Sunday Matters: Sometimes, It’s Hard

Sunday Matters

This past week was difficult. Just a bunch of things piling up. Nothing out of the ordinary but sometimes, physically, my body doesn’t want any part of it and rebels in the form of bad sleep patterns, all-over stressed-induced pain. I mean, honestly, it sucks. I am horrible at self-care but clearly I need more of it.

Right Now:

Taking a moment to enjoy my coffee while looking into my backyard. It’s reminding me that it’s been neglected. The table and chairs need to be hosed down and prepped so we can sit outside. We aren’t big outdoorsy people. Bugs and heat usually do me in but the IDEA of sitting and eating outside sounds so nice.

This Week:

Not much going on this week. I have one fun outing on Wednesday to discuss There There by Tommy Orange. What a book.


Still reading Daisy Jones & The Six. Many have said that they gave up on it because of the format and switched to audio, which was so much better. I have no problem with the format. Ages ago I majored in screenwriting first,  so the format is not an issue for me. I heard it was going to be a TV series. That will be interesting.


Everyone will be watching Game of Thrones tonight but not me. I am just not into it.

I finally got to the theater to see Us. Have you seen it?

New Things I’ve Tried:

I tried a charcoal face mask from The Body Shop the other night and it was amazing. It felt so good on my face. Tingly and smelled good. My skin looked a few years younger after I rinsed it off but the effect only lasted for a day. Ha. I would totally buy it again though.

Grateful for:

Plants. You should know that I am a plant killer from way back. I kill all kinds of plants, even plants that survive in the desert without a lick of care. But the ones I currently have are still alive. I have some at work and some by my kitchen window and they seem pretty happy. I love to have greenery around. It cheers me up.

Question: What is your favorite thing right now?

21 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Sometimes, It’s Hard”

  1. I just bought a black mask, too that I love but you have to take it off with a magnet which is seriously fun. Nothing much is going on here…the week was kind of disruptive because of all of the pounding when the dormers were being replaced. I also just bought these…which I love…Patchology Flash patches…they seem to really plump up little wrinkles…Amazon has them for every part of your face! I wish you felt better…maybe today is a day to just relax?

    1. Yes, you have mentioned that magnetic mask to me before but it’s out of my price range. I didn’t get to relax yesterday and I slept poorly last night so I am dragging today but not horrible.

      1. Chemo Brain! I could not remember if I mentioned it to you or not! My mask won’t come off without the magnet…but you rub the leftover lotion into your skin and it feels incredible. I put a Patchology sheet masque on last night…you rub the leftover stuff into your skin, too…and today my skin feels amazing. My point is that I think all masks are really great!

  2. We’re not really outdoor people either, but I love the idea of a nice idea area. I’m the one weird person who didn’t love Daisy Jones – I thought it was all kind of a let down.

  3. The reviews of Daisy Jones seem mixed, at least among the blogs I follow, so I’m hesitant to pick it up. Will be curios to hear what you thought of There There… that’s one I’ve been considering. Game of Thrones hype is everywhere. Think we’re among the few who won’t be watching. Hope you have a better week coming up!

    1. I think I would read Game of Thrones in book form over the TV show. I have tried to watch an episode here and there but it’s so smutty. Someone online called it Castle P*rn. I didn’t want to spell that out due to spammers.

  4. I hope this new week is a better one for you. Heat and humidity does me in too but I want an outside area to sit and eat/read. We’ll either put in an awning type cover and/or a misting system. Haven’t seen us and don’t think I will. I’ve never seen Game of Thrones, it’s not my kind of show.

    1. US, was not very good in my opinion. It wasn’t scary at all. And the plot had a bunch of holes in it. We had a very loud audience group too. Lots of young people sneaking in to see a rated R film but because it was kind of boring, they talked a lot. Reminded me all over why I do not go to the theater often. When a movie costs $17 a ticket you want people to hush up.

      1. My mom had green hands, she could grow anything. The only things I’ve been able to grow with any success are ferns and cactus.

        Yes, I can’t stand people talking in the theater! Wow, $17 a ticket? I thought it was expensive here at $12 except for a matinee. Tthey do have a few older movies on Sundays & Wednesdays, and Terrific Tuesday where all tickets are $5. I’ve never gone to either though.

        1. Matinees here are $14.

          Green hands. I even kill ferns. I really don’t water too much. I used to. I don’t overfeed either. I just can’t keep the darn things alive. I have some cactus that is intact but it hasn’t grown so I think it’s dead but just intact. LOL.

  5. I am also a plant killer. I wish I wasn’t, but like you, I have years of no green thumb. I hope things start to align and feel better soon. I just started There, There last night and so far so I like it.

  6. I was just telling my husband we need to clean off the porch furniture now that the weather has turned nice. I’m like you though. I like the idea of being outdoors, but I’m really more of an indoor person.

    I hope you have a better week, Ti. Take care of yourself!

    1. There is a very small window where I like to spend time on the porch and it’s actually now. Summer is too hot and bugs drive me nuts. So much rain this season and I noticed mosquitoes already.

  7. I hope you are feeling less out of sorts and get to spend some time outside before it is too buggy or too hot. Bugs are not very nice…lol

    I had a super busy weekend with all of my daughter’s sports events and then poetry reading and open mic on Sunday. It was busy, but sometimes I like busy, especially when it’s warm. Winter, I just want to stay inside and be warm.

    1. I really don’t like to be busy no matter what the weather is like. So much of it is out of my hands though. I feel somewhat okay today but not 100%. Still feeling off but not like last week. I think had I gotten sleep last night I would be pretty good. My husband kept watching Bourne Identity movies this weekend and spent the night dreaming about being chased. I was not happy. Kept me up all night long.

  8. The audiobook of Daisy Jones was really great. & all the actors who read for the parts really performed the story well! I sort of want to watch the seasons of Game of Thrones … but my husband continues to veto us watching it. Perhaps he’s not into fantasy or something, not sure why. But we are on our 4th season of TV series “Bosch” which is holding our interest.

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