Yesterday, I wrote this long, pitiful post about me being in a funk and let me tell you, it was one sad affair. I was just about to hit publish and then I hesitated. I can’t really say why I hesitated because I honestly do not know, but I’m glad I did because today is another day and it’s quite different from yesterday.

Ever have days like that? It wasn’t even a bad day but it was just tough in so many ways.

Today, I find myself excited over the books I have in my pile. Reading has always cheered me up and these are the ones coming up for me. They are all so different. I think that Nesbø cover is just a placeholder cover for the real deal but you get the point.

The Barrowfields

Men Without Women

The Thirst

Summer Dance

What books are you looking forward to?

27 thoughts on “Yesterday”

  1. Dear Ti, So sorry you were in a funk. I so get that and like you a book can help get me out of it. Having the same problem, I picked up Delicious- expecting it to be an easy read. It is but it it’s also pulling me in and helping the clouds clear. Hope your clouds are clearing too.

    PS – if you haven’t read A Gentleman In Moscow then that’s the book you should pick up now. Every chapter is another delightful surprise!!!


    1. Terry, thank you. I just felt so out of it yesterday and it’s not like me to feel that way. I just placed a hold for The Gentleman in Moscow. A couple of people ahead of me for the ebook but I have heard good things about it and your comments of it being delightful sealed the deal for me.

  2. Funks are not good…but I love that today is an unfunky day! I have so much to read that I am just randomly pulling books. I think I love reading this way!

    1. I didn’t list all of my ARCs and I didn’t include any of the library books I have either! I have so many at the moment. I do love the picking and choosing part.

  3. Ti, I’m so happy that today is a much better day for you 🙂 Funks are the worst! And I know what you mean, so I get it. Thank God for all the books!! Books to the rescue 🙂 They have definitely been helping me lately. I just started a new book called Elle and have started the Murakami one (I’ve been reading it at the gym). I’m already trying to figure out what to read next. I was thinking of picking up a Wodehouse to make me laugh. Enjoy your books – so many good ones 🙂

    1. Most of those books come out in May but I’m itching to get to them. I wish I could read all day, every day but you know, life.

    1. Nesbo is great. His books came to the US out of order so even though Harry Hole is part of a series, many of his fans read them out of order and seemed okay with it.

  4. I’m sorry yesterday was such a downer, but glad today things are better! I am on a YA kick and just read 2 absolutely fabulous books (When We Collided and Serpent King)

  5. What a difference a day can make! I’m so glad the next one was better for you. I haven’t been paying much attention to upcoming releases lately, but am excited about reading The Nix and A Gentleman in Moscow… will start The Nix later today.

    1. When I first saw The Nix, it didn’t grab my attention all that much but so many people have reviewed it and loved it. Now I feel the need to read it. Also, A Gentleman in Moscow I put on hold yesterday based on another reader’s recommendation.

  6. Ti, I feel like I can relate. Ever since we lost our favorite cat, I’ve been so down. I’m glad today is a new and better day for you. I try to keep busy and, of course retail therapy and comfort foods help immensely.

    1. I’m sure my downs have everything to do with the fact that my sister still doesn’t have a place to live after my mom’s death. It’s hard because I am expected to function like a normal human being with all that going on in the background. Doesn’t seem fair sometimes. And your cat… I still remember the day my cat of 17 years passed away. It took me years to even think about another pet.

  7. Aw, I’m sorry you were having a bad day. You’ve had a ton going on for the last while, and just know that I still say prayers and keep good thoughts for you and your family in the aftermath of your mom’s death. ❤

    I'm glad today's better, though! I always feel better when I think about all the books there are to read in the world!

  8. Sorry about your funky day, Aren’t you glad for those last minute impulses that make you pause? Once it’s out there – it’s out there. I have ro confess that, except for Jo Nesbo, all your upcoming books are foreign to me. Have fun with them and I hope they take you away for a few hours – to a good place, that is.

    1. It’s funny too because I wrote the entire post out, it was pretty long, and then when I read it in its entirety I was like, what a sad song this is! LOL. It was how I was feeling but I guess the process of jotting it down was enough.

  9. Are you kidding? I have WEEKS like that! There is no reason to feel like it is the end of the world, and yet you cannot help it. I am glad you were able to snap out of your funk and get excited about books. I know you have to be excited about the new Murakami!

  10. I had meant to comment on this post yesterday, after reading it on Facebook, and of course couldn’t link through. Technologically challenged and whatnot. Anyway, so glad that things are looking up for you. Books have a way of being a tremendous encouragement.

    You know I’m looking forward to Murakami’s latest, too. We are sisters in that respect. (And a few others I can think of.)

    1. Murakami can usually pull me out of anything. He has a brand new book that just came out in Japan. You probably know this already. I wonder when we’ll see it. It’s supposed to be a chunkster.

  11. Glad your better! A Gentleman In Moscow was just suggested as a read for my BG. I will vote to pick it now. I haven’t read Rules of Civility written by Towles also, but have heard it is good as well. Do you have any other good BG reads, we pick next month for the rest of the year.
    Enjoy your leadership retreat and have a great week.

  12. I try not to write blog posts on those days. I tend to go read or write, those are the things that make me feel better — or go outside. Sometimes you just need fresh air.

    I hope you have a good week. I’m looking forward to some great poetry in the next few months.

  13. I hope you stay away from the Funk this week. Books can make it better. I’m about to start a novel called Exit West which I’ve seen around lately; hope it’s good. Enjoy your reads.

    1. I have’t heard of Exit West, or maybe I have. If it has a blue cover then yes… I know it.

      Today I feel as if I fell out a window. My entire body is sore! No reason for it. I am going to take some extra vitamins just in case.

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