Sunday Matters: Lake Bound

Sunday Matters

At this moment, I am at the departure location getting these students checked-in for our trip to Hume Lake! Once they are all checked in, there will be some photo ops and then we board the bus for our ride up the mountain. I am looking forward to a very special time with this group. Please pray for our safety and health! Good thoughts work too.

Hume Lake

As we pull into camp, we lose reception so I will be completely off the grid next week. I welcome this. Truly. My brain has been running non-stop for far too long. I need this as much as the students do.

When I return on Saturday, I’m sure I will have stories to tell but it might take a little time for me to share as I am exhausted after camp. Plus, I haven’t shared my summer reading list yet. I’ll do that when I return.

See you soon!

22 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Lake Bound”

  1. Have a great time!! Look forward to your camp stories and summer reading list. I am not one to make one, but always enjoy reading the ones others make.

    1. I have yet to make my list but I plan to this weekend. It won’t be long. It might only have a few books on it or possibly even one!

    1. Our bus broke down on the way up the mountain in a not so safe spot but the driver was able to get us off the road once the engine cooled off. Was a bit of a delay but all worked out. It was an adventure.

    1. Aw, thank you. I don’t think my last post quite represented the amount of fear I was experiencing when I wrote it but camp can be a challenge for sure. There are unknowns and then there are knowns and I was mostly worried about all the physical stuff but I did okay. Not great but I didn’t die. I am sort of proud of myself. I still can’t walk correctly but that will improve with time.

    1. Someone on FB told me to hug trees up there and although I didn’t actually hug trees, I had a lot of lake time and the fresh air, sunshine and cool evening breezes were so refreshing.

    1. It’s a lot of work this camp counselor stuff but a lot of fun too. I slept on average 3 hours a night but seem okay in that department but my body is so sore.

    1. Yes!! It was so good to be away from all the stress I was experiencing right before. And, you won’t believe this but I came back to work after being out for 8 days and not one email. Seriously! Of course, there was a huge re-org that happened and everyone moved to different parts of the building but so far, I am in the same spot. It was weird to come back and have people be in different places. I think because of all that emails to me were a low priority!

  2. Yes, hoping you have a restful (as much as you can) time away from all the ‘electronic noise’ we all deal with. Take care, Ti!

    1. Yes! Not having Wi-Fi or reception of any kind up there is nice. I was able to reconnect with nature and it felt so good.

    1. I am going to take some time this weekend to figure out my list. I am still lagging from last week’s trip but this weekend I am headed to the beach and can figure it out while there.

    1. I am back and still recovering. It’s so exhausting but rewarding at the same time. In high school, they get 5 hours of free time daily so I was able to get some downtime for myself too.

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