Sunday Matters: December Vibes

Sunday Matters

December came around quickly and it seemed like my entire neighborhood was taken off guard. No decorations. But then, BAM, decorations everywhere. I love it.

This past week was good The Teen had her choir concert and she sang a solo and played her ukulele for the first time in front of an audience. She did great!

Right Now:

We are getting ready to go to church and by getting ready I mean that I am in an upright position, drinking coffee and nibbling on buttered toast.

This Week:

This Tuesday I have to take my daughter for an x-ray. Something came up at her physical which I have been asking about for years but this new doc agreed that she needs to be seen so we go for that on Tuesday.

My work party is this week and my last day of work is Thursday. I will return to work on January 9th. It’s  good chunk of time. I am hoping that it’s nice and quiet.


I am finishing up Commonwealth by Ann Patchett. It’s really good. I thought I’d finish it this past week but things came up. Things like my lack of attention.


I’ve been lining up my movie viewing but haven’t actually sat down to watch anything. I spent a good two hours on the Turner website adding classics to my shopping cart. I guess I am in a classics mood.

However, I will be watching The Walking Dead’s mid-season finale tonight. I hope it has some action because besides the opener, the rest of the season has been rather slow.


I have no idea what to make this week but with all this stress eating I’ve been doing here and there, I feel absolutely polluted. I think there will be (or should be) a lot of greens on the menu this week.

Grateful for:

Today I am grateful for my little pup, The Otter Pup. She knows how to read me. She knows when I need a little friend to keep me company and she knows just when to be funny.  She’s going to be 7 soon if you can believe it. We just love her.

17 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: December Vibes”

    1. I am hoping this break can be somewhat enjoyable. I fear that all the stuff with my sister may really come into play this month so we shall see.

  1. Sounds like you need this break, so I’m glad its coming up already. I’m glad you enjoyed Commonwealth – I just love Ann Patchett and I loved this book so much. I’m watching TWD, too. I’m hoping something happens, because this season has been just okay not that great. Hope everything is fine with The Teen and her x-ray. Sounds like had a great choir concert 🙂 Have a great week, Ti!!!

  2. I am hoping that the Teen gets a clean bill of health for your sake. You do not need one more stressor in your life.

    Didn’t Evan audition recently? How did he do?

    I think the holiday season took everyone by surprise this year. No one seems ready. I know I am most definitely not.

    Have a great week, Ti!

  3. Ukele? Is The Teen the next Grace VanderWaal? 🙂 Hope everthing goes well at the doctor appointment today for her. Praying for nice and quiet for your time off. Greens? What are they? 😉

    1. I don’t know. Ukuleles are the thing with this generation. I think YouTube has a lot to do with it.

      That doc appt. When we got there her x-ray order was cancelled somehow. It was not easy to get a hold of the doctor but we did manage to get it taken after waiting around for two hours with sick kids all over the place. I wanted to spray them all with Lysol.

      Greens. Yeah, I love them but my husband does not or I’d eat them 24/7. My allergies are all over the place again so I feel I need to dial everything down, including my eating.

  4. I know what you mean about dogs, mine always knows when I need her most. & Yes I did finish The Walking Dead mid-season. Finally Rick has snapped back — thank goodness. I’m ready for a Battle with Negan. Carl should have taken him out! I’m beyond ready to strangle Negan, but I’m sure we’ll need The Kingdom to help & everyone else.

    1. I don’t like it when Rick is out of it. I was waiting for him to see Negan with Judith but that sure didn’t happen with all of the action at the end there. In the comic book, Negan ends up captive under Rick but I’ve not seen anywhere on the internet what happens to him after that. I guess it hasn’t been written yet?

      I love Negan’s character though even though he causes all this trouble. The scenes without him are downright boring.

  5. I’m so ready for lots of greens in our diet! First we need to use up some more of the leftovers from the holidays (although, even though I don’t like to throw away food, I think I just might!).

    1. I seriously feel polluted “food wise” even though my appetite hasn’t been that great. I cannot wait for the clean eating to begin. I already started to cut back on sugar in my coffee which is not so bad really.

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