Sunday Matters: Weekends Should Be Longer

Sunday Matters

Goodness. It’s been an interesting week. A productive one, but even though it was a short week it sure felt long. We did manage to get some fun in though. Since my #OneWord post where I named Discover as my word for the year, I made sure to get out this past Saturday. I mean, I bolted for the door.

We visited The Grove in Los Angeles, visited historic Farmer’s Market, Los Angeles and then ended up at the Santa Monica Pier. The weather was so nice.


Right Now:

Same as always, I am sitting here with my coffee, eating some toast with apricot preserves. I’d kill for some lemon curd but I don’t seem to have any on hand. Trying to decide which church service to go to. It’s better for me to go to the earlier one but not so great for the rest of my family.

This Week:

I’ve been in denial but we are in production week for Peter Pan. It really shouldn’t be that bad since she doesn’t have a lead and The Teen is not in the show. No complicated call times to keep track of. Just ensemble stuff. Easy peasy. I will be working backstage but my time back there will be cut short this time. I won’t know what to do with myself. I’ve spent so many hours backstage it just feels weird to not be doing it this time.

At work, the students return on Monday so it will be plenty busy for the next few weeks.


All sorts of good stuff going on in the reading department. I am a reading fool! Back-to-back books read and reviews written right after finishing them. Did someone put something in my water?  I just finished Ghettoside a few days ago. A good read about black on black violence in Los Angeles. It’s my club’s pick for February. I think it will be a good discussion.

I also finished Faulk’s new book, Where My Heart Used to Beat. The review will post this week. I liked it a lot.

I am reading The Time Traveler’s Wife which I never got around to doing earlier. Also reading Lost & Found by Brooke Davis which was just sent to me but has started off well.


I have Jurassic World on DVD but haven’t been able to sit down and watch it. I really need to so I can send it back to Netflix.

I am starting the countdown for The Walking Dead!! Valentine’s Day, baby!! It’s almost here!!


Nothing. My going to the market is dependent upon these kids getting up and they are still in bed.

Grateful for:

Getaways, even short road trips. I’ve got to change the scenery once in awhile or I go a little stir crazy.

Anyways, I wish the weekend could be five days long and the work week only two days long. Someone got it backward.

19 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Weekends Should Be Longer”

  1. You have gotten a lot of reading done!! Ghettoside is one book I wish I’d gotten to last year… hope your group has a great discussion. Good luck with production week. Sounds like it’a ll under control 🙂

  2. You are right- weekends need to be longer. Middle Sister had a volleyball tournament all day yesterday which means I am attempting to cram all the weekly prep (and some fun for me since I am meeting friends to go see Concussion at the theater) into one day.

    I am curious about your book club picks for the year. I am starting a book club tonight with a friend and we are trying to come up with our picks for the year. It’s always interesting to see what others pick to read.

    1. Here’s the list we picked! Guess which two I picked.

      MAR: FATES & FURIES By Lauren Groth APR: CITY OF THIEVES By David Benioff MAY: THE MARTIAN By Andy Weir JUN: GOD HELP THE CHILD By Toni Morrison JUL: THE LONG GOODBYE By Raymond Chandler AUG: BOOK OF ARON By Jim Shepard SEP: GLASS PALACE By Amitav Ghosh OCT: THE HOUSE GIRLBy Tara Conklin NOV: THE WITCHES: SALEM By Stacy Schiff DEC: A MAN CALLED OVE By Frederik Backman JAN: THE TURNER HOUSE By Angela Fournoy FEB: DID YOU EVER HAVE A FAMILY By Bill Clegg

  3. Weekends should be longer or we should get longer weekends more often. Either way – I’m in 🙂 Sounds like you are embracing your word this year – that’s awesome! And, I love that you are a reading fool. I am, too. I just finished another book and am ready to start the next one. Like you, I can’t wait for TWD to start – so excited!! I’m also thrilled about the new X-Files tonight. Mulder and Scully – woo hoo! Hope you have a great week, Ti!!

    1. The X Files got all messed up on the West coast because of the game. I managed to change the DVR end time to accommodate the 25 min delay but didn’t get to watch it last night. I think it recorded okay. I have to see if it’s on there tonight.

  4. Wow! You totally threw yourself into discovering! I love the Santa Monica Pier…we always stayed at a J.W.Mariott near the beach and biked and walked everywhere! I need a trip back there!

    I have porkchops…in the slow cooker with barbecue sauce…that’s it. I found the recipe…ha…online and the chef swears they will melt right off of the bone…I am making oven baked beans and a baked potato to accompany them.

  5. Look at you – discovering all the things. Love the picture. I’ve never been to the Santa Monica Pier – just have taken a peek on TV. Have a good week, Ti! I agree about the weekend thing – or I did when I was working. Now, it’s all good. You’ll be there one day.

    1. I’ve been to the pier a few times in my lifetime but at night, it’s seems different. Not as crowded. Different vibe and the weather played nice. It was a good trip. My kid and his girlfriend decided not to go the the winter formal so that is what we did instead.

  6. Hope the discoveries continue! I enjoyed Lost and Found, hope you do as well. Last week I was just thinking I need a day where I do not have to go out anywhere for anything. It seems there is always something to be done, somewhere to go, etc. Oh well, life is good! Hope your week is great.

    1. You know, I don’t mind being out of the house a lot if it’s for something fun. I’d take a road trip every weekend if I could.

    1. I am about 30 pages in and it’s hard to wrap my brain around. I know from others that at some point it’s hard to put down but right now it is my “in-between” book which I am reading in-between two others.

  7. My book club is picking the year’s worth of books in February; Ghettoside seems like something I should consider for my nominations! I’m looking for some good discussion books.

    Sounds like you are on a roll with reading and reviewing and keeping to your “one word” for 2016!

    1. Since Ghettoside speaks to the issues in Los Angeles, I suppose we might have more to say about it than most. It was very readable. A bit wordy with stats in the beginning and end but I didn’t mind it. We meet on the 4th to discuss it.

  8. Wow that’s great you got to the Sebastian Faulks novel. Now I’m really curious. I’ve read 2 of his books and really liked them. I will look for your upcoming review! Also of Ghettoside. Have a good week.

  9. I like the way you think on reversing weekdays and weekends. I could use a five-day weekend. I’m sure we all could.

    When we visited SoCal a few years ago, we drove past Santa Monica Pier but never visited it. I remember driving past it and seeing all of the people milling about. The kids were cranky, so we skipped it. I would like to get back there though just to say I was there.

    Have a great week! Enjoy your free time with not working backstage. I think you will find it makes production weeks a lot easier to manage!

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