Sunday Matters: Spring Like

Sunday Matters

Most of you know I live in Southern California so we don’t have TRUE seasons here. However, I do enjoy fall and spring because typically they are moderate and pretty in their own ways. Right now the mornings are cool but by the afternoon there is a definite hint of spring in the air. Perfect.

Right Now:

We’ve been trying to hit church on Thursdays but last Thursday my club met to discuss the movie Parasite. Today, is our backup day but not sure we can attend because my daughter now sings at a church across town which we drive her to and then I have to volunteer. Might be watching online again.

This Week:

Nothing planned for this week. Well, one possible theatre meeting but it hasn’t been confirmed and probably won’t happen. It’s so nice to be home in the evenings.


I finished Before She Knew Him by Peter Swanson. I had not read this author before but he has quite a few books out and I really enjoyed this one. Review should be posted early in the week.

What should I read next? Maybe The Grace Year.


I finally saw Parasite. As you know, it’s gotten plenty of hype and took an Oscar for Best Picture and Best International Feature Film and I believe Best Director too. I waited to see it because my discussion group chose it for our February discussion and I wanted to see it with them so we could all react accordingly. VERY interesting film. Not sure it conveyed what it intended to convey. At least. not entirely. As for the subtitles, you don’t even notice them and half the time don’t even need them. The acting is too good.

Still watching The Crown. Almost done with season one. Very interesting and enjoyable.

Tonight, The Walking Dead starts up again. As a loyal fan, I will tune in. I hope the writers pull it together this season.

New Things I’ve Tried:

I like to make my pasta sauce from scratch. I am 50% Italian and there is no better sauce than homemade sauce but this one (Prego Farmer’s Market) was a step up from your typical jarred Prego. Pretty good. Tastes freshly made. No hint at all that it came from a jar and I only used half a jar because of how rich it was. Anything to make the dinner hour easier, right?

Farmer's Market Prego

Grateful for:

  • Really good lip balm
  • My new computer glasses
  • Lush face masks (any of ’em)
  • High quality hand creams

What are you looking forward to this week? I really need to do some purging. My living room and family room always look cluttered when I get home. Even when I spend time straightening, it still looks cluttered so something has to go. I am looking forward to fixing that issue because who wants to come home and immediately feel anxious? No one.

19 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Spring Like”

  1. I’m just curious. What is the temperature for “the mornings are cool”? 🙂 Just thinking it’d probably be a heat wave here, especially right now that it’s 37 degrees and getting to a “balmy” 42 by the end of the day.

    My wife just told me that The Walking Dead has been…11 years? Wouldn’t all the zombies be pretty rotten by now? She wondered. And hmmm, I wonder too. How can they have any parts left from them? Do they have babies? How do they keep multiplying if the virus has devastated the world? Hmmm. 🙂

    We decided to not watch Parasite this week. With some things going on at work that are more than depressing, I decided I didn’t need more depression added on top of it.

    Can relate about the clutter. We’re still working on it…I’m off for two days this week (Wednesday, vacation day for Ash Wednesday, and Friday because I work Saturday), so maybe then? I always can hope.

    1. Cool in the morning is about 38-42. About 65 by mid day. I just saw in the news that on Tuesday it’s supposed to shoot up to 80 and then immediately drop again.

      The Walking Dead still has a lot of people alive in it! I suppose as the dead rot out, the newly dead take over but these zombies are fast. It’s really a bit of a stretch.

      Parasite wasn’t really depressing but the ending is sitting heavy with me. Much of it is humorous.

      I did manage to declutter a tiny bit but not much. Not enough for me to feel that I was productive.

      1. Ah, similar to here then but what it stays all day this time of year. It is warming up here, though, 50s by midweek…as for the decluttering, you still have the rest of the day and week. Don’t despair.

  2. Our weather is crazy. We had snow on Thursday (it didn’t stick) and yesterday was glorious!

    I love all things Lush and am excited because we’re getting one in May. What lip balm do you use? I’m not that happy with mine.

    1. I have to use a tinted lip balm ever since I had an allergic reaction to my fave lipstick. I use Burt’s Bees tinted but the one that my family raves about is one that is hand crafted here in our town by a local lady… it’s amazing but they don’t sell it online.

  3. The first part of Parasite is pretty good spoofing the rich family, but then it gets pretty crazy, right? We enjoyed seasons 1 & 2 of the Crown. but now dont have Netflix for season 3, argh. Claire Foy is good eh?

    1. I knew Parasite took a turn at some point so I was ready for it but I still don’t quite know what the director was going for. Yes, the differences between the upper and lower class but the upper class in this case seemed more kind, and supportive than the poor family did. For sure.

      As for The Crown. I love the actress who plays Margaret. She is a pip. Foy is excellent as is Lithgow. We are starting Season 2 tonight.

  4. So glad you liked Parasite. It wasn’t what I expected, but I liked that. And I agree that the viewer doesn’t always need the subtitles. I’ve just started watching Veep and really like it.

  5. We had near 60 this weekend, but it was a bit cooler this morning. I’m just grateful for the sun since usually spring here means serious rain.

    Sounds like a new sauce for me to try since that Rao was a bust! I like to make my own sauce too, though that’s because I prefer a chunkier sauce than the ones I find in jars. But I do like to add a bit of jar sauce that has the right seasoning.

  6. South FL is HOT, but we are expecting a cold front later this week (like the temp will be in the 40s). So, I’m looking forward to that. Although, I’ve been battling a cold lately, so we’ll see. Yay, to evenings at home 🙂 I love Peter Swanson’s books. They are fun to read, but a bit predictable. I just finished his new one, Eight Perfect Murders. Definitely check out more of his books, I think you’ll enjoy them. The Grace Year was very predictable and feels like a book you’ve already read before, so I didn’t think it was deserving of all the hype its been getting. I still need to see Parasite and The Crown. I watched Better Call Saul last night and it was so good! Such a great show! That sauce sounds good – I need to try it. I’m planning on doing that 40 bags in 40 days challenge for Lent, because I definitely need to declutter and spring clean. Hope you have a great week! I’ll email you later.

  7. We’ve had a few cold days here with lots of wind so it felt colder. Now it’s around 80 again.

    Bryan’s comment “My wife just told me that The Walking Dead has been…11 years? Wouldn’t all the zombies be pretty rotten by now?” cracked me up 🙂

    1. It’s supposed to hit 80 today but it’s a little too cool right now for me to believe that.

      The Walking Dead is just so ridiculous right now but I have watched since day one so I feel like I had to finish this. If only, they’d end it.

  8. I wish my hubby would stop buying red sauce and buy tomatoes instead – I do know how to make sauce, for pete’s sake. We now have four jars of Prego but none of this.

    1. Oh my gosh, the best “sauce” is just a bit of tomato paste, cream, and sundried tomatoes and garlic. Oh, and a stick of butter for good measure.

  9. I’ve been thinking about watching Parasite but don’t really feel like a moody movie at the moment. I’m craving happy books, happy movies, happy TV shows – anything to get me feeling untired and relaxed. It’s been a few brutal weeks so far. I gave up on Walking Dead years ago. It began to feel the same theme over and over. I can certainly see why some directors look to end their very popular shows. If they didn’t end, it just keeps recycling over and over.

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