Sunday Matters: Warm Weather Feels

Sunday Matters

All I talk about these days is how fast time flies or how strange our weather is. I mean, we got some rain, about a day and a half of it a week ago but it was warm and then cool and then warm again. The plants and trees around me don’t know what to think. It’s really strange.

The plus side, is that with all this mild weather it does put me in a warm weather mood. You know, easy, carefree and yes, even relaxed. That’s nice because usually I am a wound-up ball of nerves. Yesterday, we piled into the car and hit a restaurant we’ve never been to.

The Tallyrand

The Tallyrand is an old school coffee shop. Great service from servers who have been there for 30 years, comfort food and they make a mean omelette. I first heard about this restaurant when Huell Howser did a special on it. It was great. All the neighborhood regulars were at the bar having their Bloody Mary’s. We will definitely go back.

After that, we hit the zoo. It’s been awhile since we’ve been there. Maybe three years? It was packed!! The weather was so nice which I’m sure had something to do with all of the people there, but we headed to the top of the hill and there was no one there. The parents with strollers opted to hang out at the bottom of the hill, which worked for us.

Right Now:

We are sipping coffee, and eating toast and then we are off to church. The Teen is volunteering at a retirement home with some of this choir classmates so we’ll catch-up with him later.

I have middle-school ministry tonight so I will catch the Oscars at some point but I am not real jazzed about any of the nominees. I DO hope the show ends before The Walking Dead comes on.

This Week:

The Girl has to work 6th grade orientation at the junior high on Monday night, I have a girl’s night out dinner with some friends, Tuesday I have to run the kids to their dental appointment and on Thursday I have book club. In between there are rehearsals, track practices and choir activities. I also have leader training and some other stuff I’ve forgotten about. I really need to spend time with my planner later today.


I am finishing up The Nakeds by Lisa Glatt and I am about to start my book club book, Toni Morrison’s God Help the Child.


I have one more episode of Mad Men!! Gosh, I love that show. Later, The Walking Dead.


I made spaghetti with spicy sausage last night but I haven’t a clue what to make tonight since I won’t be home until later in the evening. Maybe I will have the Hub pick something up.

Grateful for:

Sunny days and road trips, no matter how short.

What are you doing today?

17 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Warm Weather Feels”

  1. We are relaxing and reading today…prepping for a little getaway…I mad soft boiled eggs today for breakfast with bacon and toast soldiers. Love soft boiled eggs but the actual making of them…too complex…I might be doing something wrong.

    1. Soft boiled eggs are an art. Like poached eggs. Just past the point of perfection and they are ruined. Not very forgiving. Yummy tho! I have been having a hard time with eggs over easy. Every time I crack the shell, the shell punctures the yolk. No matter how careful I am, when it slides out, the edge snags it. I think the shell composition has changed or something. Too much calcium? Not enough?

  2. How fun to discover a new restaurant – especially one that makes a mean omelette! Our zoo has a hill right at the opening – you know you’ll have to get back up that sucker eventually so people don’t usually take in the whole zoo just to conserve energy for that hike. So our zoo is like yours – if you get to a certain point, you’ll have the place to yourself which is great.

    1. Every zoo I’ve been to has a hill. Maybe those animals like the high altitude. LOL.

      It was such a glorious weekend weather wise. Blue, air brushed skies, 80 degree temps. I look at my dying yard and pray for water every day but I can’t lie, this weather is the kind you want to bottle up and keep in some way.

    1. We tried a new place last month and the result was horrible. It’s hit and miss. It was a historic landmark and everything but when the server actually told my daughter that what she ordered would be “nasty” (her words) we should have taken the hint and high tailed it out of there. It was horribly overpriced and we couldn’t eat it! This place we tried this past weekend was great all around so my kids may forgive me for the lousy choice last time.

  3. I’ve been meaning to ask you. Do you live in Burbank / Santa Clarita? My cousin’s family used to stay in Burbank and I used to visit them often there. Recently, she and her family moved to Stevenson Ranch and I have not visited them in a few years. We are talking about a trip to LA this year but nothing’s planned out yet though.

  4. We love trying new restaurants. Sounds like the business of being a mom to teens keeps you frazzled — remember –this too shall pass:)

    1. The Teen is at the stage where he all of a sudden looks older. At the zoo he was right in front of us and I thought he was an older guy. It’s alarming to me. It’s like he woke up and became a young man. I can’t tell you how hard it was for me to even type that.

  5. We had book club nomination meeting on Sunday, with our cookbook pick and we tried all the recipes we made. it was delicious and fun. Sadly, Ghettoside was not selected out of my nominations; so we’ll be reading Stiff by Mary Roach out of my nominations. Looks like we have another wide variety this go around, so that’s a good thing.

    I love the warmer weather, and I’m with you…you just feel so much more relaxed!

    1. So you chose a cookbook for one of your picks? That’s interesting. It would certainly be fun to try all the recipes out and have a potluck at the same time.

  6. Sounds like you had a great weekend 🙂 I love old school diners – they are the best for breakfast foods. I watched the Oscars and wish I had skipped it. I saw TWD this morning and loved it. My fave part was when Rick looked at everyone and asked, “What?”. Oh and I loved when Michonne knocked the woman down. Such a good ep! It has me thinking about what happened in the comics and wondering if it this will be Glenn’s last season. Let me know how the Morrison book turns out – I’ve wanted to read it, but have stalled on it for some reason. Hope you have a great week!!

  7. I like good omelets! Looks a fun place. Did you see last week’s WD episode with Mishon and Rick?!?! That was major! I haven’t seen last night’s episode as we have it taped. Still a bit groggy after the Oscars. Have a good week.

  8. I don’t know if you realize how serene these Sunday posts of you are 🙂 It does me good to read them! Really – not too wowed about any Oscars nominees? Not even Leo?? 🙂 I mean, I’ve seen The Revenant – I think he was owed that golden statue, lol…

    1. Last week’s post was somewhat serene… won’t be that way this week! LOL. What a week!

      The only reason why I wasn’t wowed by anyone Oscar-wise is because in true “Ti” fashion, I didn’t really see any of the nominated films. I think I saw one! Me and my irritation over rude people at the movie theater is what keeps me from seeing them all. Sometimes the films are available on DVD by the time the Oscars roll around but so many of them can’t be seen with the kid around.

      I am just so glad it’s Friday. I have such a busy weekend but if I can get through this weekend and next then it will slow down a tiny bit before it gets crazy again.

  9. This is so late, I know, but you make me want to visit the zoo with the kids after your fun trip. Granted, my teen is at that age where he doesn’t want to be seen with us and thinks anything we suggest is beneath him. Still, perhaps we can squeeze in a few trips like that before college. We still have time after all.

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