Review: The River at Night

The River at Night

The River at Night
By Erica Ferencik
Gallery/Scout Press, 9781501143205, August 2017, 320pp.

The Short of It:

Four women, inexperienced in river rafting take a rafting trip of a lifetime. What could go wrong?

The Rest of It:

Pia, Sandra, Rachel and Win have known each other for years. They’ve been through divorces and break-ups and weathered many ups and downs but the one thing they look forward to is the girl trip they take every year. This year, Pia books a white water rafting experience with a guide, exploring newly discovered territory and right from the get-go, things don’t go as planned.

I picked this book up thinking it was another book entirely! My mistake but I kept reading and I really enjoyed this story. Some of it was a tiny bit far-fetched but the frantic pace of it and the overall desire to survive comes through crystal clear.  The river plays a major role, but there are human threats to consider as well which make it a little more exciting.

It’s been around for a few years and was definitely not the NEW book I thought I was reading,  but I’d still recommend it.

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8 thoughts on “Review: The River at Night”

  1. Your review makes me curious. I keep thinking about that The River Wild movie with Meryl Streep and Kevin Bacon – great movie.

    1. What worked is that these remote areas of the outdoors can harbor all sorts of threats. I don’t get the lure of survivalist type vacations. Not my idea of fun!

  2. I like the idea of girls trips, though I don’t think I’ve had one this adventurous. Anna and I have gone to BEA and another book conference as girl trips, but nothing that crazy.

    1. I do summer camp with teen girls so that’s all the outdoor adventuring I need. Gosh, reminds me that I am in no better shape than I was in last year. I need to get on it. I have until June.

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