Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

'Tis the season to be jolly!

It’s been difficult this year for many reasons but I cherish you as friends. I really do. I hope you all find time for a little “jolly” whether that’s holiday movie viewing with a giant bowl of popcorn, spiked eggnog (highly recommend), Christmas tamales, or just reading by the fire. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all that jazz.

9 thoughts on “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas”

    1. We had a manual power shutoff due to high winds but our power came on two days later in time for Christmas. I was pretty irked because I had just stocked both fridges and the freezer. We still managed to have a nice day though. Hope you had a fabulous Christmas. We are headed to the coast today just to walk around before the big rain storm.

    1. We have actually not been lucky in finding any tamales. All our normal places had long lines and little distancing so we skipped them. Maybe for the New Year!

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