The Return

Hume Lake

As some of you noticed on social media, I’ve returned from my week of camp. I’ve heard that these camp experiences are life-changing but it’s one of those things that you have to experience for yourself. So, was it life-changing?


I went into it with a back injury which became a bigger problem later in the week. To say that I spoke to God on a regular basis is an understatement because for much of the week, I was begging for this pain in my back to subside. I seriously underestimated how physically exhausting camp would be. For a taste:


All that aside, I had an amazing experience. I am still processing it and can’t really put into words, at least not at the moment, how this experience has changed my perspective on life in general but it has.

The Girl enjoyed herself but she had many “Mom” moments where me being a leader conflicted with me being her mother. I heard many long, drawn out “Mommmmm” warnings all throughout the week. Moms of teens know what I am talking about. Mostly, she told me to stop dancing.

Some of you asked if I had time to read. No! I had very little time to do anything not related to camp but I am slowly catching up on my reading today. The days were full and although there was “free” time built into the schedule, I often spent my time with the students so they could do things like go kayaking. Yes!! I did it too.

The lake was beautiful but I was sad to see so many dead trees. The drought and a beetle infestation has really take its toll but I had very little issues with bugs and didn’t even get sunburned although it was pretty warm up there.

What did I miss? I had no signal at all so I couldn’t even make a phone call. It was nice to be disconnected for a week but now I am back at work trying to clean-up my inbox. Joy.

21 thoughts on “The Return”

    1. It just reminds me how out of shape I am. It really put a dent in my week but I will be better prepared next time and be a little more mindful of what my limitations are.

  1. Hmmm….so, I’ve been a camper in my youth (and it might be hotter here in Central Texas in June/July, but maybe not) and I’ve also been a counselor in my young adult days and in my older days when I had a kiddo. Exhausting isn’t the word – totally spent and drained – and exponentially tougher in that regard as my years increased. That being said – amazing. Really amazing. I miss those sorts of things. Glad you made it through even with the back stuff. When your girl is the age of mine – 30’s – you’ll look back most fondly. 🙂

    1. Spent and drained. Really says it all. I felt as if all the blood was sucked out of me. I was trying not to be too dramatic but that’s what it felt like. The experience is definitely one for the books. I was so worried going in and in the end, it was all really good.

  2. Sorry to hear about your back – hope you are feeling loads better. Glad you had such a great time 🙂 Sounds exhausting, but fun.

    1. The back is still out but on the mend. The unplugging part was only hard when I needed to ask a question. Having info at your fingertips is just so easy. I didn’t mind not being connected to news and social media though. It was a nice break in that regard.

    1. Every photo I took had dead trees in the frame. I’ve never seen it looks bad. Water levels were low too but I guess that’s the highest they’ve been in years.

  3. Welcome back! You survived and that is the most important part!

    Isn’t unplugging wonderful? I inadvertently did the same thing. I still have not uploaded my Twitter app or my favorite news apps back to my phone. Not knowing what is going on has been so good for my sanity.

    Speedy recovery on your back! I hope you have a wonderfully quiet week that allows you to recover.

  4. LOL, I know the Mommmm thing. I know I did that a lot, ha! Glad that camp was fun even if your back hurt. Sorry about that. It’s a totally different experience spending so much time in nature. Welcome back! And hope you get plenty of downtime and recovery time.

  5. So great to hear that you had such an amazing time! Sorry to hear about the back – hope it’s feeling better!

  6. Oh the beetle problem is awful on the trees. It is sad. The photo looks very peaceful but then you watch the video, which wore me out. I’m sure the kids had a blast. Way to go for giving to others! Hope you are feeling better.

  7. That video was seriously scary, Ti! I am so glad – and surprised – you survived 😀 Too bad about the trees – I know exactly what you mean. I’m very glad you and the Girl had this experience together ❤

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