Sunday Matters: So This is What Relaxation Is

Sunday Matters

The Girl has been in Hawaii all week with her choir and I have been a lady of leisure. No frantic trips back and forth across town. No worrying about what to make for dinner. No packing lunches, last minute laundry requests, or checking her volleyball bag to make sure that she does in fact have her knee pads and her dance shoes for later.

But, I miss her. I go into her room now and then and breathe in the cloud of VS Pink body spray she left behind. The Otter Pup gets asphyxiated if she stays in there too long.

Right Now:

Just sitting here gazing at my bookshelf that needs to be organized.

This Week:

I somehow managed to book two appointments this week. One trip to the orthodontist and a sports physical for The Girl so she can sign up for volleyball summer camp.


I read and reviewed Hillbilly Elegy. What a book. My club had plenty to say about it. It’s a great book to discuss.

I am finishing up The Music Shop. What a sweet read. Rachel Joyce also wrote The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry which I loved so I was excited to finally pick this one up. My review should post this week.


We saw A Quiet Place this weekend.  So much suspense! It’s fun to see these kinds of movies in a full theatre.

I gave the Roseanne re-boot another try the other day. This week’s episode was slightly better but not great. It’s disappointing.

The Walking Dead has two more episodes and that’s it for the season. Hard to believe it went by so fast. It’s getting good again but I still question some of the choices being made.


I haven’t cooked a thing but I am craving seafood and steak.

Grateful for:

Music. As I’ve been reading The Music Shop, I’ve been adding all of the songs mentioned to a playlist I created on Spotify. Do you ever do this? As a whole, it’s a ragtag collection of songs but I love to listen to the song as the main character talks about it. I do this for Murakami books too because he always references music in his novels.

That’s it from me. What is new with you?

19 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: So This is What Relaxation Is”

  1. Oh, no, thanks a lot for reminding me about bookshelves. Ugh. 🙂 …The Music Shop. I’ll have to look for that one as I remember liking Harold Fry…I’ll be honest that I have no desire to see the Roseanne re-boot, not that we have network television anyway, and I’m almost glad to hear that I haven’t been missing anything there…What’s new with me? I’m trying some new features on my blog, starting this week. We’ll see how that goes.

    1. My bookshelves aren’t too bad. Half an afternoon should be enough to week through them. I like to throw a movie on while I do it so it will be done as soon as I have the time.

  2. I”m so glad you’ve had tome to relax and I hope The Girl is having a blast! I listened to The Music Shop and didn’t love it but I think it was the narrator.

  3. It’s amazing how much easier/quieter our lives are when the kids are gone! That said, it is also more boring and sad, so there is definitely a balance. My daughter is home on spring break, which is great but she only has two friends left in town so I think it feels really long for her!

    1. ​Yeah, it really has me thinking about when she is out of high school and what we will end up doing in retirement. It’s early for me to think about that but it was on my mind this past week. BTW, Montecito looks pretty good. We drove through. That one street is still a work in progress but everything else looked so much better. ​

    1. She’s back. She had a good flight home but didn’t sleep the night before because one of her choir mates stepped on a sea urchin! She and her roommates stayed up all night with her.

        1. Yep. And in a little bit I have to take her to the orthodontist, volleyball practice and then rehearsal for Oliver. Mondays are our worst days schedule wise. In between I work homeless outreach for their weekly meal.

  4. It must seem funny to come home to a teen free home. I’m glad you have some less harried time. I enjoyed Hillbilly Elegy, at first I wasn’t sure about it as I just didn’t think I could relate but, it was worth reading, an eye-opener.

    1. It WAS weird to not have to pack lunches and rush off to places or to not pick up sporting equipment from all over the house. She came home very irritable but she’s back. School today though. Ugh.

  5. I am so glad you were able to enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation! Hopefully, the week back is not too rough for you. Take care of yourself!!

  6. Empty nest time is a very weird time. I have had about 10 months with no kids but now we have Sam back and my married son and his wife with us too. Living expenses up here are INSANE and our housing prices are up there with California I think! I do look forward to a quiet house again….. I am so excited to see The Music Shop as I didn’t realize she had written another book. I will look for it for sure!

  7. I do the same thing when my daughter is gone, even now when I don’t have to run her to any thing or have events that she’s in that I need to attend. I love the quiet, easier meals, and less laundry. But I do miss her! Hope you’ve had time to get to your bookshelves!

    1. Nope. Did not get to my bookshelves. My entire house needs a good de-cluttering but the bookshelves I don’t mind so much. Just didn’t have the time, again.

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