Sunday Matters: Where Does the Time Go?

Sunday Matters

I ask the above question at least three times a month.

I am feeling rushed again. I blame it on the past week. Too many appointments. I try not to schedule them all at the same time but then again, when you go in for one appointment, you feel like getting it all done. Like car maintenance.

Right Now:

I wish I was the type of person who could sleep in but my natural alarm goes off early and then if for some reason I sleep through it, The Otter Pup does not. She decides it’s time to dance on my head. Which is what she has done literally every day this week.

I have coffee. There’s that.

This Week:

This week should be better. We’ve been given the approval by The Girl to finally see a volleyball game so we will visit my old high school on Tuesday night to see her play. Yep. My baby playing on the same court I cheered on!

Also this week, we are trying to keep my son busy. His girlfriend went away to college and as I predicted, there is some moping going on.


I blew through The Breakdown. FUN read.  Fun, as in it’s crazy and very hard to put down. I launched right into A Stranger in the House but my review copy is corrupted (ebook) so I miss every other sentence. I am 30% in and it’s almost exactly like The Breakdown which is weird.  Not the same story but the same scenarios.


Still working my way through my DVR list. I got through some shows but not The Princess Bride, as of yet.


I made spaghetti one night which none of my kids really like. Weirdos. I need to figure out what to make for the team lunch. The one that I will bring down to the school next month. Ideas?

Tonight, I could go for a steak but it won’t happen unless someone else shops for it and cooks it because I am out the door tonight volunteering.

Grateful for:

Friends who read. I  love to talk books with you guys.

BTW, has anyone seen the crazy trailers for American Horror Story? Hint, it’s about election night. See one here.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Where Does the Time Go?”

  1. How exciting about volleyball…what happens when you make spaghetti…does anyone eat it? Is it because the pasta is gluten free? When we were little my mom would give us bowls of sauce and meatballs…for a snack…we loved spaghetti and her sauce so much and still do! It’s a once a week thing for us!

  2. Yay! I’m glad you will get to see your daughter play volleyball. We just got back from a relaxing vacation in the mountains, and I feel like I’m about to step into the frying pan. I’m dreading going back to work tomorrow. I’m sorry your copy of A Stranger in the House turned out to be corrupted. That must be frustrating.

    I hope you have great week, Ti!

  3. Yes , where does the time go? I started writing a reply to your post several hours ago, was interrupted several times, and am finally finding a free minute to sit down and try to reply.
    My new job has an earlier starting time in the morning so I am trying to make sure I have things laid out and ready to go. I love getting off earlier in the afternoon, but the mornings are more hectic than they were before and I already though they were bad.
    Good luck to The Girl at her volleyball game. Enjoy getting to watch!

  4. Good luck to the girl at the volleyball game! I hope she does well and you get to watch an exciting game!

    I hear you on being busy. I have had more doctors’ appointments lately. Some of it is just a delay in trying to get a primary care doctor. Others are scheduled procedures, like a mammogram. Add to that physical therapy for my Achilles tendon and I swear I am at the doctor’s office every other day!

    Holly’s dance schedule is still not finalized for the 2017-2018 season, even though she is supposed to start it next week. She will either be at the studio three or four nights a week for at least two hours each night, up to four hours on at least one night. Insane.

    School starts for her on Friday. Yes, Friday. Who does that? Friday before Labor Day? I’m inclined to just let her not go because I honestly don’t see what they are going to accomplish. She won’t have homework until the second full week of school anyway. Crazy.

  5. How did the Volleyball game go? Sounds like fun! I’m excited for The Girl — great sport. American Horror Story looks like a scary show! I can totally relate to the trailer on Election Night. Oh my gosh! I felt like screaming too. I probably need to watch that episode. Hope you have a good week.

    1. They won the game!! Today’s game was cancelled though because it’s over 110 outside which means the gym is about 125. It was about 115 when we went to see her on Tuesday. Houston is flooded and we are burning up. My husband just informed me of a brush fire which means my commute home is going to be a mess. At least the girl is home now. My son took her early since the game was not happening.

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