Sunday Matters: October Means So Many Things

Sunday Matters


Right Now:

It’s October so the Halloween stuff is up. It’s still so warm but if we wait for it to get cooler, it will never go up.

Plus, we’ve gotten two earthquake alerts that covers the next week. It’s making me a little nervous since it mentions the possibility of a 7.0 or greater. Small chance, but the 6+ we experienced years ago was so strong that you could not stand up.

I sure hope if it does happen, that it is not a big one. 

This Week:

The final cast list for Joseph will be posted on Tuesday. I DREAD the final cast list because the fall show is always posted during my daughter’s birthday week and it can really make or break the week for her.  Please cross your fingers. Pray. Think good thoughts.Oh, pray about that earthquake too while you’re at it.

Speaking of birthdays, The Girl will be thirteen this Friday!  She wants to go to a local Japanese restaurant for dinner, go shopping the next day, have a nice lunch and then see Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.  She has not read the book, nor have I. Should be fun.


The R.I.P Challenge started in September but my books were not available so now that it’s October, I can finally start my R.I.P read which is Summer of Night by Dan Simmons. It’s starting to get creepy and it’s reminding me of Stranger Things.  It’s on a lot of horror book lists and I’ve been wanting to read it for years. It’s part of a series which I just learned recently.


This new season of American Horror Story is pretty good but it’s off to a slow start (IMO). I am not a fan of witchcraft and right now it’s looking a little witchy but it has a big spooky house and plenty of unknowns so I have high hopes.

It’s October so that means it’s time to pull out my scary movie list! I need to start my movie watching this weekend because last year and the year before, I didn’t get to my faves. My faves being Halloween I and II ala Jamie Lee Curtis.


Spaghetti and meatballs for tonight.

Grateful for:

All of my books. I’ve been reading some really good ones. Sounds kind of frivolous but reading keeps me grounded.

What’s up with you?

22 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: October Means So Many Things”

  1. Keeping you in my thoughts all this week, sending all the good vibes your way. Wow! What a heavy week!

    I’m trying to get back into the midst of reading and blogging regularly again. I’m trying to finish up renovations on my office. And, I’m trying to get my health back in check. The last couple of weeks I have not been feeling that well, so I am hoping to be making some changes this week to get back on track.

  2. Hi Ti, You can’t go wrong with Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween. Oh yeah that’s a classic. I hope the Girl has a great birthday. 13, now that’s a scary number.

  3. Definitely keeping you in my prayers – no earthquakes!! And my fingers are crossed that The Girl gets a great part in Joseph. Happy Birthday to her!!

    I decorated for Halloween, too 🙂 I’m excited to watch creepy movies, read spooky books, and finally find out who Negan killed in TWD. I’m with you – Halloween with JLC is the best!

    Have a great week!!

    1. Who do you think will get Negan’s bat? There is still a small part of me thinking it will be Maggie just to mess with us but I think it will be Abraham.

  4. Good luck to The Girl and The Teen!! I am keeping my fingers crossed that she gets a nice present on the final cast list this week!

    I have been trying to get my husband to watch Stranger Things with me. As for AHS, he was telling me that we should really watch that series. So, it looks like there is plenty of spooky TV in our future!

    Being grateful for reading is definitely not frivolous. We all need outlets for our emotions, and reading just happens to be yours. And mine. Take away our reading, and we are like Bruce Banner. No one would like us when we don’t read!

    Have a great week!

    1. (Gah, WordPress hit Submit before I was done.) Fingers crossed for Joseph! I hope she’s on it. It’s not fun to have this coincide with a birthday. I do want to read the Miss Peregrine book. Since I don’t watch many movies now, maybe that’s what I should do.

      1. She did get a part, not the part she originally auditioned for but she’s happy. I am glad that her birthday wasn’t affected this year because of it!

  5. I hope the final cast list is everything she wants it to be. I hope her birthday is great. I’ve done my 1 RIP book, though it was a coloring book – LOL.

    I wanted to watch some scary movies but not sure when I’ll get to it.

    I really hope there are no earthquakes….fingers crossed for you.

    1. The Teen (formerly The Girl) did not get the part she originally auditioned for but she did get the part she was called back for. She’s happy.

  6. Books is a perfectly good thing to make you happy and be grateful for. 😉 And wow–when you say The Teen, how will we know who you are talking about? LOL! Happy birthday to the girl tomorrow–hope she had a fantastic week. Good news with the casting?? Fingers crossed.

    Earthquakes in California, hurricane in Florida. Scary weather all around. Our high today was supposed to be 89 (I mean, WTF October!), but so far it doesn’t seem too hot out. Looking forward to real fall weather eventually…maybe Thanksgiving.

    1. Barilla’s gluten free spaghetti tastes just like normal pasta but you have to cook it in twice the water and with a teaspoon or two of salt or it gets gummy. But if you cook it right it’s great and even reheats like regular pasta.

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