This or That Book Tag

This is a book tag post!
Thank you M Reads Books for tagging me for the This Or That Book Tag created by Ayunda @ Tea & Paperbacks!


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  • Reading on the couch or reading in bed?

I do both but I prefer the bed, while on my stomach with  my book or Kindle propped up on the pillow. But now, because of my neck I am not able to do this anymore. Sadness. Utter sadness.

  • Main character: Male or Female? 

I am more of a guy’s gal so I prefer a male POV.

  • Sweet or salty snacks while reading?

I cannot eat while reading. If I snack, it’s something savory but I’ll put the book down to eat it. I cannot stand smudgy prints on my book.

  • Trilogies or quartets? 

Honestly, these days? Neither. I always find that the first book is great and sometimes the last but the stuff in between not so much.

  • First Person or Third person POV? 

I like first person.

  • Night or morning reader? 

I am one of those extreme readers. I love reading very early in the morning and very late at night.  I think that those times are tied to solitude so there you go.

  • Libraries or bookstores? 

I’m torn! I love an old library but the ones by me are very modern and full of “talk” or study spaces. It’s a new age for libraries  but I  don’t get the warm fuzzies when walking into one. So, I guess I prefer a good bookstore. One with a coffee shop!

  • Books that make you laugh or books that make you cry? 

I have laughed out loud while reading. I guess I am easily amused but it takes a lot to make me cry. I prefer books that make me laugh.

  • Black or white book covers? 

I associate black covers with vampire novels so I prefer white although they probably get dirty pretty fast for most people. I carry my books in a Ziploc bag! I’m a freak!

  • Character driven or plot driven stories? 

Character driven all the way.


12 thoughts on “This or That Book Tag”

  1. OMG – I could never read on my stomach, these days my arms would get numb LOL It takes a lot for me to cry as well in life or while reading, and I like reading when it’s quiet (in bed or early am the best).

  2. Not a freak at all! I won’t even bring my print books with me out in public anymore. Reading in public, like at work or while waiting for the kids, is solely digital and on my phone.

    I can’t read on my stomach, but I find myself reading on my side a lot these days. The book is propped up on the bed, and my neck and body supported by pillows. Don’t ask me why.

    Like you, I find it easier to laugh while reading. It takes a lot to make me cry, which is how I know a book is good.

    Have a great week!

  3. You and Joann with the vampire black books! I didn’t know you carried your books in a Ziploc bag! Hmmm. I might have to think about doing that. I hate for them to get beat up!

    1. After this post, I found this fancy zippered bag to carry my current read in and guess what? It really messed my book up!! I am back to Ziploc bags.

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