Sunday Matters: COVID-19 Times

Sunday Matters

I almost didn’t have a post for you today because I totally forgot it was Sunday. I am still working from home but it’s been a really hard week and I am trying to just move forward and not dread it every time I open my inbox.

Right Now:

We are about to tune in for online church. Right afterward, I meet with my high school group on Zoom but it’s spring break for most of them and I think many will be MIA.

This Week:

My daughter has a dental appointment that is way overdue because the last two times her cleanings have been cancelled. No one has confirmed the appointment and I believe dental offices are still emergency services only so it may not happen this week either. The first time it was cancelled was due to her wisdom teeth being extracted and then cancelled again because of a conflict. I am guessing it won’t happen.

It’s spring break for  my daughter but she has a college class that is not on spring break so she will still have that. I will just be working and trying to read books in between.

My son is home! He returned from college because pretty much everyone left and his next term is totally online. I feel better knowing he is here.

The Otter Pup (Chloe) is extremely happy to have all her people home.

The Otter Pup


I am starting Just Mercy for a book discussion. I am not in the mood for it right now but it was my book pick so I have to get it read.


Unfortunately, The Tiger King has been on in my house. My son already watched it but wanted us to see it. It’s unremarkable. I don’t even think it’s that wild. Kind of boring, even. We are on episode 7.

The Walking Dead has been great.

We stalled a little on The Crown. We are about to finish season 2.

New Things I’ve Tried:

Not really anything.  I need to try to not let work get to me.

Grateful for:

  • My son finally being home

How are you all holding up? I had a pain on one side of my chest for about ten days, nothing else but it’s just now getting better. Not sure what it was but it was not fun. It made it hard to breathe so I was slightly alarmed.

15 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: COVID-19 Times”

  1. I’m glad your son is home! The Otter Pup is so adorable! Hopefully your pain was due to stress. If it starts again I hope you see a doctor, if possible.

  2. Life just seems so disorienting right now, doesn’t it? I’m glad everyone is home; somehow that makes things better. We just face timed my brother and his family in the UK so that feels good; it is interesting to hear how things are similar and different there.

    1. You know what’s weird? I watch TV shows and think, that person is too close to the other person. Forgetting that there was another time where people stood close to one another. At CVS the other day I nearly jumped out of my skin when a person got too close to me and I am not paranoid. It just seemed so strange.

  3. So glad your son got home. I know you were worried about him. Sorry your work has been such a pain – perhaps it will be a better week in that regard. We watched online church this morning too. It’s a little weird for us, but I feel bad for some of the older people at our congregation. Having church on a computer is hard for them if they can even figure it out. Our church is doing an 30-day 7at7 prayer time – pray 7 minutes at 7 in the evening or try to. They give a topic each day. It’s a good reminder. I walked today and listened to a bunch of contemporary Christian songs that were very encouraging. Found myself singing out loud some. Guess my neighbors can either sing along or they probably didn’t even hear me because of distancing. LOL

    Hope your week goes better. Deep breaths. God’s in control. Take care.

    1. Our high school ministry is doing a special Instagram Live message every morning this week and then at night, our church as a while is doing a special message called The Road to Easter at 7pm, leading up to Easter. It does bring comfort. I was sad because I could not find any hams for the Easter dinner and Honeybaked Ham was sold out online but I went to the closest Honeybaked Ham store and ordered from them directly for delivery. Score!

  4. These are tough times for sure! Just Mercy is a fabulous book, but now certainly isn’t an ideal time to read it. I just finished Nothing to See Here and loved it, despite the improbability of children spontaneously combusting… that’s the type of book I’m in the mood for.

    So glad your son is home!! I know what a relief it is to have your kids with you, no matter how grown up they are. Take care, Ti. Wishing you a better week ahead.

  5. What a relief to have your son home! My teeth cleaning appointment has already been changed once and will have to be changed again because they won’t be open in time. They’re going to have quite a backlog to work through when they do reopen. Stay safe!

  6. We mamas need to know our kids are safe to keep our sanity, don’t we! I check in with my kiddos in Minnesota regularly to make sure they’re ok but I wish they were closer, even if I wouldn’t be able to see them!

  7. Glad to read that your son is home! Some mornings I wake up and feel like that movie, Ground Hog Day. Thank Goodness we are experiencing beautiful 60 degree spring weather and can walk outdoors most days. I always enjoy listening to my audiobook then. I just did a facetime with my daughter and 2 granddaughters – that is what I miss most, well, also retail therapy! Online shopping isn’t quite the same rush. Stay Safe.

  8. I’m losing track of the days. Somehow I missed your post … but hope you all are hanging in there; glad your son is home & l like the photo of Otter Pup, nice! I heard you had a lot of rain lately. I was supposed to go visit my parents April 7 for a week in Redlands but the border is closed & I couldn’t fly there. I’m bummed not to see them but we’ve been doing Zoom chats which my sister set up for them. Hope you aren’t having any more chest pains.

    1. My chest/lung pain is finally gone but it was almost two weeks with it. So weird. I’m sorry you can’t visit your family but you don’t want to come here. So many cases and lots of exposure.

  9. What do you think of The Crown? It’s been on my watchlist forever but am just not able to make the commitment. Still on the fence. I am so overdue for my regular dental cleaning appointment. It’s frustrating but it’s my fault that I didn’t try to schedule it when things were normal and now I feel mad about it.

    My dog is supremely pleased that we are all home. She’s getting spoilt, lol.

    1. If you watch one episode of The Crown you will continue. It’s very dishy and gossipy. I am learning all sorts of things I never knew too. I Google it all to see if it’s fact or fabrication but nearly every time it’s fact.

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