It’s Friday and the Reading is Good

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Good morning. How are you? I’ve been good, but distracted with the many things that go on in my life. The Girl had some weird “blow-out” of her elbow which caused her to miss track practice. I know. It was her elbow and not her leg but she told me that the swinging of her arms really caused some discomfort. To her credit, the next day her arm was swollen and black and blue. I have no idea what she did! We think maybe it was the rowing machine she used for PE last week.

Then, The Teen, utterly obsessed with the Kickstarter he created for the spring musical he’s in, fell into one of his moods. They will make their listed goal but truthfully, he wanted twice that and it’s not looking like that will happen. What’s been really exciting is how actors from Broadway have been supporting them. Some of the cast from Hamilton, Aladdin, Wicked and more. It’s really gotten them all worked up.

So with all this nervous energy in the house, reading has been a real treat this week. Every morning and evening I hunker down with my book, which at the moment is The Nakeds by Lisa Glatt. I am REALLY enjoying this book.

The Nakeds

My book club meets next week to discuss Toni Morrison’s God Help the Child. That means I better get the book read soon. I am hoping there’s plenty to talk about. I mean, it IS Morrison so I am sort of counting on it.

I am pretty much all caught-up with my review copies and my book club book won’t take long to read because it’s so short, so now I have the luxury of choosing something from my backlist. Although I haven’t a clue what it will end up being.

What are you reading right now? Anything really good?

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  1. I took the Nakeds from the library but returned it unread. Glad u r enjoying it, I may get it again sometime.

    I read Sylvia Plath’s, Bell Jar for my book group and loved it even more the second time – dark but humor infused. I just finished a book you would like – Eleanor, Jason Gurley (no review yet) and also Miller’s Valley, Quindlen (try good) and reading a Thriller right now – In the Blood, Unger which is good as well.

    Hope you have a nice weekend.

    1. Did you return The Nakeds because it wasn’t working for you or you just didn’t get to it? I am loving it but I am on a roll with these quirky family books this year.

  2. I’m re-reading L’Engle’s Time Quintet and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. It’s amazing how much she’s packed into it for a “young adult” novel and I missed so much when I read them in middle/high school.

    1. I’ve only read A Wrinkle in Time and to be honest, I never knew it was part of a series until about 6 months ago when a co-worker mentioned it to me. I should read them.

  3. I swear there’s always something going on with kids. My book club discussed World Gone By last night. As I read the book, I didn’t think there was anything to discuss in it. Boy, was I wrong. My friends had a lot to say about it.

    1. Now that’s interesting. Sometimes a book will surprise you that way. There have been books we’ve picked that seemed a little too light to discuss but we usually always find something to say.

  4. Hope The Girl’s arm is better. And Good Luck to The Teen with his kickstarter campaign. That’s so cool how Broadway actors are supporting them πŸ™‚ I love that you are enjoying your book. Reading always does seem to help take our minds off the nervous tensions surrounding us at times. I’m trying to figure out what to read next, but nothing seems to be calling. So I may just pick up a crime thriller to tide me over. Hope you have a great weekend!!

    1. Well, I was all set to read The Wonder Garden but then learned it’s a collection of linked stories. Not sure I am in the mood for that right now.

      The Girl’s elbow looks terrible but the swelling has gone down. She says it still hurts like heck though.

    1. If you want to track it, here’s the link. Last year they made 1k their goal and ended up with almost 4k. This year they upped the goal but I think the novelty has worn off.

  5. I was about a sixth of the way into Purity by Jonathan Franzen but had to bring it back to the library. Now I’m reading some paranormal novellas and listening to H Is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald (really good!).

      1. I had read an excerpt published as a short story in the New Yorker but the novel begins with the focus on a different character so I was liking the novel but it wasn’t what I was expecting. If that makes any sense, as I’m typing this on my phone!

  6. I hope you have a great weekend and that the girl’s elbow improves. I have fallen behind on review copies with my daughter having Strep, and now my husband is ill, and I’ve been trying to plan my daughter’s 5th birthday party. Nevermind work and trying to send out poems, etc. I did say I was going to take it slow with review copies but somehow that did not translate into fewer books to review.

    1. I know what you mean. I am still battling this cold. I think I am just used to it now but my voice is still not 100%. I sound congested and yet I don’t feel congested. It just sucks majorly when you are not well or your kid is not well. It takes up a lot of time. LOL.

      On Fri, Feb 26, 2016 at 12:02 PM, Book Chatter wrote:


  7. I’ve been meaning to read God Help The Child, but haven’t got around to it yet. Gosh, that sounds terrible about her elbow! Some X-rays seem in order? Wishing her a speedy recovery!
    The Nakeds sounds intriguing…

  8. You and your kids are something else. In a good way…sometimes. Never slowing down. Just take moments to breathe, or at least one moment, each day. πŸ™‚

    Here, I’m reading Being Mortal by Atul Gawande still and am about halfway through The Burning Gates by Parker Bilal, the fourth in a series about a Sudanese detective in Egypt.

    1. One thing about being busy is that they both seem to stay out of trouble. There have been opportunities for sure… but sometimes they are just too tired to engage in them πŸ˜‰

  9. Hi Ti!
    Glad to hear The Girls arm is on the mend, And you sound as if your feeling better too. We just read The Life We Bury by Allen Eskins in my BG. Everybody liked it but, it generated little discussion, much to my disappointment. I am almost done listening to My Name is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout, My least favorite book of hers unless the story surprises me before I finish. I am loving The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend by Katarina Bivald. I was a bit leery at first. it sounded kind of hokey. Reading pen pals from Sweden comes to visit and finds her friend has died and she is in a small town on her own. It is a fun light read that talks about books!! I think you might enjoy it as a change of pace.

    I also read Ruth Reichl’s new book In My Kitchen. The recipes look good and the pictures so beautiful, I bought copies for myself and my sister!

    Have a great week!!!

    1. I did pick up the Broken Wheel book and you are right. It does look light and fluffy from that cover but I’ve seen a few good reviews and well, who doesn’t like books about books? I hope to read it soon. I was all caught up with my review copies but then added six on Friday! So many good books coming out soon.

      This Morrison book I am reading for book club is different. It’s set in the present day which is a little weird. Just not used to it I guess.

  10. Even though the Teen’s Kickstarter may not meet his own personal goal, the fact that they meet the original goal AND had people from Broadway get involved? I’d say that is an unmitigated success. Although I know the mood you are describing and he will never see it that way. Moody teenagers. Sheesh. πŸ˜‰

    Did you ever find a new reading spot in your new work location? You mentioned reading in the morning, which reminded me that the last time I asked, you were still on the hunt. (I know, I know. That was MONTHS ago. I suck.)

    I hope the Girl has a speedy recovery! You never think arms are that important when running, but I know Connor always struggled to finish his races because of a severe lack of upper body strength to help him power through to the finish line. (He is supposed to be working on that during the off-season, but that seems a bit hit or miss these days.)

    1. The Teen appreciates every penny donated, but the show is just so expensive to produce. This is just a dent in what they actually need. That animated plant/puppet is Broadway quality and unbelievably expensive but to qualify for Jerry Herman noms they have to compete with all of the performing arts schools and public school have a hard time with that when it comes to funding.

      The Girls elbow is almost 100%. Still don’t know what really caused it. It resembles a squishy cyst and was all bruised the heck when all was said and done.

      Reading spot? No. I read at my desk before people get here… that is at 6am BTW. At lunch I go to the lunch room downstairs, not as crowded as the one by me but people always ask me what I am reading so I don’t get much read at lunch. It’s nice enough now to sit under a tree on a blanket but the squirrels attack me!

  11. When you’re so used to reading for reviews and not having to choose what you read, that really becomes a tough decision, doesn’t it?! How weird about The Girl’s elbow, especially to have it turn black and blue. Hope it’s better now – and that The Teen’s mood has lifted. How great that they had Broadway people helping them out.

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