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Sunday Matters: Three Day Weekend For Me

Sunday Matters

Three-day weekends are pretty nice. Since I am unable to take a true vacation this year, I’ve been taking days here and there. This past Friday, The Girl, myself and her friend hit the beach. How can you not love a beach day? Especially when it’s on a day you would normally work?

Right Now:

Toast, coffee, church. Just sitting here watching the news before we head out. Sunday morning news is about all I can handle these days. It’s filled with restaurant and movie reviews and nice stories about people helping people.

This Week:

The back-to-school clock is ticking. Registration is the first week of August. Back-to-school shopping will have to be done soon. Maybe I will try to do some of it this week. The rest of the week is pretty much the same old stuff.


I finished Do Not Become Alarmed and The Thirst so next up should be:

The Party by Robyn Harding
Lovers & Loners by Jean Ryan
Strange Company by Jean Ryan


Fear the Walking Dead is done until September. The mid-season finale made-up for the two previous weak seasons (imo). My husband wants me to watch Better Call Saul. He’s up-to-date with it since he started watching it immediately after finishing Breaking Bad. I, however, chose to take a break. I guess I’ll start watching it.

One show that I fell into again is The Love Boat! It’s so bad, it’s good. I don’t know how I watched it when I was younger but it’s entertaining as hell but probably not for the same reasons I thought so back in the day.


I fell off the tracking wagon and it took no less than a week to gain five pounds back. This past week I went back to my brown rice / tofu lunches which has helped but man it’s boring. This week I hope to put some protein bowls together.

Grateful for:

It seems cliché for me to say books but the reading this summer has been pretty good. I am also loving the new used bookstore that opened very close to my home.

What do you have planned for today? What are you reading that I need to know about?

Review: Do Not Become Alarmed

Do Not Become Alarmed

Do Not Become Alarmed
By Maile Meloy
Riverhead Books, Hardcover, 9780735216525, June 6, 2017, 352pp.

The Short of It:

One bad decision leads to another and suddenly three families find themselves dealing with a nightmare while vacationing in Central America.

The Rest of It:

On a cruise to Central America, two families who also happen to be related to each other head off on an excursion while the husbands play a game of golf. On their way there, there is an accident and they, along with one other family find themselves stranded on a beach while waiting for alternate transportation. They have an experienced guide, so what could go wrong? Lots.

Sometimes you read a book because it’s just fun to read and that’s the case with Do Not Become Alarmed. It’s fast-paced, deals with a topic that every mother dreads, and leads you all over the place before arriving at its final destination.

At one point in the story I got VERY mad and I do not forgive the author for going there. Sorry, no. I do not. Right after that event, the story stopped being believable to me. The last quarter of the story was a bit of a stretch. However, reading it wasn’t a bad way to spend the afternoon and that quibble I had didn’t affect how quickly I turned the pages.

If you throw this in your beach bag or take it on an airplane, you’ll be glad you did because of the fast pace at which the story is told. It holds your attention.  Even though one event in the story will likely upset you as much as it did me, I still recommend it for its entertainment value.

Source: Review copy provided by the publisher.
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