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Review: Start Without Me

Start Without Me

Start Without Me
By Joshua Max Feldman
William Morrow & Company, 9780062668721, October 2017, 288pp.

The Short of It:

What happens when a recovering alcoholic returns home for Thanksgiving, only to abandon his family because he just can’t imagine being with them?

The Rest of It:

Adam is home for Thanksgiving and overwhelmed by his family. He’s a recovering alcoholic and being home is just too much for him to deal with.

Marissa is a flight attendant and pregnant with another man’s baby. Her husband, who senses that their relationship is strained, has no idea what he’s in for when she shows up for the Thanksgiving meal.

Marissa and Adam are strangers but when they meet at a restaurant, they lean on one another for support as they figure out this next step in their lives.

I love stories centered around the Thanksgiving meal. There is always so much tension to these gatherings, relatives you haven’t seen in forever, cousins that drive you absolutely mad, mothers who over-fuss about everything. DRAMA. Start Without Me is full of drama but not really AT the dinner table. It takes place all over as Adam abandons his family to take a breather from reality.

It took some time for me to get into this story but by the final pages, I was pretty into it and wanted to see how things would turn out for Marissa and Adam. The cover sort of makes it  look like it could be a funny story but it’s not really funny. It’s not depressing but definitely not funny so I just wanted to put that out there.

Have you read this author before?

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Sunday Matters: All I Want To Do

Sunday Matters

What an exhausting week! I must be horribly out of shape (I know I am) because my entire body hurts. We had to pack and unpack the house for termite treatment. What a bore. I have bruises all over. Nothing a decent nap can’t fix though.

All I want to do:

  • Nap
  • Watch Black Mirror all day long.
  • Read. I think it may be time for new glasses though.
  • Eat snacky things like nachos.

Right Now:

I’m just trying to get moving with some coffee and a little motivation. I would like a machine to be invented that just takes me from my bed, to the shower and then delivers me back all ready to go. Why can’t this exist?

This Week:

Oliver auditions are this week which means my house is filled with song. I’ve got nothing else going on. Well, I have to make an acupuncture appointment for my neck. Has anyone ever tried acupuncture before? Did it work?


I finished Best Day Ever. The review posts this week.  What a crazy book. I am now reading Strange Weather by Joe Hill. I started it a long time ago but I am just getting back to it now. It’s so good.

Patty told me that Robyn Harding has a new book coming out. I managed to snag a review copy. It’s called Her Pretty Face. You may remember her last book, The Party which I reviewed here.

Her Pretty Face


I’ve been watching the Olympics every chance I get. It’s easy to have on in the background and I love all of the stories.


Our termite tenting experience has ended which means we have no food in the house. We didn’t want to bag a ton of food so we used all that we could and tried not to buy anything. I kind of like how clean my fridge and pantry are but you know… the kid. She has to eat.

Spaghetti and meatballs sound really good but she’s not eating meat now and doesn’t get too excited about plain spaghetti.

Grateful for:

The great weather we’ve been having. We had a little rain but it’s been so cool and crisp. I wish it could stay like this.

On another note, the events of this week have been brutal. This country is so divided, we can’t even come together for the sake of these kids. One comment on social media gave me chills. It referenced 2018 as the year for live streamed mass shootings and for students who have survived mass shootings to live Tweet support to the students currently sheltering in place. Apparently, this happened.

No words.