Lake Bound

Hume Lake
Photo Credit: Hume Lake

My daughter and I leave this morning for Hume Lake! I will be bunking in a cabin with nine middle-school students. I am excited and nervous but I am really hoping for some quiet reflection and yes, a whole lot of fun, too.

I will not have access to a computer so I am taking a  short break from the blog and will return the first week of July.

Wish me luck and if you pray, pray for us too. Thanks!

19 thoughts on “Lake Bound”

    1. I am in so much pain right now that I cannot even put into words how the week went. Lots of good stuff but I was not prepared physically. I need to write up a post.

  1. So glad you had a great time. Clean air! and beautiful environs. What an excellent thing for you two to do together.

    1. Yes. I think I need to get out more. I don’t get to spend much time in nature but some of that is my own doing. Yesterday I read outside for lunch and got attacked by bugs and then bothered by students looking for Pokemon characters via Pokemon Go. I already hate that app.

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