Sunday Matters: The Sun Will Come Out

Sunday Matters

The title of this post has nothing to do with the weather but everything to do with Annie, the musical. By this evening, the first week of shows will be behind us and then we are on to week two. It took a bit of juggling to get through this past week. Plus, Godspell auditions were happening at the same time. My daughter pulled it off though and was amazing as Grace Farrell.

Right Now:

Letting my daughter sleep in while I prep for high school ministry which meets later this morning.

I am not going to bother with meal prepping until production week is over, but I really need to spend some time planning for it. Did I tell you that Macbeth was cancelled? The shooting caused it to be rescheduled and now, due to a cast member moving out of state the show was nixed. I am kind of happy about it. Three weeks of shows is just too much along with school.

This Week:

This week should be easier. First off, no school or work or shows on Monday. REST. Only one mandatory rehearsal for Thursday. I have a haircut appointment for Tuesday and a high school ministry housewarming party to celebrate our new building on Wednesday. Then, shows. I am working backstage for a few of them.


By the time you read this, I will probably be done with Big Little Lies. I am seriously late to the party with this one! I don’t know why I put it off but with the TV show and all, I just figured it was too fluffy for me but I was wrong. It’s not intellectually deep for sure but it’s juicy and good! Just the type of book I am loving right now.


I would love to start watching Big Little Lies but I don’t have HBO.  It’s not like I have much time to watch anything these days but someday.

New Things I’ve Tried:

This week we have all been on auto-pilot so I haven’t had the chance to try anything new.

Grateful for:

No work or school on Monday due to the MLK holiday. Rest is desperately needed.

Are you starting to think about the Oscars and the Super Bowl? They are coming up and I must say, the nom list for the Oscars is pretty interesting. Lots of competition. I’ve missed the Oscars for the past few years due to high school ministry but since we meet in the morning now I am really excited to be able to watch it again.

16 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: The Sun Will Come Out”

  1. Always great to have a 2-day weekend! enjoy.

    I never read Big Little Lies nor, have I seen the series but, I know my daughter loves it.

    1. You know, Big Little Lies is one of those scandalous, juicy reads but it has some heaviness to it which is why I am enjoying it plus a little big of suspense. I think you’d actually enjoy it.

  2. Your busy week puts mine to shame. I’m glad you are getting some good rest time now! I have the same thoughts about Big Little Lies as you mention so maybe I’ll enjoy it too? I’ll put it on the list – I do crave for light or juicy reads when I’m done with a big book.

  3. Your daughter’s schedule keeps you hopping! I bet you wonder how you did it with two kids for so long.

    I listened to Big Little Lies and liked the book but not the audio production. I bet the show is good.

    1. Correct. I have NO idea how I did this with two kids, in theatre and choir and everything else, at the same time. I must have been on auto pilot. I am older now though and it’s not as easy. I spend a lot of time setting reminders for things.

  4. I really liked Big Little Lies and I listened to it on audio for a second read. I did like the audio, but I know we all have our favorite narrators, etc. I have not watched the show – well, I watched a little bit and, honestly, I didn’t like the switch to the US as a setting and wasn’t crazy about the actresses selected for those characters. I like them all (Reese, Nicole, Shailene), but they weren’t necessarily how I saw those characters. I probably won’t watch it ever. Maybe I’ll just read the book again. Ha!

    Hope the second week of Annie goes well!

    1. I imagine certain things would be very different if the story was set in the US. Well, I don’t have HBO so I won’t be seeing the show like I thought.

  5. I am really looking forward to a day off on Monday. My daughter headed back to school last night so Saturday didn’t really feel like a relaxing day. I liked Big Little Lies, but did not enjoy the TV show so only watched a couple episodes.

  6. I’m happy that I have tomorrow off as well. I think I’m taking the girls to see Just Mercy (they are mostly humoring me about going to this) and to Chick-Fil-A for lunch (that is what they really want).

    Your week is busy…..I feel like every week is busy! But after being snowed in two days this weekend and going a bit stir-crazy, I need to embrace the busyness. I don’t really enjoy having nothing on the agenda, either.

    1. That’s a really good point. When I do have down time, I nearly always spend it organizing or cleaning. I really don’t know how to relax.

      Just Mercy is my book club pick for April but because of that, I am holding off on seeing the movie.

  7. Enjoy your day off 🙂 Hope your daughter gets some rest, too. Sounds like you both are super busy. As for BLL, I’m glad you like it. Definitely a good read. And the show is good, too. Have a great week!

  8. I had a nice rest on MLK day, which was wonderful because this week is a week of busy busy work stuff and then a swim meet on Saturday. I am hopeful that all goes smoothly. I finished American Dirt, which I fear is getting backlash because Cummins is white, but I think this is a book that will open a lot of eyes if they read it. I also fear that we expect too much of fiction…there is too much pressure. Lydia’s story is just one immigrant story and one that is engaging. It is fiction.

    1. I have heard some pretty good arguments about why it shouldn’t be read. I am conflicted. I was looking forward to it but many say it perpetuates stereotypes and I do not approve of that.

  9. Yeah Big Little Lies …. I read it in 2018 when the first season of the show started. I had to reread my review it just now …. some gripes but various good things about it too. Liked the show as well. Surprised to hear Macbeth was cancelled! but it seemed to work for you.

    1. Gripes with Big Little Lies? If I really dig I could probably come up with some but it was the perfect book for my mood so I didn’t find any fault with it. It reminded me (horribly) of my PTO/PTA days. Ugh. I live in a town that is coined “Awesome Town” so that and catty, simplistic women drove me nuts during that time.

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