Sunday Matters: How Are YOU Doing?

Sunday Matters

Right Now: 

I am coming to you very late today! High school ministry meets in the morning now and I didn’t get my post written early enough to schedule it ahead of time so, here I am!

Obligatory tree shot. It took a lot of effort to get our decorations put up this year. We waited because of weather. I don’t think I will do that again in the future. The day after Thanksgiving I am all fired up to do it but a week or two later? Nope. Everything turned out great though.

Christmas tree.

This Week:

I like to think that my week starts on Monday but this week it started yesterday and included a lot of wrapping and baking. I got a lot done but my dining room table looks like a Christmas explosion.

My son is home! I still have four more days of work and my daughter has school this week as well. The Hub, also working but most of us will be off soon. My club has a party this week. I have a retirement party to attend this week as well. Fun stuff.


I am reading Promises of the Heart by one of my favorite people, Nan Rossiter. I am also collecting reading ideas for my make-believe evening of reading on Christmas Eve. I say make-believe because I really want to do it, but my daughter was just hired to sing at someone’s church on Christmas Eve so now I am not sure how that will work.

Bookish Holiday


Haven’t made much of a dent in my Christmas movie watching. I will remedy that soon.

New Things I’ve Tried:

I bought a Danish Kringle from Trader Joe’s for this morning. Have you ever had one? I can’t eat it because of my allergies but it’s a delightful blend of sugary goodness. The Fam really enjoyed it.

Almond Kringle

Grateful for:

I’m grateful that I got some stuff done this weekend. I was fine but then everything started to ramp up and I got a little flighty. I’m good now. Just a few more days of work to go.

How are YOU all doing today?

14 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: How Are YOU Doing?”

  1. I’m behind on Christmas prep but have decided I’ll do what I can and just not worry about the rest. We didn’t get our outside lights up this year and now it feels like it’s too late. Oh well.

    1. That’s how I felt but we put up a strand and one reindeer and it looks fine. Definitely not what we normally put up.

      I am with you. Behind, but whatever doesn’t get done just won’t happen and the world will go on.

  2. I was wondering where your post was this morning, but glad to see it this afternoon/evening (here for me).

    Glad you’ll all be off together soon. Another retirement party? Is everybody in your department retiring? 🙂

    Here? I know you saw that I made my monthly trip to a nearby town for breakfast and a day off. It was a good day, just didn’t get any reading done like I wanted, and now I have a blog post to prepare for tomorrow, continuing with A Month of Faves. I’m also looking ahead to my first book of 2020. I have a couple of choices right now and just have to narrow it down to one.

    1. That’s right. I have to think about my first book for the year.

      Retirement. We have 35 retiring in 2020! I have 25 years there but still have time to go.

  3. This is a crazy time of year, but soon you’ll all be able to relax and enjoy the holiday together. We’ve got the tree up, but not decorated… waiting for the girls to get here. A little more shopping is left, but my goal this week is to get the card out. Friends need out new address;-)
    Have a good week, Ti!

    1. I toyed with the idea of skipping cards this year but then managed to find some time to get them ordered at least. There are just too many fun things I am turning down this year because every night is booked. Every one.

  4. We got some decoration up outside and in, but no tree. I’m worried that the youngest cat will think it’s her new toy and destroy it. Maybe next year.

    My daughter and her husband’s family are having a Christmas brunch in the morning that my youngest son and I will be going to, and then we’ll be going to my oldest son’s house (which is next door to us) in the evening. I’m not even sure yet what I need to take.

    Enjoy your time with your family!

    1. Your plans sounds great. We usually make dinner reservations for Christmas night but lately everyone double books so it’s crowded. One time they even ran out of the carved meats which is unheard of so this year I am going to cook. Not sure what. I’ve done prime rib before so I was thinking maybe a beef tenderloin or even ribs. Then, we will probably see the new Star Wars movie. Christmas Eve at my in-laws where I get to play with my nephew’s daughter.

  5. I’m glad your son is home; that must feel so good. My daughter won’t be home until January 2, which makes me sad. It will be our first Christmas apart. Have a great last few days of work.

    1. Why is she coming home so late this year? There is something to be said for a little vacation AFTER Christmas though. No more hustle. Just relaxing.

      1. She and her dad are going to Oman to visit his family for a couple weeks. In the past we’ve all gone every other year, but now that she’s 18 I am choosing not to go. 🙂

  6. I’ve always wanted to make a kringle. Maybe this is the year! We’ll see. Busy here too but we still have not gone to see the lights or the ice sculptures…but shopping is done and decorating is done. All i need to do is find time to bake between Kat’s bday party for a friend this weekend, a swim meet Sunday, and oh wait….there is no time for baking…except maybe Thursday because there is no soccer practice this week

  7. I think somehow I missed this post. It’s nice that you have your tree up — fun looking! You’re about done with work … so enjoy your holidays! I think the Book Flood tradition in Iceland sounds wonderful. I might have to switch countries 🙂 ….

    1. You missed it because I posted it so late on Sunday! I love that tradition. I am going to try to do some reading on Christmas Eve between running my daughter around.

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