Whatnot – Week 2

My neighborhood.

This photo is deceiving because it looks rather pleasant and nice but it was taken during a lull in the hellish winds we’ve been experiencing. Everything is bone dry. We haven’t see a drop of rain since May. Brush fires are always a threat these days. One took off right behind my husband’s work the other night but no buildings were affected.

I hope you don’t mind these random posts. I feel the need to stay connected even when I have no reviews to post. I am still reading Parable of the Sower but I must finish it today. It’s taking me far too long to get through. In fact, I am going to declare here for all the land to hear that it will be finished today!

How are you spending your time these days? I am still going for my walks with the pup. She’s a funny girl. The other day it was windy and cold and I tried to take her out. We had to come back not five minutes after we left because of falling tree branches. Boy! Did she give me the stink eye all day long! Plus, she ignored me the next day too. Yesterday was the first time she ran up to me to go for walkies in a few days. I guess she forgives me now.

I’ve been watching a lot of old TV too like Newhart and Adam 12. I need nostalgia to take my mind off our shutdown. I haven’t spent much time in the yard because of all the wind. I did just wash my car out of sheer boredom though.

I hope you are all well and finding ways to be happy.

14 thoughts on “Whatnot – Week 2”

  1. I can’t believe you’ve gone that long without rain — so sad and now easier to understand how all those fires start and spread.

    Our days consist of: watching the news at breakfast, tasks around the house, reading, walks, playing cards or board games and chatting or texting with kids and friends and then making dinner and more reading or tv. We tend to watch shows like Law & Order, Sopranos, Curb Your Enthusiasm, King of Queens and a movie here and there. I usually do curbside library visits 1-2x a week. Still having most of the groceries delivered but, I do go in stores occasionally.

    I’m finding great comfort with purchases like new soft bedding: sheets, comforters etc and new throws for the sofas etc. I also bought new holiday towels and just things that make me feel happier around the house. I also bought some pretty bakeware with birds etched on them. I wish I could have more houseplants but, one of our cats chews them so I need to be careful. I’ve always been a homebody so as long as the house is quiet and comfy I do well – most days. I miss my kids and grandkids and, I realize my life is easier than theirs as they try to work, maintain the home and teach young kids 6-8 during these times.

    Stay well my friend

    1. I am with you. Anything to make the home cozier is welcome right now. I really am lacking in the candle area. I usually have tons to light but this year I wasn’t in the mall or even places like Home Goods so no candles were purchased and I need to smell them first so online doesn’t work. I would love some new throws but I also need a new couch set. LOL.

      My day consists of coffee, a bite to eat, work for a little bit and then I take the pup for a long walk. Then, she naps and I go back to work. I typically work through lunch and then start dinner prep around 4pm or so. My husband often runs after work since the gym has been closed all this time so whatever dinner I make he just eats later. We watch The Crown or some old TV show. I play Mahjong on my phone, then head to my room to read a little and get ready for bed. My dog is ready for bed these days at 7:30pm!

      I was going out lots in my yard but the wind made that unappealing. My plants are still doing well though. You should get some shelving and put your plants up high.

  2. I’m in a similar situation to Diane: I’m a homebody too and I’m happy hunkering down. I would like to see my granddaughter in Ontario but travel is so restricted. We’re thankful that two of our grandsons are actually in our ‘bubble’.

    I very much look forward to your “whatnot” posts. Please keep them up! 🙂

    1. It’s rather strange how this all went down. In January I was writing a story about how civilization is forced to return to a time where we come home, eat meals at the table, play family games, take family walks and didn’t live the crazy hectic lives we’ve come to know as normal but I kept getting stumped at how or WHAT would cause such a thing. I was at dinner with some people and kicking around some sort of technology glitch but seemed far-fetched. I did NOT consider a pandemic.

      That conversation haunts me.

      We are like you though, we are pretty much home-bodies when we can be but my daughter’s theatre schedule and my work schedules were colliding in unattractive ways. I was so run down. I was volunteering tons too but it took every last bit of strength out of me. We needed the break.

  3. Would you believe i cleaned the bathroom on my day off — yes it is a chore I abhor and a chore I refuse to do. I am that sick of isolation! My house may be the most spotless it has been in years thanks to isolation.

    Other than swim practice for our daughter three times per week, we aren’t doing much. We’re taking her to a socially distant outdoor ice skating birthday party for her friend (just a few kids), so we’ll see if that is still on next week when new restrictions are in place. These uncertain times….very trying.

    I haven’t been reading much but I have to get through a bunch of submissions for the book festival that may be virtual again.

    1. I always use my time off to clean or organize things. I can’t relax until things are put in order. I need to do this stuff BEFORE my break. Right now it’s cold and dreary and I am not motivated to do much. I wanted to take the pup for a walk but she wasn’t feeling well last night and I finally got her to eat some pumpkin and rice so now she is napping. Waiting for the sun to come out anway.

      I am trying to decide what my first book of the year will be. It’s too overwhelming. LOL.

  4. We’re getting teeny-tiny bit of rain today. The weather people were so excited and so far it has not produced much – the weather system I mean. My days are kind of same-same-same. Who knew I’d ever get excited about going to the grocery store for a few minutes with a mask on. I go really early in the morning to avoid many people. I do my walk in the morning and read some in the afternoons. My husband starts his work day very early and then tries to finish by mid-afternoon. He then usually goes to the golf course and plays 7-9 holes. Weekends, he plays 18 holes. Thank goodness for golf. Don’t know what he’d do otherwise. Now that the library is closed again where I was able to peruse the shelves for a few minutes, I’m not so excited about running by there. Curbside is very nice, but not very fun. Ha! I don’t feel comfortable just going and walking through stores – seems not very smart if I have no reason to be there or nothing to buy. I’ve never been much of an impulse shopper anyway. I do go to Half-Price Books about once a week for a few minutes. It’s taken the place of the library. Sigh. One day….

    1. We have a bookstore here called The Open Book and it’s owned by Half Price Books! They are still open but from day one, they have had a protocol in place, gloves, masks, temp check at the door and only ten people allowed at once. Our libraries are still doing curbside but to be honest, the library employees here seem to hate people so I try not to visit often and just get books through Overdrive for my Kindle.

      I am waiting for the pup to feel better so we can take our walk. She was not well last night. She had some rice and pumpkin and is now sleeping. I will let her tell me when she wants to go. I need to be outside for a little bit each day but today is dreary and cold. I am excited because tonight we are getting hot drinks and driving around the look at lights. So many in the neighborhood this year.

      I purchased a few gifts online but I am not much of a shopper in general, online or in person so it’s not working for me. Our mall is open but we are pretty much shutdown and was told by text (emergency alert) to stay home. This means I save money!

      I am just in this weird in-between place with my mood. Joyous for short periods of time, grumpy and then bitter. Ha. A vicious cycle. I am currently upset because we mailed our property tax payment weeks ago and it hasn’t cleared and the penalty is so steep. Supposedly they will backdate it to the postmark but the mail, ever since the election has not been good so I have no idea if they even received it and no one answers and by email all they keep telling me is give it 30 days, well the payment is late not. Boo. I don’t need this.

  5. Wow! No rain since May?! That’s crazy. No wonder California is always burning. Are those winds normal this time of year? I remember Santa Ana winds when we lived in San Diego, but I don’t think they happened in December. I wish I could send you some of our rain. We’ve had so much these past couple of months.

    This is my typical day: Coffee while I read the news, emails, Facebook and Instagram. Breakfast. Ride the Peloton and on alternating days, add free weights to my workout. Shower. Chores. More computer time (blogging and blog-hopping). Lunch. Work on puzzle. Walk if it’s not raining. Errands, if necessary. More computer time. Drinks with husband and my mom. Dinner. Movie or TV series. Last glance at computer. Read in bed. Lights out by 10ish. Rinse and repeat!

  6. I like the random posts! Keep ’em coming. It’s been hella windy here today, but my daughter and I are about to head to the beach for a low tide walk and, I hope, some photos for our holiday card.

  7. Pretty picture and trees. But it sounds like you could really use rain! I’ve been out walking my dog too. She never gets cold even here …. but poor Otter pup sounds like she dislikes the cold …. and would rather be by the fireplace. I can relate.

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