Sunday Matters: Here We Go

Sunday Matters

It’s official. Production week has started for Shrek. The Girl is very excited because it’s brand new to this theatre company and the costumes are amazing. I have to check the schedule every single day to make sure she is where she needs to be at the right time, but that’s okay.

Right Now:

I am sitting here contemplating whether or not to have a poached egg with my toast. In a bit we will be off to church, volleyball and then home to watch the Tony awards! No student ministry tonight because they are off to camp.

This Week:

Besides production week not much is going on personally. I officially start my summer reading this week and this year I might even read the books on my list.


Finishing up The Thirst and then it’s Do Not Be Alarmed and The Gypsy Moth Summer for a book tour.


Fear the Walking Dead started. Holy Cheeses that shows sucks. I keep giving it chances but it continues to be horrible. I love three of the characters but really want the mom to get killed off.


My son invited his girlfriend over to watch the Tony awards so maybe I will do a taco bar.

Slow Cooker Port Tacos
Slow Cooker Pork Tacos from Skinny Mom

The rest of the week will be up in the air because of production week. Getting The Girl fed and planning for healthy meals is always a challenge. She eats healthy so a quick trip through a drive-thru doesn’t work with her.

Grateful for:

A quiet Sunday evening at home.

19 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Here We Go”

  1. Ahhhh…that sounds wonderful, a quiet night at home.I think I’m going to try a quiet day here at home. Getting warm here (for us, in high 80s, but feels like 90) for the first time this year, so looking forward to staying in and doing some reading.

    If the show sucks, then why continue watching? Watch something else. 🙂

    Also inquiring minds want to know: did you or did you not have the poached egg with your toast? Well? 😉

    1. I did not have a poached egg 😉 I had yogurt and almonds instead!

      Fear the Walking Dead is a trainwreck but there are a couple of excellent characters. I keep hoping the writers do them justice.

  2. Your day sounds relaxed! We will be watching the Tony Awards, too! Did you see 78 year old Tommy Tune on the Morning Show this morning? Amazing!

    1. It’s fun because all their friends are too so suddenly the Tony awards turns into a night of fun. I was in theatre too but lordy I can’t sing.

  3. Good luck with production week… I’m sure it will all be wonderful. Will look forward to your thoughts about The Gypsy Moth Summer. Sounds like a good one to me 🙂

  4. I hope everything goes week this week for your daughter! I hadn’t even realized Fear had started up again until I was checking the DVR to see if it was full. I don’t think I’m going to watch this season. I’d rather stick to re-watching and catching up to where I left off with Supernatural.

    I hope you have a great week, Ti. It’s Mouse’s last week of school. She’s a mix of emotions (and I really can’t blame her). Work has me stressed out, and I wish my vacation was just a little closer . . .

    1. I was just about to give up on Fear and then it got good. So I will give it another week.

      Your daughter will be a little blue for awhile but put some beach dates on the calendar now so she has something to look forward to.

    1. I would love for her to have a lead but once again, she doesn’t so the ensemble call times are very reasonable. I just got my schedule for backstage and that looks good too. Even though they extended it to two weeks I think we are good. No school to deal with, which makes it so much easier!

  5. Good luck! I will be sending you calming vibes all week. I hope you can eke out some time for yourself this week, even if it is a few minutes every day. I hope the girl knocks them dead and no ripped pants for you!

    1. I will be okay this week, I think. Next week should really be okay too. The shows I work are kind of spread out. Same for the kid. Right now, I am happily putting vacation days on the calendar. Just long weekends here and there for beach trips. Oh, and I certainly hope I don’t rip my pants again. I’ve gotten pretty good at getting stuff to the kids when they forget. My aim is spot on as long as they catch it out of sight.

      How did the festivities go?

      1. Ha! I usually am the one crawling on the ground or hiding behind scenery for scene changes. I don’t know what is worse.

        They went well. I sort of lost it about two hours before the party when nothing was finished and no one had taken showers yet. Party time came around and we were all ready, as was everything else. Somehow, it all came together. Connor’s friends ended up staying late, as did some family and friends of ours. It was a good day. We ended up feeding all of my family (16 people) for breakfast the next morning. That got a little hairy and way too stressful. The ceremony was hot but good. The speeches were great and thankfully brief. Jim and I both lost it during Connor’s last song with the band. I took a ton of pictures but they all ended up having sun streaks and being overexposed. This is what I get for taking them with my sunglasses on, I guess. It makes me mad though. He looks so happy. They are some of the best photos he has taken in a while, and mine at least are not great quality. I hope others will share.

  6. Good luck with production week!

    I’ve never watched the Tony awards, or any other award show other than just bits and pieces here and there.

    I usually have yogurt or an egg with my toast, today it was just toast with butte and cinnamon.

    1. We like the Tony awards because we get to see pieces from all the popular Broadway shows. My kids are both in theatre so they really enjoy watching it.

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