Sunday Matters: Kind of Different

Sunday Matters

This stage of my life is feeling a little different from what I’m used to.

It’s less busy.

This part is nice but the high school events I’ve grown accustomed to are not a part of my world this year and it feels strange. This will be short-lived since my daughter, The Teen, will be in high school next year. Still weird though.

Right Now:

We’ve gone to church and just had some lunch. Football is on and The Hub is tearing apart a faucet as I type. The kids have retreated to their respective rooms and I am about to light some candles.

Later, I’ll be with the middle-schoolers at church and then tonight? Nothing except some TV and prep for tomorrow.

This Week:

I’ve got a physical therapy appointment on Monday. This will be #2 for me. I feel that the meds and the exercises they gave me last time have improved my neck and headache, so maybe I won’t have to go too often.

There’s rehearsal this week too but that’s pretty much it.


I had to take a break with my reading. That headache I had did me in. I hope to start again soon.


I’m going to watch The Walking Dead special tonight where they’ll jerk us around and make us think certain people are leaving but as aggravating as that is, how can I not watch??


I made pumpkin bread but then the oven caught on fire. Why? Because someone left a taco shell in there and it caught fire. So the pumpkin bread had a very smoky taste to it.

I have no idea what to make for dinner. I’m kind of sick of food these days. Nothing sounds good.

Grateful for:

Quiet moments. I’ve had a lot of quiet lately. It’s given me time to reflect on things.

How are you doing?

19 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Kind of Different”

  1. In my parents’ house, we kept baked goods in the oven (pies, pans of brownies, etc). We all knew that before you turned the oven on, you checked to see if anything was in it. My hubby was not raised that way. It took a couple of oven fires before one of us was trained. As in me. But we have done the same thing with taco shells and potatoes on occasion since then. So hard to get that smell out of your house!

    1. And this shell got knocked onto the grate so it left a huge burn mark when it caught on fire. I made that pumpkin bread, which was gluten free and I was like, what is that horrible stench?? The whole tray was tossed. It could not be saved.

  2. Less busy sounds like heaven to me, but I know what you mean. Sitting at the football game this past Friday, knowing it may be the last one we attend ever or at least for a year was odd. I just cannot imagine not being involved in the high school next year, but we won’t. As you said, weird.

    I hope you feel better soon! Hopefully the therapy will help. Having a constant headache or any type of pain is miserable.

    I’m with you on food. I’m trying to figure out what I want for dinner but I want nothing. Ugh.

    1. It’s totally weird. We missed the homecoming game because we had no idea it was happening this past Friday. It’s so weird to not even know the schedule. I still maintain the choir website since my daughter will be there next year but now she is saying she doesn’t know about choir. So I am maintaining the site and know all about choir and it may not even matter in the end.

      1. I get it. I used to feel sad for all of the adults without kids who attend the high school football games, thinking they had nothing better to do and chalking it up to small-town entertainment. However, I can see myself wanting to attend a game or two when the kids are gone. It wouldn’t be the same, but it is at least a connection from the past.

  3. Less busy is good, but you will be surprised how fast the time fills in with other stuff! This fall is a new phase for us, too. First time since my oldest started nursery school (back in the fall of 1993!) that we have no kids in school/college/grad school… I love not being tied to ANY school calendar!

    1. It IS nice to only have to pay attention to the one school calendar. We are trying to take a little road trip but working around my son’s work and school schedule is impossible. His boss won’t give him the time off even though it’s three weeks in advance and only three days. He has to miss it.

    1. The Hub left the shell. I asked him if he wanted the last shell and he said yes. But I didn’t see it in the oven when I put the tray in. That thing was flaming! I’m glad I was home and that the kids weren’t alone trying to make fries or something.

  4. Hi Ti, we taped the Walking Dead special and might watch it tonight. A friend told me : she thinks it’s Aaron who gets killed but I don’t know. I don’t want it to be : Rick, Glen, or Darryl, or Maggie. or an original cast member. If that happened, I might stop watching. But maybe it’s Aaron. Hmm. It’s seems like another Dark season regardless. I hope you feel better this week, enjoy your free time & any solitude.

    1. My prediction is that two will die and my prediction is Glenn and Maggie. I know, horrible!

      Aaron. I don’t think anyone would care if Aaron left the show. They keep saying it’s the worst loss yet.

      The special was actually a great recap of the entire series and told from each actor’s point of view.

  5. I’m glad to hear that things are less busy for you right now. You could use a little break from it all!

    I’m looking forward to the return of The Walking Dead, but I may have to wait to watch it. I’ve been trying to go to bed earlier these days.

  6. It must have been the weekend of faucet repair. My husband did the same last weekend. Football is always on when it is scheduled, and then I go upstairs to read or watch the Boston Celtics! 🙂

    I hope physical therapy is helping you.

  7. Ooh, TWD is coming back this weekend! I totally forgot about it. I was so annoyed that they didn’t reveal who died at the end of last season. But now I am glad they did it that way – because the show has not aired for a few months, I’m feeling less attached to it so I may be able to better grapple with whoever died. That is, I probably won’t go to bed crying as hard I would have months ago. LOL.

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