Sunday Matters: Time-Change Hangover?

Sunday Matters

Is it possible to be hung-over from the time change? Sure feels like it. My internal clock is still off. Twice this week I worked past my normal working hours because I thought it was earlier than it was. And… I cannot seem to fall asleep when I need to. I end up being a chatter box until The Hub tells me to be quiet. I hate that he can fall asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow. I mean, really. Also, it was 90 degrees the other day and I am sure today will be a repeat of that.

In other news, The Girl got called back for both the role of Brigitta and a nun (The Sound of Music). She said the call back went well. The final cast list posts on Tuesday afternoon.

And… if this isn’t a coincidence then I don’t know what is. My daughter is auditioning for a part in The Sound of Music and then Thomas writes up a post with this title which happens to be a play on my name and is a direct result of a comment I made on his blog. I tell ya, that post put a huge smile on my face.

Right Now:

Enjoying some coffee. Seems to be my usual Sunday morning thing. Also enjoying some cheese grits and an egg over easy and then we are off to church.

This Week:

This is one of those weeks that will be difficult for me to juggle. Lots and lots going on. Rehearsals and maybe even more rehearsals than scheduled since the final cast list posts on Tuesday. Track practice with the first meet this Saturday, high school open house the same freakin’ night as the junior high orientation which will force us to go on a night not assigned to us, Jazz pop dress rehearsal for choir, Jazz pop concert on Saturday night, and I am sure I am forgetting something. Oh  yeah, SAT prep classes start.


I am really trying to catch-up with my review copies so I am putting a huge dent in The Book of Strange New Things which is reminding me a lot of The Sparrow, at least the first part is.


  • Bates Motel started up again with Season 3 and yes, I am watching crazy Norman and his mother.
  • Still watching The Walking Dead. It’s just so compelling. I cannot look away.
  • I just started Breaking Bad, Season 4. OMG. Just, so good.
  • Movies? Haven’t really seen any but I feel like watching Tootsie.


I haven’t a clue what I will make for dinner but I have a craving for:

  • Tacos ( I can eat tacos 24/7)
  • A really large BBQ Chicken salad with homemade ranch dressing.
  • Gumbo

Strange cravings. All so different.

Grateful for:

The quiet moments. Hard to imagine that I have any, but I do.

What are you up to today? What’s on your plate for the week?

20 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Time-Change Hangover?”

  1. The Book of Strange New Things reminds you of The Sparrow? Sold! You know how much I loved that. BBQ chicken salad sounds great – I don’t think I’ve ever done a chicken salad w/ bbq chicken. Going to have to try that. Good luck to The Girl!

  2. My time change hangover will last at least another month, so you arent alone. I always have the oddest food craving

    1. My time change hangover lasts a good two weeks so maybe by this weekend I will be somewhat back to normal.


  3. The blog post referencing you was very cute! Your week already is stressing me out…lol…we have a busy week, too, and then we have a bit of social stuff…dinners…an overnighter…movie catch up!

    Hold steady this week!

    1. No kidding. Next year the Teen is a senior and after that I will just have the activities of The Girl to deal with. She’s busy too and I know she will be very busy in high school because she wants to do all of the same things as her brother did, but it will be for one kid and not two. Maybe it will be easier to juggle.


    1. Spring Forward takes me at least two weeks to get used to so maybe by this weekend I will be back on track with time. I keep working past my work hours not realizing how late it is.


  4. Sounds like you’ve been busy. We had a busy week of dr. appts, ballet, pictures, and swimming. I’m trying to catch up on reading, but it has been slow going.

    1. Unfortunately, my weekend was topped with more stree. I realize that in the big scheme of things, my issues are not as important as what some are facing daily but when they happen all at once and I can’t sleep, it makes for a rough week. I am really needing a nap but it’s not going to happen.


  5. The time change is tough to get used to. We took a 2 hour afternoon nap yesterday, something that generally just happens when I’m sick.

    Your food cravings are making me hungry. I have crockpot veggie lasagna going and the house smells so good. Enjoy your week.

    1. Mmmm. Lasagna sounds good, too. We ended up with tacos but I made so much, we will be eating tacos for a very long time. Never go to the market hungry.


  6. I definitely think that the title of the post is a sign, and a good sign at that. Like Patty, your week is stressing me out too and I’m not “lol”ing either, but I know you’ve handled worse weeks and so this one, while it might be rough, you will survive.

    Today? As usual I’m reading book blogger posts and listening to music. If a neighbor invites me over later, I might be watching NASCAR. Later in the week (Saturday or next Sunday), my wife and I are going to a maple festival at a couple of maple farms. That ought to be fun, plus good food and stocking up on maple syrup.

    1. I’ve had a spot of bad luck lately. My week was already a bit of a challenge but then my car started to leak gasoline… now I have to do all this with one car. I really need a break.


  7. Have a good week! Fingers crossed for the final cast list. And the BBQ chicken salad sounds yummy. May have to make something like that myself this week.

  8. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the results on Tuesday! And oh, I have been so DST hungover for the past few days. For a while there, I was fine up until around 5 pm and then I’d be so exhausted. Today, though, I didn’t want to get out of bed. I’ve been waking up earlier than normal, and going to bed at the same time. After a while that extra hour of sleep lost per day has really caught up with me.

  9. Generally it takes me a really really long time to recover from Spring Forward. But this time, I was on vacation, and shockingly I woke up early on the Sunday after the time change. I think being on vacation during Spring Forward is a good thing – I will have to remember it from now onwards.

  10. Congratulations to the Girl! (I did tell you that Holly’s ballet this year is The Sound of Music, right? She ended up getting the part of one of the puppets. I’m really excited for her. For both of her ballet classes, she will be a nun. Lots of nuns in this one.)

    Good luck juggling everything. I’m sure you will manage everything within the best of your ability, and the weekend will be here before you know it!

  11. Getting a call back on The Sound of Music is huge, so congrats to her! I’ll keep my finger’s crossed. You are going to need to grab sanity where and when you can. The best strategy is to watch total dysfunction on TV so you are in good shape with Bates Motel and Breaking Bad! (I will say forever that BB is probably the best thing I’ve ever seen, bar none.) I’m all caught up on Bates Motel so hopefully will get to watch it tonight if I’m home in time. If not we are DVRing it. Brody starts Intermediate training and my son is doing something at school so it will be tight.

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