Sunday Matters: How Can It Be August?

Sunday Matters

They say time marches on and they are right. It’s August and I don’t even feel as if my summer ever got started. It hasn’t been bad, just not the summer that I imagined for myself. Summer school packets and the constant nag nag nag of me telling her to do them has killed the spirit.

I am ready for fall.

Right Now:

Nothing remarkable. Church. Roaming our town for something to do. Staying cool.

This Week:

No pressing appointments so that’s good. The big kid has jury duty and it’s the last week for these independent study classes. I shall celebrate when they end.

Oh, 10th grade registration is this week. I haven’t decided if I will take the day off or not to help with that. She is old enough to do it herself but then there is the financial aspect of it to consider.


I finished The Immortalists. I really enjoyed it. I should have the review up soon.

I am tempted to start Baby Teeth. Everyone says it’s a crazy read with some weird, scary kid. I could get into that right now.


I have time to watch things but I am uninterested in most anything I turn on.


Today? Probably nothing. I am still craving a good burger but don’t feel like making my own. Lobster sounds pretty good but probably won’t make that either. I need a personal chef.

Grateful for:

Covered parking lots. Ever since we had that 120 degree day, it’s been averaging about 103 which means that after 25 years at this university I am finally taking advantage of covered parking. I opted for closer, over covered before because well… earthquakes but I’ve decided that my poor car’s black leather interior is just too much to take when it’s 103 out.

What are you up to today?

27 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: How Can It Be August?”

  1. I started the Immortalists months ago on audio and quit after the fits chapter. I do like the premise so perhaps I’ll try the print. I can’t wait to get my hands on Baby Teeth, 4 before me in library system as of today LOL

    1. I have a few things to say about The Immortalists. I hope I can get the review up this week. As for Baby Teeth. This book is impossible to put down. I have about 20% left to read but if I didn’t have responsibilities I would have been done with it yesterday.

    1. I hope to get my review up this week but the first half of The Immortalists I liked quite a bit. It’s not a perfect read. My book club didn’t care for it but we did have a decent discussion about it.

  2. I’ve been thinking about reading Baby Teeth, haven’t decided yet. I had to work this morning and now I’m just spending a lazy day at home.

    1. Baby Teeth is impossible to put down so if you feel like you need that type of read right now, then by all means pick it up. It’s a doozy.

  3. I know what you mean about summer…summer was more defined for me when I taught…I like beginnings and endings for seasons…I need a bulletin board in my house…a seasonal one…I really think you should start Baby Teeth! Now!

    1. I started Baby Teeth this weekend and I am nearly done with it. Wow. What a story. I have about 20% left but I still don’t really know what this kid’s issue is besides her hating her mom!

    1. Yay!! You read it! I thought it was pretty low on the creep factor as far as King goes. I just loved the storytelling.

  4. I want to read Baby Teeth, but do I really want to read about a creepy little girl right now? Maybe. We’ve been hot too, but may get a tiny bit of a reprieve this week. It’s August in Texas though. It’s supposed to be hot. Have a good week! Covered parking sounds good to me.

    1. Trust me, you want to read Baby Teeth. I cannot put it down. I am nearly down with it. Today is supposed to be 108 and tomorrow 110. I am really over the heat.

    1. I really do hate nagging. I think my daughter believes I love it. In this case, I can’t let it drop too much because if she doesn’t finish this summer class then it affects us in other ways which would make life a lot more difficult.

  5. I was thinking the same thing as Kathy: Kids really do grow up and become nice normal adults. It will happen faster than you think and then you’ll be saying, “Aww, I miss them.” In the meantime, every parent of teens has the right to complain. Try to enjoy it.

    1. Oh, I know. It’s already moving so quickly. I cannot believe she will be driving soon. I still have a little while to let that sink in.

  6. I’m sorry that your summer hasn’t turned out the way you wanted. Ours has been okay, but going too quickly. Before you know it, it will be Labor Day.

    I’ve mainly been watching reruns of CSI on Hulu. We have tried a few other shows: You’re The Worst, among them, which the first season was good.

    As for Sunday, I went to visit my mother for her birthday, which was last Friday. 74, same age now as my dad, who had his birthday in January.

    This week, nothing special. This morning and afternoon, catching up on commenting blogs like yours and a few others from Sunday.

  7. Your school district still has not implemented online registration? That seems crazy to me. I could literally drop Holly off, wait five minutes for her to grab her schedule and take a picture for her id and have her back in the car again before the end of one song. It is so nice.

    1. It’s weird because the junior high, which is in the same school district as the high school, had online forms at least. We don’t even have that. I have a packet I have to complete beforehand. They arrive at the registration window assigned to them and she has volleyball in the AM so that only leaves her one hour before closing. They hit each station, like 7 or 8 and then textbooks and counseling. They don’t get their final schedule until the first day of school because the summer transcripts won’t be in until then. Even though she doesn’t have PE (volleyball instead) I believe she still has to go through the line to get her card stamped. Dumb. It takes about 90 min with counseling.

      1. That is crazy. I sort of like it because it means the kids are getting some one-on-one attention with a counselor at least one time. And yet, school registration should be easy if you have been part of the district. Update your info, take pics, get your schedule, get your id, those sorts of things. Counseling should be done during the school year.

  8. Oh God, I am SO ready for fall. My only reservation is that late August and onward is when the serious hurricanes start kicking in — if I could just skip on to the end of October, that would be perfect.

    Good luck to your kid at jury duty! I hope it’s a good experience!

    1. We definitely do not have extreme weather often. But when everything is so dead and brown that it spontaneously ignites on its own, that’s pretty bad.

  9. That heat sounds killer. I always seem to burn myself on seat belts or leather seats. I avoid them if I can. I hope everything gets more interesting soon, but I know how you feel. I have no interest in books I started or any tv — we did watch a couple episodes of Black Mirror, but I haven’t gone back to it.

    1. I haven’t been able to watch anything but everything is about to start again. Fear the Walking Dead. Better Call Saul just started but I haven’t been watching so I need to watch the two seasons first. My husband didn’t want to wait for me.

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