Sunday Matters: Looking Ahead

Sunday Matters

We are midway through September and it has me feeling pretty good even though some things in my world are stressing me out. I just feel better once fall hits. I start to think about the holidays and special meals and everything that goes with that part of the year.

Right Now:

My Sundays are pretty set. Not much different this morning except that I went bowling last night and my body hurts all over. Yes, bowling does that to me since I do it so infrequently but volleyball had a fundraiser so all four of us went.

This Week:

The Girl is still benched but she has been cleared to begin the phased protocol that takes place before her return to play. She won’t be able to play games this week but I still have to work the snack bar for one of those games.

I have life group on Tuesday. Flu shot clinic on Saturday.

I didn’t mention it last weekend but I was invited by Kaiser to join a pilot nutrition program called Omada. We are placed in teams of 16, we track our food with photos (interesting), weigh-in daily and have a personal coach. Every time I weigh-in, this smart scale sends it right to my coach. No way to fib. I committed to four months. I want to lose at least twenty pounds. We’ll see.


I am about to finish The Bar Harbor Retirement Home for Famous Writers (And Their Muses): A Novel. 

For my next read, I want something really good. Any suggestions?


Still watching Fear the Walking Dead but once again it’s petering out and a lot of nothing is going on.

American Horror Story started up again this past Wednesday and I really don’t know what to think.


With this new program I am on, meals have been pretty simple. I’m still craving seafood. I just cannot get enough of it.  Salmon and sushi have been faves. I don’t make the sushi but you get the idea. I am probably lacking some vital nutrient for me to be craving so much seafood.

Grateful for:

I’m happy that fall is coming. I love all of it. The football, the holidays, everything.

Tell me something about your week? Anything you are looking forward to?

30 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Looking Ahead”

  1. Good luck with your new Kaiser program. I like a plan that keeps you honest. I stopped dieting about 10 years ago as I was frustrated with the yo-yo results. Funny thing is since I retired early 3 years ago, I lost and kept off 10lbs without trying. More activity, no more snacking like I did at work and just 2 meals a day now- less hungry in general.

    I hope you have great results and a happy week!

    1. I had to do something. My doc put me on meds to help with some things and upon starting it I immediately gained 20 lbs. My friends don’t believe it but it’s true and the sudden gain caused me to injure my foot. Cannot walk, etc. Think it’s the worse case of plantar fasciitis ever.

  2. It’s our anniversary tomorrow and here in PA no restaurants are open on Monday! Relax and enjoy your week! Now I am hungry for salmon, too!

    1. Happy Anniversary!! No restaurants open? Will you pick up something yummy at Weggie’s? I had lobster tail for my bday that was more like a shrimp… so tiny. I immediately wanted to pick up my own and just do it myself.

  3. That Kaiser program sounds like a good one and 4 months is enough time to change your eating habits rather than just diet for a few days.

    I have a doctor’s appointment (yuck) and book club this week.

    1. I like this program because it’s not a diet at all. They don’t give you any program or forbidden foods, etc. All they do is have you take accountability and complete a lesson each week about how to replace not so great choices with better ones. The group aspect, at least for me is not really important. I’ve done WW so many times I am over it. LOL. This group I am in is good because they don’t talk a lot.

    1. I feel a tired coming on too. I only had three hours of sleep last night because my daughter was coughing her head off. Not good because she has an audition this Wednesday.

        1. Thanks so much. I hope so too. Right now I am filling her up with vitamin C just to be safe, hot tea with honey, etc. Audition is tomorrow so cross your fingers.

  4. That Kaiser program sounds great! Interesting about taking photos of your food… good luck! Hope fall gets here soon… after our preview last weekend it got really hot again. Tomorrow is my mother’s birthday, so I’m going to take her out to lunch. I’ve also got a haircut and mammogram this week, and must get a new microwave. The old one died yesterday.

    1. I always dread mammograms, or really any appointment these days but mammograms are really so simple to have. I really don’t know why I dread them so. Have fun at lunch today!

  5. I hope the dieting goes well, I have zero will power. So, I know it is never an easy thing to do. I have been taking care of my new grandson almost every day, such joy. I will be missing one of my book groups this week to celebrate a friends 60th birthday. I just finished reading Between You And Me by Susan Wiggs. It was a very enjoyable light read. I am starting The Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly for my other book club. It is a chunkster. This week will be busy, in between helping with my new grand baby, I need to drive 2 hours each way to see my mother and take a quick trip to Seaside , NJ to see friends and family. We are also celebrating a different daughter in laws birthday next Saturday . I am listening to Atomic City Girls on audio, not very impressed with it. Glad to hear the girl is recovering.. What is the boy up to?

    1. You are busy but with fun, family stuff. Spending time with your new grandson is so sweet.

      My son got a job with the city again. This time, in Recreation which is good because he added that as a minor to his degree in Arts Administration. It’s right down the street from where we live, set hours and they worked around his school schedule. Pay is pretty good too. He’s just been taking classes and working. He hopes to transfer soon. Not quite sure where yet. Since he added Recreation and Tourism to his degree work that cut his school choices down by more than half. Not every school has that minor.

      The Girl was just cleared to play but I don’t know if she will be able to play in today’s game. I guess I’ll find out when I go to work the snack bar.

    1. Oh man, i HATED Madison but this past Sunday the action revved up. I still haven’t a clue where they are going with the story but there was some action and some things explained that made no sense before. I think ultimately some of the popular characters will end up on WD and this show will be toast.

  6. Always love reading about what you’re up to, Ti, even if I don’t get to comment! Fyi, Terri-Lynne Defino and I live in the same town! I haven’t read her new one but will be interested in your review! ❤

  7. I’ve got some friends coming in from out of town later in this week, and I’m so so SO looking forward to seeing them. It’s been way too long, and I anticipate many delicious gins and tonics and excellent movie-watching.

  8. Good luck with the Kaiser program. I hope you meet your goal, but if not, that’s ok too. At least they can maybe help you with food selection…that might help with all that seafood craving. 🙂

    Nothing much here but kid activities from soccer to swim and work is crazy busy and I don’t expect that to slow down with 2 big execs leaving.

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