Sunday Matters: Family Time & A Little Football Too

Sunday Matters

It was a pretty good week but didn’t it feel long? By the time Friday hit I was ready to dive into bed and sleep for a very long time.

Right Now:

My food shopping is done and I am just sitting here enjoying that first cup of coffee. There is nothing like that first cup  of coffee, is there?

This Week:

I have a lot of short appointments nearly every night this week. Not big things. I thought about cramming them all into one night but that stresses me out when things go over so I decided to spread them out.

On the blog front, I hope to have a few reviews posted. Also, I need to make some time to go through my review copies so I can figure out which ones need to be read right away. I don’t usually have more than a couple at a time but because everything is looking so good this year, I have about eight I need to read at the moment.

My son starts a new semester this week and managed to get the classes he needs even with his late registration date. Hope the week goes smoothly for him. I always loved my first day of school.


The Ulysses read along is in full swing.  We are using the hashtag #ulyssesRAL2017 to chat about the book. It’s not nearly as dense as I thought it would be but I am only about 100 pages in.

I am also reading My Husband’s Wife. What a title! It’s not starting off as I expected it to. In fact, my preconceived notions on what it’s about may be entirely wrong.


One more weekend and The Walking Dead will be back. In the meantime, I’m not in much of a TV mood besides watching The Mary Tyler Moore Show. I can’t believe she’s gone! I used to spend my college years staying up late, watching reruns of her show while doing homework.

We will also be watching the Super Bowl as a family. I’m not a fan of the two teams playing but it will be fun to stay at home and not worry about going anywhere. Food will be made. Commercials will be watched. We’ll get the Puppy Bowl in there somewhere. Just being together as a family means so much to me these days.


For game day you just have to have chili. Today’s will be of the ground turkey variety. I am also going to make some queso dip and serve it with warm chips. There will be hot dogs and who knows what else. I bought up the store.

Grateful for:

My “one word” this year.  It’s already working for me in big ways.

18 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Family Time & A Little Football Too”

  1. We just ate sections of a huge frittata that I made for breakfast. Kale, potatoes, tomatoes, goat cheese, sharp cheddar…it was so yummy. Add in toast and raspberry jam…oh my! We are prepping ribs in the slow cooker…you put them under the broiler the last ten minutes…I am hungry today! I already made an oil and vinegar cole slaw and I made a chocolate cake! We are set! I still can’t believe you are reading Ulysses…oh…Small Hours is really good!

    1. Your food sounds so good. I’m glad you found that slaw recipe. The mayo versions are highly overrated.

      I just put chili in the Crock Pot. My daughter and her friend are making cupcakes. There will be queso dip, onion dip, two kinds of hot dogs, veggies, little smokies wrapped in bacon and taquitos, cheese and crackers and chips of course. I am eating clean at the moment so much of this is for others.

  2. Woohoo Super Bowl! I too am not a fan of these two teams — the Falcons are a big rival of my Saints, and the Patriots obviously are the worst. But with Brady and Kraft and Belichek being gross Trump supporters, it’s made it hella easy to root for the Falcons, and I admit that I have imbued this game with more symbolic significance than perhaps is healthy for me. :p

  3. Your food sounds good – chili, queso, yum! Hope your son’s classes go well. Good that you guys will be together this evening – whether you care about the game or not. Also glad your ‘one word’ is working for you. Take care and hope this week goes smoothly!

    1. The chili was good and I have some for lunch today. This year I kept the food super simple and I’m glad. We waste way too much food.

  4. Yes to that first cup of coffee! Makes waking up every morning so much more fun. 🙂 I need to catch up with TWD soon – I didn’t watch any episode since that first killer but I’ve heard they’ve been a doozy anyways. I just can’t put Star Trek Voyager aside.

  5. I love your word for the year. I have decided to have a word each month (yes, that means I felt too much pressure to choose one word for the whole year). For January I chose “focus” and for February I chose “hope.”

  6. I hope you are having a blast watching the commercials. That halftime show has me feeling all the feels. Simply amazing.

    I had to do the same thing with my review copies this morning. Discovered one was a sequel of a book I have not yet read, one had its publication date pushed back. I thought I was doing so well staying on top of things too.

    It was a long week. I hope this week goes much faster – just because I want another weekend. We’ll get through it though, right? We always have Ulysses to cheer us up!

    1. The commercials were okay. My fave was the Honda one where all the yearbook photos talked to one another. I loved the Stranger Things teaser but it will premiere on Halloween??? How will I give out candy and watch it at the same time?

      Also, that halftime show. It was probably one of the best I’ve ever seen. I have so much respect for her, always have but now… off the charts.

  7. I always make chili for Superbowl Sunday, but this year it was just us at home. I love the chili as always and I got my daughter to finally try some.

    You must be into part 2 already of Ulysses! You’re ahead of me, but I’m still behind thanks to the flu at the end of January. I’m going to be ready for Part 1 on Friday! It really isn’t as dense as I thought it would be. Must be all that pre-reading “advice.” LOL

    1. To be honest, I missed starting part two so I just passed it by thinking I was still in part one. I am on page 120 right now. It gets much worse. LOL. I thought Bloom would clear things up a bit but no. Plus, if you flip through the book the format changes many times. I am up for the challenge but it is hard to follow and figure out what is going on.

  8. Ugh I felt for Atlanta. Hope you had a nice gathering on Sunday for the game and Puppy Bowl. I missed the puppies! I had to go for the cheeseburger & fries for the game & beer. I know so cliche!

    1. We had a nice time. My son had his girlfriend over and my daughter invited her friend. They kind of kept to themselves but we made food and relaxed. The weather was overcast and cool so it was a good day to be inside. A burger and fries sounds so good right now!

  9. Get that family time while you can! I cherished every minute while I still had all of mine nearby but now I haven’t seen Mini-me more than five months. I miss just sitting around together with all of us talking.

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