation. Great fun. I heard a lot of “my arm hurts” and “I don’t want to do this”, but the first half is done. The outline and notes. It’s a start. *Sigh*

    Have a great week, Ti!

    1. Your daughter cracks me up. Did she get to pick the topic for her report? Kahlo is such an interesting figure. You should fix up that desk and make it all pretty. It wasn’t hard but I say go with the expensive paint. I had some trouble with mine getting gummy.

  7. I just took a hiatus from the book club I started. It had become stale and I don’t have time to read as many books, especially books that drag on and on. I could abandon the books, but I’m not that kind of person. It has to be completely horrible for me to abandon my reading.

    1. I am very much like you when it comes to book club books but these days… no remorse at all if I give up on them. No time and not willing to waste what little I have on a mediocre book.

  8. I think I’ll check out The New Me, it sounds good. I loved Where The Crawdads Sing &I hope you do too. Your table/chair set & bookshelf look great!

    1. I thought I’d be done with Crawdads by now but too many evenings out. Will try to finish it this week for sure. I got so mad at Tate at one point I put it down.

  9. I want to do that to my bookcase! It’s one that I’ve had since I was a little girl, but badly in need of a whitewash distress as you did yours. I’ll try to get the gumption as yours is most impressively done.

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