Review: Becoming


By Michelle Obama
Crown, 9781524763138, November 2018, 448pp.

The Short of It:

I wanted to end the year on a positive note so it’s no coincidence that I ended it with Becoming.

The Rest of It:

In Becoming, Michelle Obama invites us into her life. From Chicago’s South Side, where she grew up, all the way to the White House until now. Her storytelling, her positivity and hopefulness take center stage. As Americas’s first African-American First Lady, she was in a position to advocate for young women, which she absolutely did, while raising her own two girls and supporting her husband in a job that put both of them under the media’s microscope.

It seems as if everyone received this book for Christmas or felt it was an important enough read to buy it for themselves, which I did. What I admire the most about this memoir is the storytelling. It’s engaging and straight-forward, much as I expected it to be based on how she’s carried herself throughout her eight years in the White House.

It’s been a rough, rough year. The end if the year has come and I am totally wiped out. However, ending the year with this book has given me a little spark of hope. If she can stand back and look at our current administration and still feel hopeful, perhaps I can too.

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13 thoughts on “Review: Becoming”

    1. I’ve been aware of our dire circumstances all year long but I wasn’t aware of how it has taken such a physical toll on me. SO over it. And between you and I and anyone else who reads this, I really want Michelle to toss her hat into the ring. Today, Warren announced she may run. Not sure about that.

  1. I am not British, but the Obama’s are so personable. They always behaved with such dignity & without drama. Such an achievement for both of them. Politics, genuine behaviour & attitude, regardless which side of the Atlantic, are in poor supply & I was sorry that their time in the White House came up an end.

    I loved the book too.

    1. I figured she had help. Her voice came through enough for me not to detect any outside help but it was written so quickly.

  2. I hope we can still have hope but it’s very hard under the current administration. I’m glad Michelle shines some light during these dubious, scary times. I got her book for Christmas and I’m going to dig it — I feel. thanks for your review.

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