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Sunday Matters: Spring, Books, and Life

Sunday Matters

I love this time of the year. I feel hopeful and optimistic and it’s so beautiful outside! I really wish I had access to a window at work though. Or a skylight! Wouldn’t that be something? Everything is blooming and it’s gorgeous.

Right Now:

Even though my yard did not survive the drought, it’s still nice to sit here with the windows wide open, enjoying my cup of coffee. Fresh air really makes a difference.

In a little bit, we will head out for the day but first, breakfast. I am eating clean (trying to) so it won’t be the delicious bagel I am craving but it will be exactly what I need.

This Week:

Not much going on this week. There’s a dental appointment for my daughter which I have to take her to and then there is also one for my son and he will take himself. Still not used to that. There’s a rehearsal in there somewhere,  my life group meeting and something I haven’t done before, volunteering for homeless outreach.


I finished The Lonely Hearts Hotel. It’s a sad little book but also not sad. That makes no sense but maybe the review will once I write it up. Next up: The Barrowfields.

Oh, and it’s not coming out until 9/26 but Stephen King and his son Owen have a book coming out, Sleeping Beauties! You can read about it here. I am almost certain I will host a read-along for it. It’s over 700 pages long! Yay!


I tend to watch the same things each week unless a series ends so The Walking Dead and Bates Motel. I’ve worked a few episodes of Fixer Upper in too. That show is easy to watch while doing other things which makes it popular in my house.

Also, I am still fascinated by Hoarders. Every time I see that show all I can think is that I missed my calling. I LOVE to organize things!!


Eating clean makes meal prep rather easy but not very exciting. Last week I made my veggie bowls and this week will probably be protein and veggies, preferably roasted in some way. Roasted vegetables are so tasty!

Grateful for:

I briefly mentioned my life group above. For the longest time, I was interested in joining a life group but you all know me and know all that I am involved with so time was always an issue. But this winter I bit the bullet and signed up and I could not be happier. It was a ten week commitment and we are heading into week nine but I am hoping we become a permanent group. I am so grateful for this group of woman.

That’s it from me. What did you do this weekend? What’s the one thing you are looking forward to in the coming weeks?

Ulysses – Part Three: Discussion (#ulyssesRAL2017)


I never doubted for a second that I’d finish it, because this time I vowed to read it no matter what but some of it was a chore to get through and nearly everyone I know kept referring to it as The Beast. It is rather beastly.

Part Three was my favorite part, particularly the very last episode titled, Penelope. This is an entire episode dedicated to Molly Bloom’s thoughts as she is in bed with her husband, Leopold Bloom. She recounts the early days of their marriage and the countless men she’s had affairs with. It’s a rather sad episode. Molly hasn’t lived a life of luxury and struggles with identity.

The entire book is a collection of failures and missed opportunities and puts everyone’s weaknesses front and center. As a reader, it’s easy to get lost in the gibberish and the heavy-handed use of slang but buried, deep down,  there are little gems hidden here and there.

There are many reading guides available to help a reader experience Ulysses but really, you just need to dive in and experience it for yourself. This was my first complete read of the novel, but I suspect it won’t be my last. Many recommend rereading it many times to really appreciate it.

We called this a read-along, mainly for the support aspect but many had to put it down for various reasons. I don’t blame them. It’s a book that begs you to hate it with all its rambling prose and lack of plot but I feel that the last episode pulled it all together for me.

Since many have not read Ulysses, what is one classic you’ve always wanted to read but for whatever reason never did?