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Snow in Southern California!

My Side Yard

I am scheduled to return to work tomorrow.


I live at the top of a hill. I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it down. We don’t have snow plows in So. Calif. Isn’t it pretty?

We have no TV right now because the satellite dish is covered. It’s really nice and quiet and I am enjoying a bowl of gumbo and reading Great House.

I LOVE this weather.

The Sunday Salon: Shiny and New

2010 Indie Lit Shortlist

I’m sitting in my freezing house trying to figure out how The Boy and The Hub could hit a theme park today. It’s about to rain and it’s cold (by California standards) and for whatever reason I cannot get warm. It’s the perfect day to sit on the couch with a stack of books though, which is what I plan to do.

Someone asked me if I received any books as gifts this year. I did not, but I did buy all five of the titles shortlisted for the Indie Lit Awards, lit fiction category (pictured above). I’ve already finished two of them. The rest, I must finish by the 21st of the month so I plan to start book three right after I finish this post.

It’s a brand new year and I should feel all shiny and new but I feel sort of used and spotty. I’ve been staying up a bit too late during my weeks off and now my internal clock is sort of out of whack. Should make for an interesting Monday, if I do say so myself.

I do love a new year, though. I bought a new Moleskine pocket calendar and will be updating it for the coming year. I am a bit of a fanatic about my calendar. I’ve gone through several formats lately, trying to cut down on bulk and I am hoping this one fits me. I have my Blackberry which I also use but I like to see my schedule laid out before me, and it’s hard to do on a device.

The Sunday Salon

I plan to spend the rest of the day being as lazy as possible, reading, snacking, and heating up leftover gumbo. That’s my plan. what’s yours?