Sunday Matters: What Happened to Reading?

Sunday Matters

It’s that time of the year. The time for slumps. I’m not in one at the moment but I feel the need to finish this chunkster before reading anything else so I’m a tad behind schedule. SO many good books out right now too but I simply cannot get to all of them at once.

I noticed that a lot of you are in a slump right now. I hope that perfect book lands in your lap. One that will pull you out of your slump!

Right Now:

Today is glorious for a few reasons. One, I slept in. Two, I have time today to spend with the family. Three, The Walking Dead starts up again tonight. After spending last weekend in thrift shops trying to find costume pieces for The Music Man, I am happy to have this day free from errands.

Of course, every time I go to a thrift shop I hear this song in my head. [clean version].

This Week:

This week is pretty much the same but it ends with a theatre competition and an end of the season volleyball tournament. The Girl’s project for the theatre competition never happened for whatever reason (team project) so she WILL be playing in the volleyball tournament after all. We thought she would miss it.

Ironically… my son is taking another school to the theatre competition because their teacher had a family emergency. He was assisting with their scene and now will be assisting in a bigger way by attending the event with them so he will not be at his sister’s tournament.


Sleeping Beauties. Still.  I have two more weeks to finish it but I need to get it read so I can get to my review copies!


American Horror Story was kind of smart this past week but also one of the worst episodes, in my opinion. I know, how can it be both? Somehow, it managed to be both entertaining and horrible.


I made some mac and cheese for my life group. I made breakfast for dinner one night (pancakes and turkey sausage), pasta with marinara and some baked chicken.  I am officially out of food again. I just can’t keep it in the house and you know how I feel about shopping.

Grateful for:

Thoughtful conversations. My brain is always running  so I really appreciate a good, thoughtful discussion and I’ve had some good ones lately.

This week I am trying to turn away from negative thoughts/behavior by immediately replacing them with pleasant thoughts. If you could do away with one negative thought or behavior, what would it be?

I am trying to lose resentment.

21 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: What Happened to Reading?”

    1. I have to be on Twitter for work so I get most of the headlines that way and will read the articles if I feel the topic is important. But a news junkie I am not. Not with the way this administration is. I’d be watching the news all the time because something ridiculous happens nearly every day.

    1. Hahaha! At first I thought you were losing your mind and then I remembered the song. LOL. That is seriously how I enter a thrift store each and every time.

  1. I really love your sidebar. I have no skills on WordPress. It defeats me. I don’t know how you can possible keep food around! You have to actually feed people…lots of them plus one dog! You almost have to go to the store every other day!

    1. Because I do not enjoy grocery shopping, I go once a week and try to buy food for at least three days of meals but it never lasts that long.

      The sidebars in WP are done with Widgets. Go to settings and take a look at the ones they have ready to go that you can just place on your page.

  2. I don’t think I’m in a slump but my reading was abysmal last week because my sister was in the hospital and my mind was on her all the time.

    I’m with you on grocery shopping and keeping food in the house. It’s a challenge.

    I’m trying hard to be less judgmental by remembering EVERYONE has something difficult going on in their life.

  3. I am trying to have thoughtful conversations with others, but with my husband I keep finding myself getting riled up at his placidity and willingness to support the opposing viewpoint. I think I just want someone who will listen to my ranting without judgment until I feel heard. I am really struggling with this right now.

    I am doing okay on food. I find we don’t go through it nearly as quickly without Connor, for which I am supremely thankful.

    I think I am on Part 2, Chapter 10 in Sleeping Beauties. There are parts that get me so angry, I want to smash something. Then there are parts that get me thinking. I believe this would make for a fantastic book club selection just to discuss the pros and cons of living in a no-man world!

    1. How did I manage to finish the book before you? I was so far behind. I finished Sleeping Beauties last night, right before The Walking Dead premier.

      My husband was a Trump supporter. He didn’t vote for him. He voted for Bernie but when Trump won he was kind of glad. He doesn’t feel that way anymore. I’m sorry you can’t rant with freedom.

      1. I think because you were able to keep reading it and I am listening to it in my free time, of which there was not much last week. I have 4.5 hours left, so I’m not terribly far behind you.

  4. I’d like to stop being a procrastinator. I doubt I ever will though, because I’m a procrastinator.

    I can’t believe it, but I had to give up on Sleeping Beauties. Just couldn’t get interested in it. That’s never happened to me before on a King book,

  5. Hi Ti, Hope your daughter does well at the volleyball tournament. I’m in So Cal right now and can’t believe how hot it is! Yikes. Luckily we are at the beach in the O.C. so perhaps I’ll “think” about going in the water since it’s frying here. Catching up with my parents, brother & sister who all live around the state. I have WD taped back on home. Was it any good??

    1. TWD last week was a snooze fest but this Sunday’s episode was better but very choppy.

      The girls did GREAT at tournament! They made the finals but lost by a few points in the end.

    1. If someone else bought my food for me I would cook every day. Still not out of your slump? Hope that YA book gets you reading again.

  6. I’m sure you’ll finish Sleeping Beauties soon. I haven’t been watching any tv. I haven’t been reading much either. I think my brain must be too consumed with other things these days. I tend to get in bed with my book and promptly fall asleep. Not sure how the book ends up on the nightstand instead of on the floor, but I suspect my husband has something to do with that.

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