Sunday Matters: Weekend Vibes

Sunday Matters

I am always so excited when the weekend is finally here. After a long week there is nothing better than waking up to a hot cup of coffee. One that you can truly enjoy and savor. My favorite thing.

Right Now:

You guessed it. Coffee! In a little bit I shall start my day. I’ve been a little out of sorts. Nothing major just a tiny bit off. Maybe it’s all the weight I gained on this new nutrition program I am on. I lost and then I gained it all back in one day! What is up with that. I feel like a total slug.

This Week:

The callback list for The Wizard of Oz will be posted on Tuesday. Cross your fingers that The Girl is on it. I think she has two games this week. I also have my life group meeting and some volunteering to do but that’s it.


I am reading a fun book, The Boy at the Keyhole and I am enjoying it a lot. It kind of sits on the edge of the R.I.P Challenge wall but I am going to count it towards that challenge anyway. I think the new Kingsolver book is up next.


I watch a lot of the same stuff because I just don’t have time to watch much more. Fear The Walking Dead keeps trying to be something but I am getting tired of it not being anything. It has a decent cast now so do something with them!

American Horror Story is always a crap shoot. Will it be good this season? With it be way over-the-top and weird or will it be really clever and smart? It can go either way at this point but last week’s episode gave me hope.


I changed this category from “Making” to “Trying” because that is what I do these days! I try different things and products and time-saving tips and some are great and some not. So “Trying” is what I am calling this space now.

This week I tried the Trader Joe’s  gluten-free crispbreads I heard about. They are pretty good! Very substantial and hold up to toppings well. I topped them with the Almond Dip I found there. It’s vegan and a sub for spreadable cheese. It’s spicy and the texture is good for those crispbreads but the flavor is a little weird. Lime, almonds and jalapenos. Not sure I’ll buy it again.

Grateful for:

My bookshelves are overflowing with physical books. This hardly ever happens. I only keep what I love and usually my review copies are in Kindle format. But I’ve gotten so many review copies in print lately and my shelves are bursting! I need to get them read and off to a good home because there is no space. I’m so grateful to have them though. So many beautiful covers which you just don’t get with a Kindle.

What’s new with you?

18 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Weekend Vibes”

  1. It sounds like a great start to your Saturday! I am getting tons of real books, too. The weird thing is that I also have the same books on my Kindle. My sister Paula is my book beneficiary! She takes home boxes and boxes of books!

  2. I’m sorting my books into giveaway and keep piles. The keep pile will have to be small, maybe only 2 bookshelves.

    Hoping your daughter gets the part!

    1. I did manage to pull a small pile out to give away. Very small pile, like 7 books?? I really need to get ride of at least 30. Some have been read but have such pretty covers. I am a sucker for a great cover.

  3. After culling my physical books from over 1,000 to just 225 in 2009 when we moved, I’m a stickler for keeping to close that number. I either donate by way of a “Little Free Library” near my daughters or donate to my own library’s ongoing book sale.

    Hope your week goes well and that your daughter gets the part she wants.

    1. I’m sure I have over 1000 but it doesn’t seem like it between the shelf int he loft and the one in the family room but they are tight and now the books are going in sideways because there is no room. It’s such a hard life sometimes.

    1. American Horror Story can be really, really good or really really bad, depending on the season. Some, I absolutely hated because I felt cheated or played with (no plot, lazy writing, etc.). But when it’s good, it’s very good. This season so far is promising.

  4. That’s the biggest problem with reading on my kindle… I just love physical books and miss all those beautiful covers! I’m so torn because adjustable font is the best, andbeing able to read without adequate lighting, and the ability to carry around 100s of titles to suit my mood… Have a great week, Ti.

  5. Break a leg to the Girl! I am sure she will do fine. And I am glad to here she was cleared and can play again. I know how frustrating it was for both of you!

    I know what you mean about physical copies. I don’t mind though. I have never given up hope of someday being able to read them all. For now, they remain a room full of possibilities.

    Have a great Sunday and make sure you get some rest! Between crazy work and all of your volunteering, you need it!

  6. >I watch a lot of the same stuff because I just don’t have time to watch much more.

    God, same! I am absolutely terrible at starting to watch new things, and most often when I settle in to watch TV, I just watch Brooklyn 99 again. I’ve been trying to watch The Expanse, which I’ve genuinely been enjoying, but it’s just weirdly hard to motivate myself for it.

    It’s Tuesday! Was there good news on the casting front?

    1. I think I may have replied in another post but she got called back for Witch and Aunt Em?? And then got Aunt Em. She’s okay but heartbroken.

  7. Weekends here are always busy. I may have some downtime on Sundays soon, as she switches to winter swim team instead of stroke class. Saturdays, however, will be super busy with soccer and swim team.

    Those Crisps remind me of my mom and nana’s old favorite Wasa cripsbread (

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