Sunday Matters: Transitioning Into Summer

Sunday Matters

We have a little bit of a lull before volleyball camp picks up again and summer school is about to start so I am transitioning from a crazy spring into a not-so-crazy summer. I even wrote-up my summer reading list which will post on Monday. Nothing like a summer reading list to kick the season off right.

Right Now:

Not much going on today. Maybe we’ll go to brunch!

This Week:

My daughter is taking history through independent learning so she can get a jump on next year. Anything to ease her schedule. She has to go in on Tuesdays and Thursdays so that starts this week.

My life group will be discussing a book called Soul Keeping on Tuesday over dinner. We are only discussing Part 1 for now but the book is really good if you’ve been neglecting yourself in any way and sadly I have. As you might have noticed I double-booked myself so I shall run The Girl to her appointment, leave the Hub there to finish up and then take off for my group.


For fun I am reading The Dante Chamber. Super easy to fall into. I should be done with it soon.


My church is hosting a series right now called “At the Movies” and last week they showed a clip from the movie Lion. We came home, pulled it up on Netflix and cried our eyes out while watching it. It was so good. Have you seen it?


It’s been a slow week so I had time to cook a few dinners. Nothing that fancy. I made this Chicken Parmesan thing but all the cheese fell off in the pan! There went the crispy coating. The next day I made this Cheeseburger Mac thing. It was good but probably not a repeat player.

Grateful for:

I am grateful to have some down time. It’s not like I am doing a lot with it but just staying home is a luxury.

What’s the one must-do thing you have on your list this summer? There is one museum I have yet to visit. I hope to visit the Skirball Cultural Center this summer.

14 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Transitioning Into Summer”

    1. I get all twitchy when I have too much down time. I was eyeing the garage last night and noticed what a pit it has become. It’s the catch-all for all things no one wants. They just put it in the garage. I need to take it all out and get rid of it.

  1. I read the book and saw the movie of Lion and enjoyed both. Summer feels pretty great, doesn’t it?! I’ve been reading tons (I should probably get out more) and Sophia and I are headed to San Francisco on Thursday for a few days.

    1. Summer feels pretty good. Especially now that my food poisoning is over and done with. Gah! What a way to start the weekend. San Francisco is such a cool city. I love it. So much to do.

  2. I’m glad you’ve got a little more down time now… life just gets so crazy sometime! Already looking forward to your reading list. Maybe I’ll even make one, too.

    1. We did not go to brunch for a very good reason which I will share sometime this week. I did make breakfast though, pancakes and bacon but was battling food poisoning so it was not fun to cook.

  3. Phew, down time for you! That must be a dream come true. I haven’t been cooking much at home. I think swim team will do that! LOL I haven’t read a whole, lot but I did finish up my book club pick for June and we had a great Chekhov short story discussion last month. This month’s book is huge, so I doubt I’ll finish in time, unless I can get an audio version.

    1. I haven’t finished my book club selection yet either and we meet this Thursday. I think I can finish it. I am going to try, anyway.

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