Sunday Matters: Looking Up

Sunday Matters

This week was a little strange. The Boy is in Orlando now. He’s all settled in and good. The Girl snapped up the bathroom he had in no time at all. I think he was still in the air when she did it. What’s funny is that they were always supposed to share the bathroom but you know, boy/girl issues so instead all her stuff was in my bathroom. Needless to say, my sink is looking so clean now.

I will also include that after a rough start to the year, things are looking up. Last Friday while driving to work, this feeling of “calm” came over me. I don’t experience moments like that often. I am too much of a worrier so when it happened I sat up and took notice. It felt wonderful.

Right Now:

The Music Man is in full swing. The Girl has a show this afternoon but I am not working it. We saw the show yesterday and it was good. Might have to watch the church service online today. Can’t find a way to go to church, get her fed, drop her off, etc. Oh, and I just remembered that I have training to go to this morning. Drats.

This Week:

Show stuff. Volleyball. Life group. A doctor’s appointment. Not terribly exciting. The show wraps before the Super Bowl so that’s good! We used to have shows ON Super Bowl Sunday and it was always hard to fill the house when that happened. Plus, no nachos.


I am reading my book club’s pick for this month, The Book That Matters Most by Ann Hood. It’s a lot more interesting than I thought it would be. I am usually a two-timer with reading but with production week one book at a time is enough for me.

My book club chose our books for the year. Actually, the list goes into 2019 a bit but here is the list in case you’re interested.Β  For bonus points, tell me which ones are mine. Hint, there are three.


I saw a clip of The Office at a training I attended recently and now I have it in my head that I must binge watch all seasons ASAP. This was the clip in case you’re interested.


Production week, so…

Grateful for:

I am grateful for fun people backstage. When you work backstage, it’s all about who you work with and I’ve been lucky enough to work with a really great group backstage. Oh, the stories!

What are your must-reads for this month? Anything I need to know about and drop everything for?

24 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Looking Up”

  1. I am reluctantly reading a book called Baby Teeth. It appalled me at first but now I can’t stop reading it. Enjoy your week!

  2. Your book group list looks great! I’ve read 2 of them – BEING MORTAL and LOVING FRANK. Have no idea which are yours – sorry. Hope your week is a pleasant, relaxing one. And I’ll look forward to hearing what you think of Ann Hood’s book. I have that on audio to listen to at some point.

  3. I’m going to guess The Hate U Give, Being Mortal and Hillbilly Elegy. I really, though, have no idea. Just a few shots in the dark…The Office is good, but you can skip the last couple of seasons after Michael leaves. Meh.

    1. My picks: The Hate U Give, The Immortalists, A Gentleman in Moscow. I will admit, the Gentleman book doesn’t really sound like something I’d read. The Hillbilly book was on my long list but someone else pitched it so I didn’t have to.

      The Office is probably like most series. They always go one or two seasons past where they should end it. Seinfeld, Friends, Big Bang.

  4. The Office is so darn funny! Having a child leave the house is both difficult and freeing; I hope that doesn’t sound bad. I miss my daughter every day and wish she was here at home, but I have so much time! πŸ™‚

    1. I understand the freeing comment. My son was pretty much on his own before he left the house. I mean, I hardly saw him when he was working so many hours. It helps to know that he is enjoying himself. So far, so good. I think I would worry more about my daughter only because she is more needy and not as independent. Her choir tour is to Hawaii this year and I am a little nervous to say the least.

  5. That’s so great that The Boy is settled in Orlando πŸ™‚ I love that The Girl took over his bathroom already – LOL! I’ll have to check out your new book list and try to figure out what you picked. And I think, we must have ESP, because I have just started re-watching The Office πŸ™‚ As for any great new books, I loved Ms Ice Sandwich – so so good!! I also finished reading Only Child, Anatomy of a Scandal, and Bring Me Back – all were good reads. I’ve just started the new Peter Swanson book, All the Beautiful Lies. I still want to read a Murakami soon – I can’t wait for his new later this year πŸ™‚

    1. That Murakami hits the UK in November but I wonder when the US will get it.

      I requested that my library buy that Ms. Ice Sandwich book. I had no idea it wasn’t out yet. LOL.

  6. Glad your son is settling into his Orlando life… such a big change for all of you! Your book club’s selections look great. I’ve read 4 of them and have quite a few of the others on my list.

    1. Thank you! Today my son is working on Main Street. He is supposed to pick up a costume today. She is working in more than one place so who knows what it will be.

  7. The Office was quite entertaining — my husband’s show; the humor helped me too. Your book list looks good. The Hillbilly book was interesting … and I haven’t read The Hate U Give book yet — did you pick that one? Glad your year is getting better as it goes along. Good luck to the Boy in FLa.

  8. Unexpectedly, I’m really loving Jeff Lemire’s new(ish) comic Descender this month! I read the first two volumes over the weekend and really dug them, and now the next two volumes are my must-reads. Hopefully you’ll find something equally enjoyable to read next!

    1. A comic, huh? I never read graphic novels or comics. I tried to read The Walking Dead comics but the language was so crass. Not a prude but my Rick Grimes does not talk that way.

  9. I hope you enjoy your book club picks; I really loved The Hate U Give when I read it last year!

    Sounds like you don’t know what to do with that reclaimed bathroom of yours…enjoy it!

    1. Oh, the bathroom has already been snatched by the girl. It’s nice not to have her clutter all over my bathroom. Except, she took my shampoo and conditioner without telling me and left me with none but I should have expected that.

  10. Hey! I own that Kidder book about money and trucks. I can try to read it by June… if you want to do some kind of parallel book club slash online readalong pal thing…

  11. Everyone seems to be re-watching The Office. Holly is almost done with the last season herself. I feel like I need to jump on this particular bandwagon!

    Holly and I are trying to figure out how we are going to watch the Super Bowl this year. Keeping a constant eye on the pup doesn’t leave much room for anything else. I suspect we will have it on in the background but won’t actually see anything.

    As for your book club picks, I am guessing The Immortalists, The Hate U Give, and Exit West or Sourdough. I can’t decide between the two since I think either one is a book you would want to read. The rest of the list actually doesn’t sound so bad. There are some fantastic nonfiction books on that list, and they will most certainly generate a discussion!

    1. You are good. All four of those books were on my long list but I pitched The Hate U Give, The Immortalists and… A Gentleman in Moscow. Actually, they needed one more book so they went with The Hate U Give but I didn’t really pitch it formally.

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