Sunday Matters: Routines

Sunday Matters

This past week had me thinking about routines. In one sense it’s comforting to know what you will be doing for the week but the same stuff day in and day out wears on a person. Burnout is real and I am so there. My focus this week is to mix it up in some way. Something different. Something enjoyable. Something.

Right Now:

My son took his girlfriend to prom last night so he is currently passed out. They looked really good and my son made a LED, light-up corsage and boutonnière out of La La Land sheet music. The theme was City of Stars (La La Land).

Corsage and boutonnière.

Prom 2017

I am just sitting here with my coffee looking out on what I hope will be a green lawn soon.  We had the gardener tear up our poor, drought-affected yard yesterday so soon we will have green again.  I sure hope we don’t lose it next summer due to drought. We really need to hardscape but no money for that at the moment. Even this is costing a bit to do with the space being so large. And… there are already gopher holes this morning which really make me mad.

This Week:

Rehearsals for Shrek are moving along and this Tuesday my daughter is singing in a choir festival. She’s up for a scholarship so fingers are crossed that she will get one. My son is working tech for Bring It On the musical. It will be weird to have him backstage for a show but it’s all part of his Arts Admin focus. Also signed the girl up for a volleyball clinic because she has decided to go for the volleyball team in high school along with track.


I am reading my book club pick for May, Please Look After Mom and it’s really good, and really sad. A bit too close to home given my mom’s passing in November. I’m also reading the “new” Murakami collection, Men Without Women, but the stories are not all new which is a little disappointing since it was advertised as such.


The Bates Motel series finale is on Monday and seriously, anything could happen. This show has been rock solid throughout its run and I am hoping the final episode does the series justice. I am really going to miss the series.

Since all my shows are ending, I have been watching old TV shows like Bob Newhart, Chips and Emergency! I love old TV shows!


This weather makes me want to grill something outside. I really love grilled fish but the kids are not fans. Chicken gets boring. Maybe pork chops?

I’m also wanting chili for some reason. On Instagram I saw a post for turkey chili over sautéed zucchini and although it doesn’t sound all that great it sure looked good. Anything to get the veggies in!

Oh! I found some wine I really like. I don’t know much about wine but I know what I like and what I don’t like. I like red wine but it’s usually too dry for me. I tried this wine the other day and it was really good. Reminded me of sangria. I feel like I need to buy a case or two.

Grateful for:

That wine. No, seriously.

21 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Routines”

  1. It’s always something with a house/yard, isn’t it? We’re looking to have our house painted and I cringed when we got the estimate. We’re going to get someone else to give us a price.

    Your son and his girlfriend look so cute!

    1. Do get estimates on the painting. We had to do that last year and so many came in high but one guy came in at half. We checked his references and went with him and he did an awesome job and a included a warranty.

  2. House stuff is always everpresent! We have to replace our sunroom French doors…yikes! Your week sounded good…you probably are just ready for a change in routine…at least you are not on a self imposed exile!

    1. A self-imposed exile sounds good to me right now. I came in to the office and someone used my coffee stash which meat that I was without coffee. I usually don’t NEED it but today I did. I had to borrow some from a coworker.

  3. My daughter had prom last night as well and it felt strange not to be there with her. I did get to see a photo though 🙂 I love that your son made the corsage/boutonnière! I saw an episode of M*A*S*H* last week and it was so much fun!

  4. What a great photo of your son and his prom date – they look so cute together! And an LED c and b was an awesome idea – so creative! Burnout is totally real – definitely find someway to mix things up a bit this week. Sorry about the yard stuff. I swear when you have a house there is always something to deal with – outside or inside. There is no good TV lately. I’ve just been watching Housewives and Seinfeld on DVD. I keep forgetting to watch Better Call Saul. As for books, I bought a bunch of new ones this weekend – now I need to figure out what to read next. Yeah, I was disappointed that they made it sound like all the stories in the new Murakami were new, when they really weren’t. Such a bummer. That’s why they need to hurry up with translating his latest novel for us 🙂

    1. I watch Seinfeld nearly every night. The episodes that I can watch over and over again are: The Summer of George, The Bris, The Glasses, The Nap, The Hamptons. I think I must like George the best because most of those episodes are George specific.

  5. I think I have had Barefoot Wine before, and as I recall, it was good. I know what it’s like to find a favorite food or drink. You just hope they don’t stop making. Good luck. 🙂

    1. Yes. That has happened to me a lot. Find something good. They stop making it. I wish I had some of that wine for later.

  6. Please Look After Mom is going on my tbr list. I love old shows too, they are really good and “clean”. I think it’s awesome what your son did with the corsage and boutonnière! He looks very handsome and her dress is beautiful!

    1. From the other prom pics I saw, everyone seemed to be wearing red this year so that beautiful emerald green dress really stood out IMO.

      I hope you enjoy Please Look After Mom. It’s so good.

  7. How did Grease tryouts go for The Teen? I will definitely be keeping my fingers crossed about the scholarship.

    Routine. I can say that having had my routine shot to hell for the past month, I am thisclose to losing my sh!t. I need my routine back for my sanity. It is the one thing that soothes me and keeps me balanced. I completely understand about too much routine being a bad thing, but I personally cannot function well without some routine in my life.

    1. I agree. Routines do have to be in place for certain things or I lose my mind. If my planner is not up to date that really throws me off too.

      Auditions for Grease haven’t happened yet. I believe they are the week of May 8th and 15th.

      1. Okay! I wanted to make sure I knew when to wish her good luck!

        That was some of my problem. I get so discombobulated when I haven’t updated my bullet journal for the day.

  8. What a lovely picture of your son and his girlfriend, he is such a creative and very talented as is your daughter.
    You make a whole lot of sense on routines and their place/role in our lives, I have experienced burnout a couple of times and when I look back on it I really think the grind of my routines took their toll, especially when my children were young and money was tight, the need for even just a little shake up is important. You have a lot of wisdom and insight and funny as it may seem, me being 12,000 miles away your posts are often just what I need to read, the last 9 months have been quite tricky for me and quite frankly you have been a comfort to me.

    1. Marion, thank you so much for your kind words. I’ve been stumbling around since November due to the passing of my mom and all the other stuff that came with it. I try really hard to see the good but I am also dreadfully aware of the dangers of just letting the day to day get me down. Your words have brought a smile to my face. Thank you.

  9. Adorable son and his girlfriend…lovely corsage too! What a sweetie. I hope the lawn comes together for you and the gophers are stopped.

    Mix up that routine…just be spontaneous…you can do it. Wine…yes, wine is so good…I’m on a Moscato kick.

    1. I had some wine last night. It wasn’t as good as the sweet red I mentioned but I did manage to buy more of that sweet red the other day and it was still on sale. They only had two bottles on the shelf or I would have bought all of them.

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