Sunday Matters: The Valentine’s Day Edition

Sunday Matters

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s been so warm here it feels like summer! It was close to 90 degrees yesterday and I spent the day driving The Teen’s choir group all over town for Singing Serenades It was such a blast. Bittersweet, though. After all, he’s a senior and actually much of the group is also graduating so this will be his last time doing this.

The Canyon Madrigals
Photo Credit: Linda Valdes

Right Now:

For breakfast, I am having a See’s Candy Bordeaux and coffee. Delish. We are trying to hit an earlier church service today so I need to get to it because one kid is still in bed.

I feel like this post needs flowers, since it’s Valentine’s Day and all.

Photo Credit: Floral Entropy

This Week:

I have to work tomorrow but the kids are off. The Girl is not feeling all that great so hopefully the extra day will have her on the way to health.

There are rehearsals, track practices, parent meetings for theatre and I do believe there is a hair appointment in there somewhere, too.


I finished Be Frank With Me and the review will post early this week. I am starting The Ramblers today.


No lie. We will be picking up Chinese takeout later and then sitting down to the premier of The Walking Dead,


I didn’t have time to really think about food for the week because yesterday was a very fully day and there is no time today to figure it out so I may be at the market while she’s at practice tomorrow. I need a food delivery service oh, and a personal chef.

Grateful for:

Hot water. For a long time, we’ve been losing hot water pressure and the other day, it literally got down to a trickle. I DREADED making that call because spending $1000 on a water heater right now is just not in the budget but… it was just a clogged line and a small regulator piece needed to be replaced. A simple repair. We have plenty of hot water again and it’s wonderful.

What are you doing today? Between church and the middle school ministry, I will be spending much of it at church but later it’s just me, my Chinese takeout and the TV.

18 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: The Valentine’s Day Edition”

  1. You are always so busy! I can’t believe y’all don’t have grocery delivery service since it’s available here and we’re not that big.

    Today and tomorrow will be cold here but then it’ll warm up again. I can’t wait for the warmer weather.

    1. We used to have a delivery service available but we never used it then. Now, of course, I see a use for it. And no, I still haven’t gotten to the market. Probably won’t happen today either.

    1. ​I love those flowers. I wish we had some in dry, sunny, 90 degree California right now. My yard is just so dead it’s depressing. ​Front yard is okay because you have to keep up appearances but the back. My 1/4 acre of beautiful yard now just a memory.

  2. Chinese takeout sounds great to me. We ate wings at The Green Turtle with our daughter who was finally feeling well enough to go to swim class, after she spent a week at home with Strep Throat.

    It was a good weekend for me overall, since Anna and I and her daughter headed out to the movies to see the ridiculously fun Pride & Prejudice & Zombies movie.

    1. My husband and son saw Deadpool over the weekend. I think that’s what it’s called and they said it was great. I opted to watch Jurassic World on DVD. It was just meh.

  3. 90 degrees? Just rub it in, lady, rub it in. 😉 It was below zero here yesterday and not much better today with wind chills also in the negatives. BUT glad you had fun with the choir group. Which kid is the late sleeper? 😉 Oh, I’ll rub it in (so to speak) back at you. I have off tomorrow. 😛 When you get the food delivery service, let us know which one as maybe we’ll hire them too.

    Today, I went over to a neighbor’s and we watched Star Wars: Episode IV on Blu-Ray. Tonight, Valentine’s Day dinner with Kim: steak. No reading, but maybe tomorrow.

    1. Oh no. I am not rubbing it in because I really hate how warm it’s been. Today is supposed to be close to 90 too and I already feel it. Everything is just so darn dead and dry we really can’t deal with another summer like last year. We desperately need rain and soon.

      How were the tacos? My Chinese food was good. I have some for lunch, too.

  4. I have a senior in high school too, so I keep wondering what it will be like next school year when she’ll be gone, and I’ll only have one child left at home. Will my family schedule be 1/2 as busy as it usually is?

    Am job hunting now, and that seems to be a full time job in and of itself. Much less time for reading now since I seem to be so distracted these days.

    1. My daughter is in 7th right and doing all the same things the senior is doing (theater, choir, etc.) so I will have one year of no high school stuff to worry about and then she will be there in 9th and I will get to do it all over again. I bet we are just as busy as now.

      Good luck with your job search! I hope you find something wonderful.

  5. I loved your pictures from yesterday. I can’t believe it was 90 degrees though. We were in the 20s with about 4 inches of snow!

    Try to find some time to relax this week; I know you need it!

  6. Wasn’t it not too long ago that the Teen was the Boy? What is up with these kids that they are growing too fast.

    I am waiting for the husband to be back from his trip so that I can watch TWD premiere. He picked the wrong day to travel! Though I think I know what happened last night, having read the books. I am dreading watching it.

  7. The Serenade photo looks great. Wow that would make young recipients blush, wouldn’t it? I still need to watch the taped WD from Sunday! Tonite!

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