15 thoughts on “May Your Days Be Merry & Bright”

  1. My favorite part of that retro card (besides the night sky) is the tree. Parts of me want a 50’s tree even if none of my ornaments would suit it.

    Thank you for warm wishes, bookish chats, and likes on social media this year, Ti. You are so right: we do like the same kinds of books veey much!

    May your New Year be filled with peace and light.

    1. We did, for the most part. Our dinner reservations were a bust but a short talk with the manager made it somewhat tolerable. Star Wars was good. Today, Santa Barbara and Bart’s Books in Ojai! Gotta get the kids up.

    1. I am back at work today and a little grumpy, I won’t lie. I have a lot going on this evening too so I hope it all goes smoothly given it has decided to rain today. Rain after the fires is not good. Mud slides and the like.

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