Sunday Matters: It’s Quiet Over Here

Sunday Matters

As my life gets busy I can’t help but be quiet here. It will be a good week before things are back to normal. The first weekend of The Wizard of Oz is done. One more to go.

Right Now:

It was really hard to keep the days straight this week. Production week had a lot to do with it but so did the holiday on Monday. Totally threw me off. I wasn’t planning to head to church today because of how busy we’ve been (planned to watch online) but I am going to drag my butt in.

This Week:

I don’t know what I was thinking but I scheduled a hair appointment this week and my life group starts back up again. One day at a time. Right?


I laugh at this. No reading going on at the moment but perhaps this week. I am waiting for The Golden State to come in from the library. I recommended that they buy it and they bought it, so I am #1 on the list.


The new TV is finally set up. We didn’t have Hulu before but we have it now and I started an episode of The Handmaid’s Tale. I’m not sure I’m in the mood for it right now.  I’ve also been recording The Passage too but haven’t watched yet.

New Things I’ve Tried:

Unexpected Cheddar from Trader Joe’s. Best cheese ever. I could eat the entire brick myself. Add a little wine and some nuts and you’ve got a party.

Grateful for:

The people I get to work with backstage. Fun, fun group.

If you could play any character in a musical, what would be your dream role?

19 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: It’s Quiet Over Here”

  1. Another busy week for you! That cheese from Trader Joe’s is amazing. I just found out that Discovery Of Witches is on amc…that was one of my favorite books ever. And the series with Chris Pine is about to start, too. I have to think about my dream role because the cats hate my singing voice.

  2. Busy, busy, hope you relax a bit today. I have the eGalley of Golden State but haven’t read it yet. I feel like I needed lighter reads this month.
    Hope your week goes smoothly.

  3. Let’s be honest, my singing will ensure I never end up on the stage in a musical. But, if I could, I’d be someone smart and funny. How come nothing is coming to me right now…? I just did my Trader Joe’s run an hour or so ago; I feel bad for people who don’t have a TJ’s near them (like my daughter at college, poor thing).

  4. I have been a virtual stranger for the past few weeks, so I understand that blogs go silent when real life becomes busy. I started The Handmaid’s Tale season two on Friday, and it is brutal. I did watch the first three episodes of The Passage on Thursday. It is so very, very different from the book. I am still reserving judgment, but so far I am not that impressed. I finished Golden State yesterday. It was different. I can’t say that I loved it, but in this world of “fake news” and a government that cannot tell the truth, there is plenty of food for thought.

    Good luck with week two of production week! May the week flow quickly and smoothly for you!

    1. From what I hear, Golden State is not a read that really wows anyone but it’s provided some prompts for discussion. The Passage LOOKS so very different even from the commercials. After this week I plan to watch.

      We had a horrible, horrible thing happen last week so between that and production week I am worn out. This week of production week will be much easier.

  5. Oh no, a new cheese temptation! I’ll bring the wine and nuts and join you for a party! Good luck with production week two… just remember that life will get back to normal soon.

  6. My dream musical role (even tho I can’t sing or act) would be Julie in Showboat. Always loved that character and in the movie, when she is secretly watching Nolie and Gay reunite at the end.
    Dying to try that cheese. Second recommendation I have read this week.

    1. I’ve not seen Showboat. Now I want to check it out so I can see your dream role. For myself, I like to play “mean” so I would need a villain of some sort to play.

      1. You have got to at least watch the MGM movie. Julie is a mixed-race character who is thrown off the Showboat when her background is discovered and things don’t go well for her after that. It’s got great songs and dancing (Marge and Gower Champion) and an actual storyline in addition to the love story. Let me know if you do watch it. Has been a favorite for most of my life. The stage show amazing as well.

  7. We just watched episode 1 of the Passage and will watch the 2nd episode tonite. So far it looks pretty good. I’m also interested in reading The Golden State. I wonder what the wait list is now at the library. Good luck. Did you see there’s a historical fiction novel out Feb. 12 about the Wizard of Oz called Finding Dorothy … by Elizabeth Letts. Have you seen it? It could be interesting. Hmm

    1. I am next on the list for Golden State but I have been next since it came out. I wonder if the library added it incorrectly or something because it’s not becoming available and no one was in front of me.

      Haven’t heard of that Finding Dorothy book. The story of the Wizard of Oz is kind of weird and the monkeys and all of that creep me out but the stage show is always fun. It is all over and done with now. We have a tiny break before Grease starts. Auditions for that are on Monday.

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