Sunday Matters: Move-In

Sunday Matters

This week’s post is all about my son’s move-in to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, so please excuse the change in format and the fact that I am posting this so late!

He moved in yesterday. We took two cars and made the three hour drive up. It was the hottest day and he lives at the very top of campus. The drop-off was a ways away from where we needed to be so it was a bit of a hike to get his stuff in. Plus, sooooo many trips to Target I can’t even tell you.

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is a beautiful campus with a really nice downtown area. This first shot is us leaving town. I caught them at a stop light. My daughter rode with him and I went up with The Hub.

On the way up.
On the way up.

When we grabbed lunch after drop off, we walked around the downtown area and this stream runs right through town. I wanted to take more town pics but it was so hot and my daughter and I were not dressed for it. No one was in the mood.

Downtown San Luis Obispo
Downtown San Luis Obispo.

This campus has a lot of housing. His building is for transfer students and it’s at the top of the hill. Parking is not near by and us being able to drive only one car in, complicated things a little. You can see his building below.

Housing complex.
His housing complex at the top of the hill!

Finally, we got to his apartment, which he is sharing with three others. All private rooms but it was a wreck with all of them dropping off at the same time so no pics of the inside quite yet. Here he is in front of the Performing Arts Center which is appropriate given his Arts Management emphasis.

The Boy.
The Boy, a junior now, in front of the PAC.

This is all I have for today. We are all so exhausted and my daughter came down with a cold so she’s resting and I am making her soup for later.

My son is at orientation all day long and hasn’t been able to check in really and I have to head out to volunteer but I hope he gets settled in soon and that my daughter’s cold takes a hike because she has two auditions this week (Wednesday and Thursday).

Have a great week.

14 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Move-In”

  1. What an exciting time for your son! I remember when my son was a freshman – he was on the thrid floor a dorm that only had one elevator so we climbed a lot of stairs that day and were exhausted when it was all over.

    1. We had a ramp and one elevator ride one floor up so that part was easy but the drop off location and the parking location was pretty far away! Plus, some students go into an accident and blocked one main exit so it took us forever to come and go. But, it’s a really nice campus and he should be settled in soon. I am still waiting for him to send me some pics though. He’s been in orientation non stop.

  2. I remember moving a kiddo into a dorm as well. Our daughter’s dorm was an older one and so didn’t have an elevator at all, just stairs. Up and down and up and down. Happily, she was on the second floor and at least there was air conditioning. My freshman dorm didn’t have A/C – whew! However, that was back in the dark ages.

    Take care, Ti. Hope he settles in nicely and hope your daughter’s cold quickly passes. Have a good week!

    1. He told us he was on the first floor but it’s the first floor AFTER the laundry floor so technically the second. One flight of stairs to the laundry floor and then the elevator up. Not bad. No AC and the way it’s laid out you can’t get a cross flow of air in there. It was 100 the day we moved in but it was only 69 yesterday so hopefully he slept better.

      The Girl is still sick and is home from school today. She can’t sing at all right now. I hope a miracle happens by Wednesday’s audition.

    1. I hope so. He hasn’t taken any pics yet even though I’ve asked. The ones I have before anything was set up are so horrible because of all the clutter and mess from four guys moving in.

    1. i was really blue the night before but the day of, emotionally anyway, I was good. It’s a really nice campus and the people seemed so nice.

  3. Wow it looks & seems like a wonderful campus! I hope he enjoys his first weeks there. What an exciting time. Glad you all made the trek & got him in there though it does sound exhausting. The back hills sure look dry as a bone eh?

    1. Those back hills caught on fire his first week there. He was fine. He got the male lead in his first play there and he is applying for jobs now. All is good.

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