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The Sunday Salon: So, So Tired.

I’m a  little slow today. Last night was the Father/Daughter dance that I organized for the school and there were over 200 people there. Somehow, I screwed my hip up. No, it’s not because I was dancing like a fool or anything but I blame it on the large bag of ice that I grabbed from an angle. I twisted my hip somehow and my hip socket is on fire! I am sitting here watching the Superbowl right now and all I really want to do is go to bed with a large heating pad.


The dance went swimmingly. Everyone had a good time and seeing all of those dads rocking out to Rock Lobster warmed my heart. Thank goodness it’s over though! I know how to throw a party but man, I sure stress over every little thing

Needless to say, this hasn’t been a typical Sunday. I’ve been limping around, eating football food and watching this very close game. Go Saints!!

It’s Been TWO Lovely Years!

I’ve been blogging for two years! I can’t believe it. It’s gone by so quickly. So quickly in fact that I forgot to celebrate last year’s blogiversary. It happens.

I just want to let you all know how much I appreciate your comments and most of all your friendship. I have gotten to know many of you through blogging and it’s been a lovely experience. Facebook and Twitter certainly add to that experience, but there is nothing like chatting with friends about books.

Thanks so much.