2023 Summer Reading

2023 Summer Reading

I wasn’t going to share a summer reading list because I’ve been so inconsistent with my reading of late, but I live for a good list and summer reading? Don’t all readers live for it?

This list is made up of what I need to review and a couple of classics that have been on my list for ages. If nothing else it will motivate me to check off some titles.

These are in no order:

Will you be reading any classics this summer? I thought about hosting a read along for the Dostoevsky book but then changed my mind.

21 thoughts on “2023 Summer Reading”

  1. I applaud you for putting that Russian novel on your list…it is over 800 pages!
    Enjoy your summer and whatever you read

  2. I wasn’t going to make a summer reading list, either, but I changed my mind. We’re heading out on a roadtrip this coming Monday and we’ll be gone until July 7th. I know I’m not going to fit in much reading, but I just can’t resist a challenge, so I’m going to attempt the 20 Books of Summer reading challenge and made up my list to post in the coming days. I’m glad your vertigo is history and hope that you enjoy your summer reading! I still have Count the Ways on my TBR shelf, but I’m excited about The Bird Hotel, too. The Celebrants (I enjoyed The Guncle) and The Ferryman (loved the Passage!) are two others that appeal to me. Happy Reading!

  3. I’ll check to see if there are any I want to add to my list.

    I think it’s funny that out of the 11 titles, all but 3 of them start with “The”.

  4. Gosh I forgot how much I enjoyed making these lists – might have to do one, too! Do need to think about my summer reading as I will be on a long plane flight and I’ll have loads of time to read. Not sure about classics this summer – maybe I’ll try to knock out a biggie!

  5. This list should keep you busy! I have The Bird Hotel on my summer list as well. Hope you are enjoying the long weekend.

  6. Kafka is such a talent. I hope you read The Castle! I tried to read this: The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky with a book club, but couldn’t get through it. I liked Crime & Punishment more.

    Happy summer reading.

  7. Nice list and a good mix. Although I love Dostoevsky — I found that particular novel a hard one and not my fave of his but you should get a bit out of it. I would like to read the Nagamatsu novel. Looks intriguing. Happy reading.

    1. Yes. I have yet to start the Dostoevsky so we shall see. I am reading it purely because Murakami lists it as one of his favorites.

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