Sunday Matters: Another Loss

Sunday Matters

We lost another high-profile person to suicide this week and this one hit me hard. Mostly because I’ve read everything he’s written and lived vicariously through his travel/food shows. Anthony Bourdain will be sorely missed. I had so many favorite episodes I can’t even pick just one but he was so full of life.

National Suicide Prevention Line: 1-800-273-8255

Right Now:

We are actually on the road to a volleyball tournament. Our last club tournament. After the game we will have a meal as a team and then be on our way. It’s not been the greatest season for wins but very nice girls, coaches and parents.

This Week:

Production week starts tomorrow and ends on June 24th. This time she has a part that requires special makeup and the like so adding time in for that will be interesting and new to us. I’ve reviewed the schedule carefully and think I have it covered but things change once you get into the theater. We are seeing the show on Saturday and then again the following week.


I am down to the last 100 pages of The Outsider by Stephen King and boy, is it good. Next up, The Perfect Mother by Aimee Molloy.

I reviewed two books this past week. Go Ask Fannie and Other People’s Houses.


All I am watching is Fear the Walking Dead. If I’m not wrong, the finale is tonight.

My husband is very excited about the new season of Better Call Saul that was announced last week. However, I haven’t watched the show yet so my plan is to binge watch all the seasons so I can watch the premiere of season 4 on August 6th.


Unfortunately, the treatment my doc has me on has caused me to gain a lot of weight in a very short amount of time. It’s very depressing and is making me a little crazy so what I am making these days are organic, plant-based, protein shakes. I am not on a liquid diet because it’s not the 80s anymore but I am using them just to switch it up and gain some additional nutrition while I’m at it.

Grateful for:

Anthony Bourdain’s body of work.

Here is a clip of him and his best friend, Chef Eric Ripert preparing for a meal. Eric was the one to find Bourdain in his room so it’s especially tragic. I pray for all those affected including Bourdain’s young daughter who is only eleven years old.

And this was probably one of his most memorable meals.

President Obama and Anthony Bourdain
CNN: President Obama enjoying a meal with Tony.

14 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Another Loss”

  1. Good luck today and break a leg to the girl this week and next! I know you will get through these next two weeks with flying colors and can relax on the other side!

    1. Oh Helen, that’s horrible. Yes, Bourdain was more widely known than I thought. I always thought he had a niche audience but everyone I know is talking about him.

  2. CNN ran tons of his shows yesterday…it was very sad watching them. I just put a hold on The Outsider today…I will have a long wait! But this one sounded too good to miss. Sorry about the weight thing but you will get it under control…I know you will. Have fun at the play!

    1. The weight is really bothering me because it’s not due to diet so it’s hard for me to manage but hey, I’m not dead so I can’t complain too much. Two weeks of this show and then I am going to sit down and do nothing. At least, for a little while.

  3. You and I are close to the same age, Tina. It seems like our bodies just can’t handle things they way they used to 😦 As you know, the losses by suicide this week hit me hard as well. I still can’t even fathom their families’ pain.
    You always get me excited about Stephen King again. I may give The Outsider a try :):) I’ve been reminded this week how much solace and diversion my books provide me…and my brain 🙂
    Have a good week!

    1. It’s comforting to know that others struggle with the same things I struggle with these days. Age does play a factor. I have NO patience for anything extra, be that a dental appointment or even a lunch date with a friend. How sad is that is that? Of course I am always fine after each thing but the lead-up makes me a little panicky. And Bourdain’s death put me over the top. It still shocks me. I know people are like, you didn’t even know him but I FELT like I did. At one point this weekend my entire Instagram feed and FB wall was covered with posts about him. So others felt the same way too. Such a loss.

      I have two weeks of this show my daughter is in and then there will be a lot less to deal with. I need to do some thinking about how to refocus my energy because whatever I am doing is not all that productive and I’ve totally let my health go.

  4. The Bourdain news really surprised me. He seemed quite at home with people around the world … and at home in his own skin & what he did. It is very sad. I wasn’t a regular watcher of his show but I did see him with President Obama etc. He seemed to know a lot about food & cooking.

    1. Have you read any of his books? That is how I grew to know him so well. I started with his books AGES ago and the shows came much later. He wrote all of his own material and really said some profound things. I will miss his humor and dry wit.

  5. I hope the treatment doesn’t continue to cause weight gain because that can’t be too healthy. Maybe it can be adjusted. These high-profile suicides are just disheartening and mostly because we feel like we know these people and then these things happen and we realize that we don’t know them … not really. It always makes me question those around me, those that I do think I know and am close to…are they having issues I don’t know about? I hope they don’t and that they are truthful when I ask.

    1. The dosage cannot be lowered but for now, I’ve stopped gaining but even with effort I can’t lose what I’ve gained. I feel like a loser most days because of this.

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