This Week Slipped Away From Me


Lately, I’ve been feeling a little like this guy but I’ve started physical therapy and I am beginning to return to the land of the living. This is all a result of that fall I took months ago or at least that is what I think. The doctors, not so much.

What’s really silly is that I am to avoid certain positions and one of them is a position that involves holding my Kindle. So, the book that I am reading, Summer of Night is not all that enjoyable to read when propped up in an awkward position.  Sigh.

But I’m here and looking forward to the weekend. I need to pick up a few more decorations and I feel the need to make stew or something equally good.

How have you been? I’ve been bad with blog reading this week because reading in general is tough for me at the moment but I am going to take today and tomorrow to catch-up.

13 thoughts on “This Week Slipped Away From Me”

    1. I wonder if holding my Kindle is what has been making it worse. I’ve not used it for a week and I am still in pain so maybe not.

  1. My fingers are crossed that PT works for you. That rots about holding your Kindle awkwardly – who’d want to read that way? Hopefully, things will improve and you will be back to a reading machine in no time 🙂 Stew sounds delicious. I love soups, especially when the cool weather finally shows up here in FL. Hope you have a great weekend! Don’t forget to watch the retrospective on TWD.

  2. I’ll be interested to see how PT goes. I was just diagnosed with arthritis in my neck and the doctor has suggested PT. I found some exercises online and they seem to be helping.

    1. ​I go for my second visit this Monday. I’ve been doing the exercises they told me to do and sometimes I feel good and sometimes horrible. Right now, I just want to take my head off. It’s as if my neck can’t support my head but it’s affecting my teeth which makes it pretty awful. They have me on some pain med but it’s not doing anything. They told me to keep taking it though because it’s also an anti-inflammatory. Meloxicam. It doesn’t seem to be doing much. ​

  3. I’ve been on and off the grid for weeks now. I don’t even know when and how I can be back to my old glory, whatever that was. Sorry about your difficult Kindle reading. Does it look like the doctor’s advice to avoid certain positions is short term?

    1. The one physical therapist I saw was one I saw on the fly to make me somewhat comfortable since I was in so much pain. She felt that these position adjustments would be permanent. I’ve been assigned a PT now and see him today. I’d rather see a woman but I didn’t get to choose. I can switch later if I need to. We’ll see what this guy says. I fell. I still think it’s related to my jaw but the docs seem to think it’s just muscular. Then why does my neck keep cracking?? On its own and quite loudly which instantly gives me a headache.

    1. I look like Nosferatu when trying to get work done because my neck is just too jacked up to behave properly or look normal. I start to hunch to accommodate.

    1. Thank you. It was better this weekend but then I turned my head, something cracked and I am back to square one. I have my second physical therapy appointment today so we’ll see what this new guy says.

  4. Well that sucks about avoiding certain positions, especially the reading ones, but if it makes you feel better, it will be worth it.

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