Sunday Matters: All I Want To Do

Sunday Matters

What an exhausting week! I must be horribly out of shape (I know I am) because my entire body hurts. We had to pack and unpack the house for termite treatment. What a bore. I have bruises all over. Nothing a decent nap can’t fix though.

All I want to do:

  • Nap
  • Watch Black Mirror all day long.
  • Read. I think it may be time for new glasses though.
  • Eat snacky things like nachos.

Right Now:

I’m just trying to get moving with some coffee and a little motivation. I would like a machine to be invented that just takes me from my bed, to the shower and then delivers me back all ready to go. Why can’t this exist?

This Week:

Oliver auditions are this week which means my house is filled with song. I’ve got nothing else going on. Well, I have to make an acupuncture appointment for my neck. Has anyone ever tried acupuncture before? Did it work?


I finished Best Day Ever. The review posts this week.  What a crazy book. I am now reading Strange Weather by Joe Hill. I started it a long time ago but I am just getting back to it now. It’s so good.

Patty told me that Robyn Harding has a new book coming out. I managed to snag a review copy. It’s called Her Pretty Face. You may remember her last book, The Party which I reviewed here.

Her Pretty Face


I’ve been watching the Olympics every chance I get. It’s easy to have on in the background and I love all of the stories.


Our termite tenting experience has ended which means we have no food in the house. We didn’t want to bag a ton of food so we used all that we could and tried not to buy anything. I kind of like how clean my fridge and pantry are but you know… the kid. She has to eat.

Spaghetti and meatballs sound really good but she’s not eating meat now and doesn’t get too excited about plain spaghetti.

Grateful for:

The great weather we’ve been having. We had a little rain but it’s been so cool and crisp. I wish it could stay like this.

On another note, the events of this week have been brutal. This country is so divided, we can’t even come together for the sake of these kids. One comment on social media gave me chills. It referenced 2018 as the year for live streamed mass shootings and for students who have survived mass shootings to live Tweet support to the students currently sheltering in place. Apparently, this happened.

No words.

20 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: All I Want To Do”

  1. Yes, it has certainly been a week. Sorry about having to pack up for termite treatment, but maybe you guys are past that awful thing. I’m looking forward to trying Her Pretty Face too. Wonder what crossing out the ‘pretty’ means? And I love your idea of the machine to deliver you to the shower and then dress you. In J.D. Robb’s series featuring Eve Dallas, there are drying tube things that you step in after the shower and it dries you without a towel. I always thought those sounded good. Hope you week goes well!

  2. I know, this week…just…no words. That rots you had to deal with termite treatment – ugh! All that packing and unpacking – what a pain! I bet that machine exists, but is only available to zillionaires. Sounds like you are reading some good books. I just finished A False Report and Need to Know. The first one is about rape and false reporting, while the latter is a spy novel. Let me just the first one made me sad and angry, while the second made me wish I had never picked it up (such a predictable and bad story). Anyhow, I need something fun now – not sure what though. I’m watching TWD, because the new season starts next weekend. I still need to watch Black Mirror. I just watched the new ep of Homeland – love that show! Hope you have a great week!!

  3. I am having trouble focusing after last week’s shootings but am so proud of some of the kids who are speaking out. I want teachers to join them and say they’re tired of putting their lives on the line every day. There’s so much that can be done, like stopping lobbyist, stricter gun control laws and background checks, and free mental health care. Those things would cost money, though, and all people seem to care about is lower taxes. I would be willing to pay more taxes to help prevent tragedies like last week’s. Sorry for the rant but my heart has been hurting this week.

    1. I agree on all points. I feel as if this time, this really was the last straw. People are not willing to stand back anymore but those in office are still benefiting from special interest groups. Until that stops, can anything really change?

  4. I hope you get a nap and a chance to relax. I can’t imagine having to pack and unpack the house without the benefit of moving somewhere new.

    I feel the only good thing to come out of this weekend is that the victims are angry and speaking out. It is going to be them who finally force some changes in Washington, I believe. I detest that they had to experience something like that, but I think their anger and their refusal to take thoughts and prayers as an answer will motivate others to take action and this will build.

    1. I did get a short nap. It made me very sleepy so I headed into teen ministry half asleep but quickly got going.

      The kids from Florida are raising a ruckus, as they should. It’s certainly impressive how they are pulling together after such a tragedy. Lots of walkouts scheduled. Will they make a difference?

      1. I think they will. After all, this is a HUGE voting group in the next few years. Politicians would be foolish to ignore them if they are looking long-term.

  5. Twice today I watched the faces on my TV screen of the people who died this week just by going to school. My heart breaks every time I see them…my rant is where did that horrific shooter get those guns and where did he hide them? No one saw him with this stuff? I don’t understand it at all!

    On another note…I can’t wait to read that book…and I love the Olympics on in the background…I got so much reading in this week.

    I can’t imagine how you got through the termite stuff this week…any kind of packing/unpacking is so stressful!

    1. The shooter obtained the guns legally. The couple he was living with said they were responsibly stored under lock and key but that the kid probably kept a key that the couple was not aware of. I think he was seen on campus. I read somewhere that that assistant coach, the one who passed away, radioed it in when he was first seen on campus.

  6. I am so done with all the gun violence, and how politicians are too caught up in their own agendas to deal with it.

    The people who think gun control means they are losing their rights to guns don’t get that better background checks would help without taking something away from those with no criminal issues…and mental health treatment available to all would go a long way, too. That will never happen in this country these days, though…sigh.

    On a lighter note…I want one of those machines, too! I hate the whole morning-getting-ready routine, although it helps that I’m retired and don’t have to change out of my PJs for a while, anyway. lol

    Enjoy your week! Best Day Ever was definitely a book to remember.


    1. I know lots of gun owners and I do understand their desire to protect their home and person. Not an issue with me. But no one need a semi-automatic. No one. And I know people argue that if they are banned, nothing will improve so then why not try it? It seems to work in other countries.

  7. Do you and your husband eat too? 😉 I still would make the meatballs. She doesn’t have to eat them. I am napping a little this afternoon before going to watch the Daytona 500 and then watching the new Blade Runner movie by myself while my wife is at work and since she had no interest.

    1. Yes, but it almost seems like too much work to shop and cook for just the two if us. He goes running all the time and eats later most of the time. If I have time I love to cook but last, no time. Tonight I’m making a stir fry.

  8. My heart aches for those students, teachers, and their families. I am stunned that we are still discussing gun control. Perhaps it needs to be called gun owner control so that NRA freaks don’t feel threatened.

  9. I basically start crying every time I see any new piece of news about this shooting. The survivors have been so brave and so outspoken, and it just kills me that this has fallen so heavily on their shoulders. I hope that we can take up this work and carry it forward and truly make a change happen this time.

    Meanwhile, I’m sorry you’re dealing with termites! That sounds super stressful, and I hope you can take it easy this week.

    1. I just don’t see how anyone watching those Snapchat videos could look the other way. It’s impossible to not feel their terror. It’s like you are in the room with them. I’m sure that was their purpose when documenting it in this way. People bash them for doing it but this generation lives through social media.

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