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The Sunday Salon: School Events, Tennis and Medical Tests Suck

I was a bit of a mess on Friday. I organized a PTO event for the school and although the event itself was fine, the prep right before it stressed me out and I got all worked-up over it. I thrive on stress. It makes me move faster, things get done, etc. But, Saturday had me in bed with sore muscles and a headache. Which would not have been a big deal if I could have taken something for it, but more on that later.

The day was sunny, beautiful and warm but not too warm so I dragged myself out of bed to take The Girl to her first tennis lesson.

My Little Tennis Player

The class was great!! There are over 18 kids in it but she saw an old friend from her pre-school days and there is a boy from her class in there too so she was happy. Looks like a good group of kids. Should be a lot of fun.

Now, on to the medical test. I am scheduled for “the test that shall not be named” this Tuesday. Although I am not within the normal age-range for such a test, these food allergies and the problems with my esophagus have prompted the need for further testing. So, I am on a limited diet for two days and then pretty much fasting for another two days.

I am not happy and sort of miserable so I am incredibly whiny and cranky. I can’t take Motrin since it’s a blood thinner and that happens to be the only thing that gets rid of headaches for me so I must endure it. I am taking Monday and Tuesday off and will spend the day reading. That is really the only bright side to all of this.

Sunday Salon Button

On the book/reading front:

I am almost through with I’d Know You Anywhere. It’s taken a turn and I am hoping it changes direction because I am getting an uneasy feeling about where it’s all going.

Still re-reading Atonement for class. God, I love that book. I had forgotten how much until I picked it up again for this class.

I should be starting Animal, Vegetable, Miracle this Monday. How appropriate for me to read about local farming when I am starving out of my mind.

On a bookish note, I posted about the award panel that I was asked to be on. I am very excited about it and can’t wait to see which books you nominate as the best for 2010.

I am off to drink more fluids (blech) and eat more Jello (double blech). Think good thoughts for me on Tuesday. Another blogger passed out from hunger while going for the same test last week. Although I love her to death, I really do not want to follow in her footsteps.

The Sunday Salon: Another Year Older

As much as I fight it, time DOES march on (as evidenced by the tiny lines I see in the mirror). But, they are laugh lines for the most part so at least I had a good time making them. To celebrate another year, I had a lovely, lovely lunch at Maggiano’s and then spent the day roaming shopping around The Grove(LA).

My older face... see, you can't see any lines...cause the pic is so small. Haha!
Linguine w/white clam sauce
Linguini with White Clam Sauce - YUM!
Happy Bday Cookies
Lemon Cookies with a Birthday Wish!

Oh, and when have I ever left the house without visiting a bookstore? I FINALLY hit Book Soup in Hollywood. Yes, yes…the my world is now complete.

Book Soup
Book Soup - Hollywood, Ca.
Book Soup 2
Book Soup - Look at all the books!!

The Goods
What I Bought

The Sunday Salon Button

As for reading, I just finished Fever Dream by Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston. Not my typical fare but a guilty pleasure held over from my youth. I started reading their books when I was in my twenties and every now and then, I’ll pick one up. The review should post early this week.

I am about to start I’d Know You Anywhere by Laura Lippman for a book tour. I’ve heard some good things about it so I am looking forward to it. Before I start this one though, I want to finish The Unit. I am almost done with it.

Since I’ve spent the day eating and shopping, I feel sort of guilty about spending the rest of it on the couch reading but I can’t think of a better way to wrap-up this birthday. Happy Sunday!